How much it really costs to be a wedding guest

How much does it cost to attend a wedding

Alexandra Zylstra, 23, and Angus Tobin, 23, have set up an online wishing well for guests to donate cash to help them buy a six-seater aircraft. Picture: Andew Tauber/Herald Sun


REMEMBER when watching a friend say “I do” generally set you back no more than the cost of a dinner set, a little petrol and maybe a fancy new outfit?

These days, it’s not unusual to find yourself forking out for flights and accommodation to a far-flung “destination wedding”, then following up with a cash deposit into a “wishing well” towards anything from a home reno to an IVF baby.

A new survey of 2227 people by uncovers the astonishing cost of being a wedding guest, with airfares and accommodation the biggest hits on the hip pocket.

Respondents who attended at least one wedding in the past year spent $1279 on average.

That included $573 for flights and accommodation, $287 for gifts, $286 for clothing and $133 for other expenses, such as babysitters and taxis.

Expect the bill to be anywhere from $1500 to several thousand dollars if the couple join the thousands of Australians embracing the trend for destination weddings in overseas tropical paradises.

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