Guests sent bill after not showing up for wedding

Jessica Baker charged for not attending wedding

Image: Kare 11

An American couple who RSVP’d to a wedding – but couldn’t attend at the last minute, has found themselves with a bill for $75.90, the total cost of the meals they missed.

On August 29, Minnesota mother-of-two, Jessica Baker, and her husband were  about to head off to a distant relative’s wedding when they received a call from Jessica’s mother-in-law saying she could no longer mind their children.

Jessica mother-in-law had been exposed to foot-and-mouth disease and didn’t want to expose the couple’s two-year-old daughter and five-year-old son to it, so she cancelled her agreement to mind the kids.

Since children weren’t invited to the wedding and the couple couldn’t find a babysitter at such late notice, they decided to stay home and forgo the nuptials.

The did not, however, call the couple – or anyone at the wedding – with an explanation as to why they were not attending.

A week or so later, Jessica received a bill (pictured below) for $75.90 USD to cover the cost of two $30 herb crusted walleye entrees (and associated service and tax charges) that she and her husband would have enjoyed had they attended the wedding.

Bride sends bill to guests who missed wedding

Image: Kare 11

The bill was accompanied by a note saying, “This cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVP’d for, reimbursement and explanation for no show, card, call or text would be appreciated.”

Shocked, Jessica posted the image above to her own Facebook page – and then to the Facebook page of local news station Kare 11. Naturally, it quickly went viral and, at the time of writing, had more than 2530 shares and more than 4,600 comments.

Jessica initially told Kare 11 that said she had no intention of paying the bill, adding “I guess I don’t know what the right answer would have been. What the right thing to do would have been.”

After the response on social media, however, she has said that it is likely her and her husband will donate the $75.90 USD to charity.

The newylweds, who wish to remain anonymous, contacted America’s ABC news with the following statement: We apologize for not being tactful in expressing our disappointment in your absence. We waited three weeks after the wedding for any correspondence and received nothing, this along with your last minute RSVP caused us to act on emotion rather than logic.”

What do you think? Were the newlyweds right to send the bill? Should Jessica and her husband pay it?

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