Bridezilla alert: Seven out of ten brides force bridesmaids to wear unflattering dresses – to make themselves look prettier

Bridezilla alert - seven out of ten brides force bridesmaids to wear unflattering dresses - to make themselves look prettier
A revealing (and slightly disturbing) new report out of Britain suggests some brides will go to any length to shine on their big day – including putting their bridesmaids in unflattering dresses.


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The report, which was commissioned by online jeweller Vashi, surveyed 1000 bridesmaids and the results will, likely, make a few bridezillas blush. The survey claims a whopping 72 per cent of bridesmaids suspected they had been forced to wear an unflattering dress in order to make the bride look better.

Only a third of respondents said they received a say in what they wore, but bridesmaids who felt too hard done by didn’t hesitate in insisting that changes be made to a dress they didn’t like the look or feel of. Whether their protests were granted is another matter.

Vashi Dominguez, founder of Vashi, told London’s Daily Mail that, “We’ve all looked at wedding photos and thought, ‘What are the bridesmaids wearing?

“Well, now we know the answer.”

He continued: ‘In seven out of ten cases, the bridesmaids are convinced they have been lumbered with a dress to make the bride look prettier.

‘I am sure most brides wouldn’t see it that way and they would say that they chose bridesmaid dresses which went well with the wedding dress.

‘The solution is for brides to relax a little and involve their bridesmaids more in choosing their outfits.’

Worse still, the majority of bridesmaids surveyed said they had negative thoughts about the wedding they were attending. Forty three per cent of respondents said they felt the wedding was a “bit naff’ while a whopping 37 per cent truly believed the couple were mismatched and shouldn’t be marrying.

Six per cent of bridesmaids admitted to secretly fancying the groom.

Oh, dear!

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