Choosing your wedding gift list supplier

Deciding on a store or company to host your wedding gift list may not seem like much of a chore, but there have been so many additional services added in recent years that it is wise to consider exactly what you want before you pick.

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While you can find so many fabulous bits and pieces for the bridal couple in the Easy Weddings shop, here are a few things to take into account when you are selecting your wedding gift list supplier:

When do you want your gifts delivered?

Some suppliers will store gifts for up to eight weeks after the wedding, which is useful if you are having a long honeymoon or moving into your new home after you get back. Smaller, specialist suppliers may not have the facilities to do this. Be aware that many suppliers charge a weekly storage fee for this service.

Do you have many out of town guests?

Out of town guests will need to be able to order your gift online, or visit a store local to them, so you will want to choose a supplier with multiple stores around the country or an online service. If you really want your list at a favourite local store, you could consider having two lists to cater for your out of town guests.

Would you rather shop after the wedding?

Some suppliers offer a gift card which your guests contribute money to, rather than individual gifts. You can then spend the money after the wedding when you know how much you have received, and take advantage of any sales or special offers. Be aware that some guests may feel uncomfortable giving money in this way.

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Do you want the option of exchanging your gifts?

If you change your mind about a particular gift, or receive a duplicate from a guest who chose not to use the list, you may want to be able to swap or exchange your gifts. Some suppliers allow you to exchange 100% of your gifts while others have a limit of 30% or do not allow exchanges at all.

How do you want the gifts delivered?

Some suppliers will only deliver gifts on weekdays which can be inconvenient if you are both working. After all, the wedding planning and honeymoon has probably eaten away most of your holiday entitlement. Look for a supplier who will deliver at the weekend or in the evening.

Are you dreading the thank you letters?

Many wedding gift suppliers will now provide you with a list showing the names and addresses of your guests, along with which presents they bought. This can save a lot of time and hassle when it comes to writing those thank you notes.

Are there a good range of gifts?

You will need to choose gifts to meet varying budgets so make sure your supplier has gifts for around $50, $100 and over $200. It is better to have a lot of cheaper gifts than a few expensive ones. Many suppliers will let you swap a number of cheaper gifts for one expensive one after the wedding if you choose to do so.

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