How to choose a child-friendly wedding venue

children at weddings

If you have children – or are inviting lots of them to your wedding – you want to choose a wedding venue that’s child-friendly, one that will allow them to run around and have fun, while staying safe – and allowing your adult guests to have a ball, too. Here are five ways to help choose a child-friendly wedding venue.

Is it safe?

You don’t want parents to be forever watching their youngster because there are lots of rickety stairs or deep and dangerous water displays – or other aspects of the venue – which are potentially hazardous for their children.

It may be a door which opens out onto a busy road or a pool that isn’t fenced off that poses a danger for little ones, so no matter how stunning your preferred wedding venue, if child safety will be an issue with your guests, you may have to cross if off your shortlist.

Of course, what is considered a danger will depend on how many children will attend and their ages, but if you’ve got lots of little ones attending and are concerned, then you’re better off erring on the side of a child-friendly wedding venue.

Is there room to run around?

Is there somewhere the children can let off steam and run around without tripping others over or running under their feet? It could just be a kids-only room filled with activities – and lots of space – where they can run around and yell their little hearts out without interrupting your wedding reception and annoying other guests.

These days, many venues will set aside a room for kids and some couples even hire a babysitter to take care of all the little ones, leaving their parents to play.

You can start researching child-friendly wedding venues here.

children at weddings

Does the seating suit kids?

Seating is essential – obviously. But if the child is a toddler then normal seating is useless. Is there a high chair available? Is the seating suitable for kids of different ages? Just because a venue adds the words ‘child-friendly’ to their promotional material doesn’t mean your problems will magically be solved.

Remember also, when it comes to seating children, that they like to get out of their seats, so ensure the main reception room has enough place to seat all your guests, not just the little ones, with enough space to move around and get in and out of their seats without knocking elbows with other guests or requiring them to get up every time little Johnny need the bathroom.

Does it serve child-friendly food?

Your mini guests need to be fed just like everyone else. But it’s pointless providing the same food or the same quantity of food for young mouths and tummies.

Ask about the venue’s menu choices for children. Can they do smaller portions or just different meals for kids? What about spices or food with alcoholic sauces etc?

Be sure to ask the question.

Is there somewhere kids can sleep?

While some children may relish the thought of staying up late, what is late to them isn’t late to your adult guests, so don’t be surprised if they’re starting to nod off just as the party is getting started.

So, be sure to ask whether there a place in the venue, away from the hustle, bustle and noise of the main reception area, where parents can put their children to sleep. Preferably, it would be supervised but even a room adjoining the reception area that parents can either stay in with their sleeping child(ren) or, at the very least, see from where they are seated would be handy.

There is an extensive listing of wedding venues here. It’s best to start researching if they are child-friendly as soon as possible.

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