10 groom fashion mistakes and how to avoid them

It may not seem all that hard to grab a suit and tie and effortlessly rock the perfect wedding look, but there are a few more elements to groom fashion that can lead to outfit fails. There are some common groom fashion mistakes and we’d like to show you and also give some guidance on how you can avoid them to look your absolute best on your wedding day. Remember, your formal wear expert will be able to ensure you are looking dashing on your wedding day, but here are some tips on getting it right:

Wearing a white shirt when the bride is wearing ivory

They may appear to look the same when you do not have them right next to each other, but wearing a white shirt when your partner is wearing ivory will not fare well for your wedding photos. It is a difference that you might think is subtle, but will place your outfits miles apart when you look at your wedding photos and will look like you and your partner were on different planets when you chose what to wear.

Turning up wrinkly

A wrinkled suit is one of the worst fashion offenses a groom can make. It screams “I passed out in this last night, rolled out of bed, and rocked up here.” Even a high-end, perfectly tailored suit can look sloppy if it has wrinkles in it.
But before you get out the iron to give it a crack, it’s best to prepare ahead and have your suit professionally pressed or steamed by someone in the know to avoid the potential for disaster.
If you have decided to hire a suit, it will come pre-pressed, so you just need to hang it up in a safe place where it won’t be creased.

Having a baggy look

Following closely behind wrinkly grooms is ill-fitted grooms. No matter whether you are buying or hiring a suit, a professional fitting with a tailor is essential.
If your pants are too high, you will look ridiculous, if your pants are too long, you will look scruffy and if the jacket is too baggy or doesn’t sufficiently cover your torso, your whole look will be ruined. While this might seem like a lot of boxes to tick, a tailor will effortlessly be able to fix up all of these hazards for you.

Going formal for a casual wedding

While you might be tempted to reach straight for a black tuxedo, the style and colour of the suit you choose will go a long way towards matching the look and feel you want for your wedding day.

The time of the wedding will be a huge guide for the colour of any suit you might like to wear. Lighter shades work best for morning and early afternoons, while darker hues of blue, grey, brown, or black will give the sophistication you need for an evening affair.

Similarly, the three-piece will look a little out of place for a morning wedding, which would lend itself better to simple pants and jacket attire (or even ditching the jacket altogether…).

Forgetting the shoes

While not many guests will be staring at your feet during the day, it is important that you select shoes that coordinate well with your outfit and that are also clean and polished.
They will pop up in your wedding photos, and untidy or scruffy-looking shoes will stick out like a sore thumb.
Also, choose shoes that you are comfortable in. If you have bought new shoes specifically for the wedding, wear them around at home to give them a lived-in feel that will help make them more comfortable and reduce the risk of blisters.

Dismissing the power of socks

They may seem like a minute detail that really doesn’t have any bearing on a wedding outfit, but socks are an element that you should consider when pulling your look together. Generally speaking, black or white are faultless but make sure they are a high-quality sock and not something you would wear on a construction site or on a hike.

A lot of grooms and groomsmen are having a bit of fun with socks and gravitating to out-there designs and bold colours for a bit of fun and another option for some unique photos.

Daniel Hechter- Formal Wear Australia

Daniel Hechter- Formal Wear Australia

Matchy matchy

When choosing neckwear, pocket handkerchief, and lapel pin, make sure you think about how your colour combo will look when the whole bridal party is assembled. Some couples like the groom to match with the bridesmaids and others prefer a completely different look so there is no uncertainty of who the groom is.

Instead of going too bold with colours, consider the timeless look of an ivory (or white… so as to avoid faux pas number one…) tie or a neutral option like silver.

Forgetting the little details

If you are going to wear metal accessories, like a watch, cuff links, or tie clip, make sure you stick to one shade. They should be all silver, all gold, or all rose gold. Any combination of these will give the impression you’ve thrown them on at the last minute.

Wearing braces and a belt at the same time

Just don’t do it. Suspenders and belts are used for the same purpose – to hold up pants. If you are going for a more retro braces look, ditch the belt. You only have one waist and one pair of pants, so you don’t need two methods of holding them in place.

Not ditching the sunglasses

This is possibly the worst of all of the groom fashion mistakes! One of the most magical things for couples and their guests is seeing the reaction of the couple when they see each other for the first time at the start of the ceremony. Grooms who leave their sunglasses on are robbing their partner of that golden moment when they can look into each other’s eyes and revel in how amazing they both look and feel.

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