9 groom looks to inspire you!

Grooms and brides of the world looking for inspiration for the perfect wedding look, we are thinking of you! Because not all suits are the same, we want to give you a little style tour through suit options for you or your significant other. So here are 9 groom looks to inspire you!

From formal to casual, to different styles, shapes and colours, scroll down to find a visual guide created to help you to find the perfect suit, the one garment that will walk with you down the aisle and accompany you on one of the most important days of your life.

1. The classic

A dinner suit or tux, a classic black tie with a black, white or velvet jacket, you choose! This look is all about being fancy and getting all the inspiration that you need from James Bond. Click here for a special offer from Adelaide Suits Direct! 

2. Linen suit

Great for a beach or summer wedding. A good linen suit can be your perfect ally, making you feel nice and fresh on your big day. Click here for a Bridal Party Special Deal!

3. Stylish

This look is about creativity and personality. Formal or casual, the idea is to combine different elements to create a stylish look, like mixing a tux with a fun bow tie or mixing different patterns and prints. Don’t be afraid to have fun and shine!  Get a special offer for you and your groomsmen here! 

4. White on white

We love this white on white, because you don’t need to wear a bridal gown to be fully in white! This is a great option when the bride is not wearing white, for an alternative wedding or beach one. Get a special offer with Oscar Hunt Tailors!

5. The Plain Grey Two-Button Suit

This classic colour is a nice alternative to black. Perfect if your wedding palette is in pastels or light colours. Get a special offer!

6. The Plain Navy Two-Button Suit

Another classic, this gorgeous navy colour is another great alternative to be formal but not wearing black. Get a special offer here!

7. Fun summer suit

A lighter suit to stay cool even when the weather is not! The key to this look is to choose a fabric that will keep you nice and fresh. Pair this suit with a fun tie or handkerchief. Get 20% off at The Suit Concierge!

8. Basic suit jacket

A basic suit jacket can be worn as a two or three piece suit. A less formal option that gives you the opportunity to go for a bolder colour, pair it with matching or un-matching trousers or chinos. Get a special discount on Knightsman Bespoke Tailors!

9. Check suit

If you are looking for something a little bit different, a check suit could be your way to go. A more casual style, pair it with a solid colour tie and shirt. Get a special offer with Daniel Hechter!

Find your perfect suit here! 

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