Live wedding band

So you’ve booked the venue, and they’re taking care of the catering and flowers for you, so what do you need to do next? Your next task could be to book the band … or the DJ … or the band … or the DJ. Deciding on the type of entertainment to have at your wedding can be a tricky business with wedding DJs and weddings bands achieving almost equal popularity.

live band

Three reasons for hiring a live wedding band

The most obvious reason for hiring a wedding band is the energy and atmosphere that they can bring to your wedding reception. Nothing gets the heart racing and the blood pumping like live music, and a live performance will always be more exciting than pre-recorded music. If you are having a themed wedding, finding a band that encompasses that theme and makes it come to life can bring the whole day together.

The second pro of hiring a wedding band is the visual impact it will have on your wedding, It will give your guests something to watch and will provide a focal point for your reception. A DJ may bring a light show, but that doesn’t usually compare to watching musicians perform in from of your eyes. Most bands dress up and put on a great performance in addition to the actual music. If you want them to wear something specific that complements your theme you can always ask.

live band

The final reason for hiring a wedding band is that it can help to provide a structure for your reception. Once a DJ starts their set, it usually continues to the end of the night with breaks being hidden by a compilation CD, but the beginning and end of your band’s sets will be much more obvious. Try having one set and then the cake cutting, another set and then the bouquet toss, and then a final set followed by your grand departure.

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