How to plan a wedding for $10,000

Looking at a limited budget for your wedding day? Using the Easy Weddings Budget Calculator, we came up with the breakdown of each section of the spend if you only had $10,000 for your wedding. Here are the results:

Dress, suit, and accessories

You’d have about $700 for the dress, $100 for a veil, $100 to spend on lingerie and shoes, and $100 for both hair and makeup. After that, you’re left with $100 for the suit. You may choose to hire some of these items to make this area of the budget easier to navigate.


You’re looking at about $600 for the venue, $2900 for food and service and $800 for drinks. You could always alter this to spend less on food and have more allocated towards another part of your budget.


If the ceremony location has a fee, you will only be able to squeeze about $100 into your budget. You will be able to afford about $450 for your officiant.


You will have about $200 left in your budget for your wedding bands, so it might be best to stick with something simpler or use a family heirloom to save on costs.

Wedding Hands

Photography and videography

For photography and video, you will be left with about $1300 in your budget. It might be worth trying something like You Capture to save on videographer fees.

They provide you with the equipment, you capture the footage, then they create a unique wedding video for you.

camera boy

Decorations and wedding hire

You’ll have about $200 to spend on decorations and $500 for flowers.

Wedding entertainment

A budget of about $600 will have to cover your band, MC/DJ at your wedding. You could cut down by asking for a smaller set time.


You’ll have about $250 to spend on invitations. If you’re having a very small wedding, you may be able to get this cost down even further just because you will only need a small amount. You could also cut out extras like envelope liners and RSVP cards or wishing well cards by simply ordering the invitations only.

Wedding gifts

You’ll have about $350 to spend on gifts for each other and your parents, but with such a small budget, we recommend leaving this part out or going DIY! Write letters instead of giving gifts or gift a framed photograph from the wedding. Then you can allocate this part of the budget to other areas.

how to plan a wedding for $10,000


How did you choose your wedding date?

Wedding cake or desserts

You’ll have about $300 to allocate to a wedding cake. You can save cash by going with a simpler design or smaller size. Ask a few cake makers what they can do to fit within your budget- you might be surprised.

Wedding cars

You’ll have about $200 to spend on wedding cars, so that might mean a shorter hire time or only getting one car. Enquire with some transport suppliers and see what they have on offer.

Wedding night accommodation

For the wedding night, you’ll only have $150 to spend, so it won’t be the most lavish of all accommodation, but you may be able to get a deal to include this with your venue. Ask around, sometimes a room is included in the venue costs.

how to plan a wedding for $10,000

If you’re looking at planning a wedding for $10,000, it is DEFINITELY possible. But be aware that you may need to skip a few details! If you want the fairytale day you always dreamed of, maybe it’s better to wait a few more months to be able to afford that dream dress or venue. Or not. Good luck and happy planning!

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