It's a nice day for a green wedding!

For those brides wanting to incorporate sustainable practices into their wedding ceremonies and celebrations there are plenty of ideas for reducing the environmental impact of your day of days that don’t involve asking guests to BYO their cutlery!

Double-loved dress

There’s nothing wrong with a pre-loved wedding gown. Whether it’s a timeless vintage piece from eBay, your mother’s wedding dress, or one you’ve literally picked one off the shelf at Vinnies’, you’ll look and feel great knowing you’re about to marry in a dress that was as special to you as it is to someone else – and you may even reduce your wedding overheads. Also, don’t forget to check out our pre-loved wedding gown gallery for yet another green solution to the perplexing task of choosing your all-important wedding gown.

Eco-friendly venues
Holding the ceremony and reception at the same location reduces guests’ travel emissions and holding celebrations outside minimises energy consumption. By selecting local vendors you’ll also keep transport emissions to a minimum and support the local economy. Green hotels are a great alternative for ensuring your big day has little impact, and hiring a green wedding planner guarantees you’ve got everything covered to keep energy, waste and emissions under control.

Reduce, reuse, recycle…and hire

Everything from photography props to table cloths can be hired to avoid buying. Using decorations, place names and invitations made from recycled paper will also reduce waste.

If you’re still selecting rings, Google ‘green jewellers.’ They’ll use recycled materials and will, often, also give you options for incorporating recycled gold.

Green honeymoons
Ecotourism is huge business these days and the options for a green honeymoon are endless. From feel-good luxury retreats to less glamourous but hugely rewarding international volunteer experiences, you’ll want to set aside an entire weekend to weigh up your options for a green and guilt-free post-wedding getaway.

Non-toxic beauty
Many hair dyes and makeup contain toxic ingredients that are harmful to the environment, not to mention potentially bad for your health. Opt for eco-friendly brands or hire a professional makeup artist who specialises in natural, organic and even vegan-friendly products and practices.

We want to hear your thoughts: is the green the new white? If you’re an eco-conscious bride-to-be or you’ve attended a wedding with green initiatives, we want to hear from you in the comments!

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