10 cocktails to rock your reception

When it comes to cocktails, there are thousands, if not millions, of possible combinations, and some work better than others! However, there are a few modern and classic tipples that you cannot go wrong serving.

Barry Charles, from Melbourne’s Kombi Cocktails, serves up his 10 favourite cocktails.

Barry has converted a 1974 Volkswagon Kombi van into a mobile cocktail bar which comes to you, be it for your wedding, your hen’s/buck’s nights or even your birthday party!

Classic cocktails:


Champagne cocktail
Champagne is the most classic of wedding drinks, but why not go for something a little different? Bitters provides a refreshing warmth for a subtle flavour difference, while the sugar and strawberry add a sweet, fruity twist.

Ingredients: Champagne/sparkling wine, Angostura Bitters, sugar cube and strawberry

There have been many different variations in this drink’s history but we believe, as do most cocktail connoisseurs, that the original is the best.

Ingredients: Sweet and dry vermouth, gin garnished with olive or lemon twist

Long Island iced tea

Said to have originated during the Prohibition era, don’t be fooled by the reference to ice tea, this is one potent cocktail!

Ingredients: Vodka, tequila, gin, white rum, cointreau, lemon juice and cola

Bourbon, sweet vermouth and bitters

This is one of the finest and oldest cocktails, often labelled as THE Classic Cocktail.

Ingredients: Aperol, Prosecco and splash of soda.

This Italian cocktail provides a refreshing start to any party, with the bitterness of Aperol, balanced with fizzy soda and Prosecco.


Modern cocktails:

Ingredients: White Rum, raw sugar, mint, lime and soda

Originating in Cuba, this fashionable, tropical cocktail was one of Ernest Hemmingway’s favourite drinks. The lime and mint are used to accent the rum, creating this phenomenal crowd pleaser.

Ingredients: Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime

Sex and the City fan? Go no further.

Pina Colada
Ingredients: Malibu, White Rum, Pineapple Juice, Cream

If you like getting caught in the rain, a Pina Colada is just for you. Due to the 1970’s classic hit, “Escape (The Pina Colada)”, this creamy, fruity cocktail has become one of the most popular tropical drinks.

Tequila, Cointreau and lime juice

Tangy and sublime, this is a must-taste summer cocktail.

Ingredients: Vodka, Cranberry and Orange Juice

A simple, fruity and refreshing drink that goes down a treat

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