Bomboniere candles

Many couples are looking for alternatives to edible bombonieres, and candles are proving a popular choice. Bomboniere candles last longer than edible bombonieres and they are less likely to melt or become sticky in warm weather.

Candle Bomboniere

These ten ideas will provide inspiration for your bomboniere candles:

  1. Miniature lanterns with a tea light or votive candle inside are a charming addition to your table decorations. A simple frosted glass lantern with a wire handle is great for a modern wedding, and a wrought iron style lantern works well for a more traditional event.
  2. Simple pillar candles tied with a complementary ribbon can make attractive bombonieres, especially if you give two or three of varying heights. Coloured candles can be chosen to match your wedding scheme, and pretty patterns also work well. Choose a cherry blossom patterned candle for a spring wedding or a warming orange and red graduated candle for an autumn wedding.
  3. Tea light holders in porcelain or silver make great bombonieres, and you can light the candles at the wedding as the holder is the bomboniere rather than the actual candle itself. Novelty holders include hand shapes with the tea light resting in the palm, or miniature chairs with the tea light resting in the seat.
  4. Scented candles that reflect your wedding season or your bridal fragrance are a great choice. Just be sure to wrap the candles carefully or place them in a box, otherwise the scent could be a little overpowering.
  5. Novelty candle designs can make for fun wedding bombonieres, and a good choice is to look for candles painted as if they are wearing tuxedoes or bridal gowns, and give the first to the male guests and the second to the ladies.
  6. Shaped candles are a good way to bring your wedding theme into your bombonieres. Look for golf ball shaped candles if you are getting married at a golf club wedding venues, wine bottle shaped candles for a winery, or general wedding themed candles such as heart shapes, miniature wedding cakes, or kissing doves.Lantern favors
  7. Glassware with gel candles inside can be a perfect present as guests will be able to use the glass once the candle has melted away. Look for shot glasses, ice cream sundae glasses, martini glasses or brandy glasses. Tiny espresso cups are also great candle containers.
  8. A decorative plant pot or miniature bucket can be a great candle holder and the ideal trinket for guests to remember your wedding by, especially if you have your wedding details painted onto it.
  9. Tinned candles are a modern choice and you could place three different coloured or scented tinned candles in a mesh bag as a single bomboniere. Try combining a revitalising candle, a relaxing candle, and a sensual candle.
  10. Bath products combined with candles can make a wonderful gift, and a calming scented candle wrapped up with a bottle of luxurious bath oil is ideal for your female guests, although you may want to consider an alternative for the men.

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