Australian love songs that are perfect for your wedding day

Are you the type that loves to support Australian musicians? Here are some gorgeous Australian love songs. Read on for our top picks of tracks by some homegrown talent (and a couple of cheeky New Zealanders) that would slip seamlessly into your wedding day playlist! ♪♫

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Mallrat – Charlie

“I think you might be an angel” and “I just might love you forever”. Oh Mallrat, AKA Grace Shaw, no you’re the angel. WHAT A TRACK! Full of love, good feelings and almost tangible lyrics. This one gets me.

Woodlock – Forever Ago

This trio from both Australia and New Zealand wrote this tune is about a couple who miss each other because they are spending a lot of time apart, but their love is growing every day. This one is perfect for a couple who travel for work, like musicians do, missing one another: “And it’s hard, I know, it don’t feel right when we are apart
But we’ll grow taller together
I’ll be known by the strength of your heart”.

Josh Pyke – Leeward Side

This one kills us! Josh Pyke, from Sydney Australia, is the artist behind this heartfelt tribute. It suggests that the writer is completely devoted to the person. “And until the day I die, I’ll be your leeward side”.

Come Away – Sons Of The East

A song about running away together, perfect for those who love to get away on road trips and holidays with one another. This trio formed in 2011 and brought this track out in 2015.

“Come away with me, baby
Join me in my car
We can go real far away
Away from here”

Amy Shark – Adore

Another one that kills us… Adore by Amy Shark. It reminds us of going out and being so infatuated with your partner! According to Amy, this one special to her:

This song is always going to be that special song for me. It’s a special song in general. It’s a sweetheart song. I wasn’t used to writing love songs, I was always pretty negative. The first time I wrote something positive it got me to where I am now.

It’s a play-by-play of a night out and that feeling for someone that is really new and fresh and innocent.

Woodlock – Baby Girl

The second feature on this list for the NZ/Australian trio.  Lyrics like: “There will be no one like her love” and ” God knows I’m with you, I’ll never break you says this song about true love. Perfect for your wedding, especially if you call your other half “Baby Girl”!

Winterbourne – Steady My Bones

The insanely talented Sydney duo Jordan Brady and James Draper penned this song about readiness. It’s perfect to play during your wedding to solidify the choice you’re making to commit to one another, with lyrics like:
“Come on now, I’m ready for it
Come back now… I’m ready for this”. It could be a great pick for one of the songs during the signing of the marriage certificate (you generally need a couple for this time!).

Julia Stone – This Love

“The angels got it right when they made you” announces this talented Sydneysider in this heartfelt track. The lyrics will melt you, so give this one a listen.

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