Wedding venue crisis

Hi, in crisis mode, our venue has double booked a portion of our room booked and are barely communicating with us to come to an agreeable solution, except at an additional charge to us (including additional fees that are not in the contract). We feel so helpless and defeated a month out before the wedding day!!! Any advice or help or tips?

Sanjuta B

Question Asked: 25/10/2023

Wedding Date: 8/12/2023

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Metro Mirage Hotel Newport

(37) · Newport, Sydney

Posted: 27/12/2023

I am so sorry to hear this Sanjuta.

Unfortunately I am probably too late to help as I imagine you are now married.

I am just learning my way around this website, apologies for the lateness.

I have plenty of availability still throughout 2024.

Warm Regards


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Hellenic Museum

(0) · Melbourne

Posted: 9/11/2023

Hi Sanjuta, 

Your wedding day should be the most incredible day of your life. If the venue has made an error and you are not receiving what you had agreed upon in your contract, then you could request a refund and we if the venue are happy to look after you. If you are looking for another venue, our team would be delighted to look after you. 

Feel free to reach out any time at: 

Tuggeranong Homestead + Events

(36) · Sydney, Canberra & ACT Wide

Posted: 31/10/2023

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Dealing with a double booking and uncooperative venue staff can be incredibly stressful, especially so close to your wedding day. 

Please reach out to discuss further and to see if we might be able to assist.  Please feel free to contact us on 0419 533 298 or email


Hunters Hill Sailing Club

(9) · Sydney

Posted: 31/10/2023

Hi - Everyone's nightmare!!  We have availability on the 8th of December 2023 and would be very happy to host your wedding.  

Please feel free to contact me at any time.



Hunters Hill Sailing Club

Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

(31) · Sydney

Posted: 31/10/2023

Good afternoon Sanjuta, 

So sorry to hear about the experience you are going through with your wedding venue!! 

Please feel free to email us on with all your reception details & we can see what we can assist you with! 

Warm Regards, 


Anna Weston
Weddings Sales & Events Manager

M +61 414 415 152  T  +61 2 9286 6448

+61 2 9286 6686      
Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

161 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Clear Mountain Lodge Spa & Vineyard

(22) · Brisbane

Posted: 31/10/2023

Good afternoon SanjutaBhahirathan

We're so sorry to hear that you have been double booked, please fill in the below and I will investaged on what we can do for you. 

Your First Name:

Your Last Name:

Your phone number:

Your Email:

Fiancé First Name:

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Fiancé phone number:

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Wedding Date:

Number People:

Have a wonderful day,


Madison O’Sullivan



Madison O’Sullivan / Events Coordinator



564 Clear Mountain Road, Clear Mountain
Brisbane, QLD 4500 Australia

Phone: (07) 3298 5100 









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