Seasonal wedding bombonieres

With the wide range of wedding bombonieres now available, it can be difficult to know where to start when you are choosing yours. To narrow down the selection why not look for bombonieres which are inspired by your wedding season? Here are a few suggestions and themes for bombonieres to suit each season:


Spring bombonieres

Spring bombonieres tend to work best with a garden, flower or blossom theme. Look for tiny tin garden pails or miniature watering cans in spring pastel colours to fill with sweets, or use small flower pots decorated and personalised with your names and wedding date. If you want to include chocolates in your spring bombonieres, use mint or orange flavoured chocolates for a fresher taste. However, mint sweets, lemon candies and cherry drops work just as well.

Cherry blossom is a popular motif for a spring wedding and a small oriental styles fan with a cherry blossom pattern can make a great bomboniere. Alternatively look for scented candles in fresh spring fragrances and colours that can be beautifully presented with ribbons and flowers. A small potted plant or a personalized packet of seeds for your guests to plant at home can also make a perfect spring bomboniere.

Summer bombonieres

For summer bombonieres think of holidays, sunshine and fun. Perhaps you could have miniature sailing boats filled with candy, or a tiny pair of thongs to be used as fridge magnets tied in a mesh bag. Maybe you could have a sun shaped photo frame with a picture of you and your fiance and a personalised message.

If you are using chocolates in your summer bombonieres look for white chocolate flavoured with strawberry or peach for a light summery taste. If you are having an outdoor wedding, however, it will be too warm for chocolate bombonieres so choose fruit flavoured candies instead.


Autumn bombonieres

The leaf motif is popular at autumn weddings and whether you have leaf shaped chocolates, a bronze leaf bookmark on a personalised card, or a small glass with a leaf pattern engraved into it, leaves make great autumn bombonieres. If you are using chocolates in your autumn bombonieres, look for varieties with nuts or nougat as these are an appropriate taste for the season.

Autumn is a time of year when warmer, spicier foods start to take their place on the menu, so perhaps you could give your guests tiny bottles of spices such as cinnamon, chilli or ginger. Alternatively wrap up apple and cinnamon cookies in a small bag with a gold bow. If you can find tiny glass or ceramic pumpkins, these can be filled with spicy sweets such as aniseed balls.

Winter bombonieres

Winter bombonieres should be warming and luxurious. If you are giving chocolates look for sumptuous truffles or liqueur chocolates. You could also give miniature bottles of coffee or chocolate liqueurs, or a packet of high quality hot chocolate powder, perhaps inside a cosy mug decorated to match your theme. Following this theme, small bottles of mulled wine and a little packet of ginger cookies can make a perfect bomboniere combination.

Candles are also a popular choice for winter bombonieres, but for this season they should be red, gold or white with warming scents such as vanilla and sandalwood. Toiletries can also be a good winter option, with bottles of relaxing winter bath soak for the ladies, and invigorating shower gel for the men.

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