Five common wedding music mistakes couples make


Failed time management, control issues and non-dance worthy tracks are just a few of the mistakes that couples can make when it comes to organising their wedding music.

It pays to take the time to organise your music with the person you’re charging with ensuring your wedding music is perfect and, by doing so, this ensures he, she or they are prepared and able to pull off the wedding reception you want, says seasoned DJ Trent Cooper from Impression DJs in Sydney.

“Unlike so many other items in your wedding, your musical choice affects all your guests,” says Trent. “and your band or DJ will be there for five or six hours and at the end of the day, they can make or break the night for everyone.”

Trent has been getting crowds pumping since 1999 when he first launched Impression DJs. Back then, it was just Trent working in the business – now he has a team of 15 who DJ at around 1100 functions each year, everything from birthday parties to corporate events and, of course, weddings galore!

Here, Trent explains five of the most common wedding music mistakes couples make and how to avoid them.


Creating a playlist and making music selections at the last minute

Want the right DJ who suits your musical tastes and your event? Then make sure you send your supplier your desired playlist at least three weeks beforehand, so the perfect DJ is available on the night and he or she can prepare. Just because you may have booked your event with the supplier six or 12 months in advance does not mean you should leave your playlist to the last minute.

“We like to match the right music with the right DJ,” explains Trent. “And it’ll allow you to be more relaxed, rolling into the night without doing so much planning in the last two weeks before the wedding.”


Not considering the age demographic of the guests

Sure, you may be into obscure electronica music, but this won’t necessarily get people up on the dance floor during your reception, warns Trent.

“Your wedding is probably going to have guest from a wide  age range,” he adds. “People will only get on the dance floor if they know the song, especially the guys who don’t like to get up at any point,” he advises.

“There’s a difference between music you might dance to and music you like to drive to.”

Instead, consider adding more mainstream song sand the most popular songs on the Top 40 at the moment that most people know (Happy by Pharrell Wiliams is always a winner, says Trent). If you hear a Michael Jackson song, your guests’ feet will start tapping straight away.


Forgetting to send through a runsheet

To ensure you and your new spouse waltz to the right song during your first dance and that you party to all your favourite tunes on the dance floor, it’s important to hand over a detailed runsheet of the event to your DJ or band so that they’re aware of what is going on – and when. It’s also important to try and manage your time as best you can during the day.

“Couples need to stick to their schedule as much as possible,” says Trend. “You can end up losing so much time throughout the event that it won’t leave a lot of time for dancing, which people often look forward to for a wedding.”


Don’t overthink things and make things overcomplicated

“Some people try to turn their weddings into a stage show to the point where so much is going on, they end up worrying about everything going right that they’re not enjoying the day,” says Trent.

“Others are control freaks who need to get to a point where they realise it’s not an army exercise. You have to think, ‘I’ve done everything I can, now I’m going to relax and enjoy the lead-up to the day’ and not worry about what might go wrong every three seconds.”


Trust your DJ or band

Organising a wedding can be particularly stressful for couples who like to oversee every single detail for the event, but fight that urge and put your trust in the DJ or band. Not only will it be a less stressful experience for you, but you’ll be safe in the hands of a professional supplier who knows how to get a crowd pumping.

“Sometimes clients want songs in this order or that order, and I’ll have to say, ‘Actually, that’s not how I’d play them. You can’t go from an 80s track to a club track – it just won’t work’,” explains Trent. “You’ve hired a professional who knows their stuff – and their music – for a reason, so let them do what they do best and give them the freedom to gauge the crowd themselves. They know what they’re doing – and they know what works – and when!”

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