Gluten-free wedding menu ideas

Gluten free wedding menu ideas

Image: Martha Stewart

Food allergies are easily overlooked when planning a wedding menu. The most common are nuts, seafood, lactose and of course, gluten. That’s why, whether you and your fiancé have gluten intolerance or not, it’s nice to have some gluten-free food options for guests who do—just in case.

Finding the perfect specialised wedding menu (and caterer!) could be tricky but we have some ideas below that could help you plan a flavorful, thoughtful wedding menu.

Theme your food

Gluten-free wedding menu ideas

Image: Thai pork balls with roasted kumara hummus from Foreverfit

Potato, rice, beans, and lentils are naturally gluten-free and are carbo-bases to plenty of ethnic dishes like Mexican frijoles, Moroccan lentil salad, Japanese rice bowls and so on! If you’re thinking Asian, check out this place.

Anything bacon

Image: Mango goat cheese roll ups from SheKnows

Image: Mango goat cheese roll ups from SheKnows

Contrary to popular belief, special dietary needs do not equate to bland, boring food. Just take a look at this meat wrapped goodness that any one of your guests would love.

Stylish fruit and vegetable bars

Gluten free wedding menu ideas

Image: Southern in Law

Serve your guests some fresh, light, colorful and YES, gluten-free snacks, at the venue.

 Make way for cauliflower

Gluten free wedding menu ideas

Image: House of Yumm

If you want to go gluten-free and low-fat at the same time, cauliflower can do wonders. Here’s a recipe you could sample at home.

Fresh, fresh, fresh seafood

Grilled shrimp, fresh sushi or raw oysters are naturally or easily made gluten-free and are oh so yummy! This caterer does seafood justice and could help you serve them up on your big day.

Invest on a baker (with gluten-free cake experience)

Image: A Saucy Kitchen

Image: A Saucy Kitchen

Entrust your wedding cake with an experienced baker because making gluten-free cake could be technical and tricky.

Go bun-less

Gluten free wedding menu ideas


This “deconstructed” burger is a great snack midway through all the action on the dance floor!

P.S. If you’re looking into going gluten-free all the way to the alcoholic drinks, here’s a helpful list.

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