How to plan a wedding for $100,000

Looking at a 100k budget for your wedding day? Using the Easy Weddings Budget Calculator, we came up with the breakdown of each section of the spend if you had $100,000 for your wedding. Here are the results:

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Dress, suit, and accessories

You’d have about $7,000 for the dress, $1,000 for a veil, $1,000 to spend on lingerie and shoes, and $1000 for both hair and makeup. After that, you’re left with $1,000 for the suit.


You’re looking at about $6000 for the venue, $29,000 for food and service and $8,000 for drinks.


You will be able to afford about $5,500 for your officiant and any decor items or the hire of a signing table and chairs, but often, marriage celebrants have a signing table and chairs available for you to use.


You will have about $2000 left in your budget for your wedding bands! This doesn’t include the engagement ring, so you can get some nice bling for this price.

Wedding Hands

Photography and videography

For photography and video, you will be left with about $13,000 in your budget. You can get an amazing photographer and videographer for these prices.

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Decorations and wedding hire

You’ll have about $2,000 to spend on decorations and $5,000 for amazing wedding flowers.

Wedding entertainment

A budget of about $6,000 will cover your band, MC/DJ at your wedding!


You’ll have about $2,500 to spend on invitations. Depending on your guest numbers, this could get you a huge range of amazing options.

Wedding gifts

You’ll have about $3,500 to spend on gifts for each other and your parents.

If you’d rather save money on gifts, you could spend less in this area and allocate this part of the budget to other areas.

how to plan a wedding for $10,000

Wedding cake or desserts

You’ll have about $3,000 to allocate to a wedding cake. This’ll get you something pretty spectacular!

Wedding cars

You’ll have about $2,000 to spend on wedding cars. Enquire with some transport suppliers and see what they have on offer.

Wedding night accommodation

For the wedding night you’ll have $1500 to spend, so choose somewhere special!

how to plan a wedding for $10,000

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