How to choose who to bring to your wedding dress appointment

Not sure who to bring with you to your wedding dress appointment? This is an exciting moment, no doubt, but you only want the right people by your side!

First things first: ask the bridal shop how many people you can have with you. Some stores have limits, others do not. It’s very likely that the current COVID19 situation in your area will affect the limits, so please check for the safety of everyone.

Bridesmaids, parents, or siblings?

Depending on how many people you can have, you could consider your maid of honour, bridesmaids, parents. Some people opt not to invite their parents so that they can have the reveal to them on the morning of the wedding. Think about how you want to navigate that option, too.

Choose honest people but not those who will impact your opinion of your dream gown

Think about who is honest with you, but not overbearing. When you think about the person in your life who gently critiques and supports you and encourages you to make your own choices in life, who do you think of? Is it your dad, sister, best friend. That person should definitely make the cut.  “Having support at your appointment can make it fun and ease nerves but something to remember is that it is your day and we all have different ideas of what we would wear, but that doesn’t mean you should!   Honesty is good… but choose the gown for you.”

English Rose Bridal

Madison James

Can you bring your groom-to-be with you to the wedding dress appointment? Is it okay to bring him?

“Don’t believe in the superstitions – you do what you feel happy with! If bringing your fiance with you to find your dream wedding dress makes you happy, then I say go for it!”- Andy Truong

Andy Truong

“It sure is. It is great to have someone there with you that you are comfortable with and also someone that you value their opinion. As a bridal store owner, many brides come in with their partners and the brides love the feedback they get from their partners. Many of our brides comment “I wonder if my partner will love this dress” so if they are there, you can just ask them!”  Werribee House of Brides

Please note, this article and advice is applicable for all genders and for choosing other wedding garments, like a suit, jumpsuit, or anything else your heart desires. 

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