is it best to book vendors who have worked together before?

Question Asked: 1/09/2017 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Ballara Receptions


(145) Posted: 18/09/2017

There are so many different wedding suppliers out there now that it's not always guarenteed that everyone has worked together before.
But it definitely can be advantageous. Suppliers that already know each other have a good rhythm and they know how they operate as individuals and can work more cohesively together. We give couples a list of companies that we deal with regularly who we know do a great job and are realiable - many of them also give our couples special offers/prices as we have recommended them! 

In saying this, any good wedding industry professional should be able to walk into a new situation and be seamless with other vendors!

Westminster School

South Australia

(9) Posted: 8/09/2017

Hi There 

I've worked with most suppliers in Adelaide, from my end it helps but is not important.

If you like what they do it extends your network.

Best of Luck 

Fiona Winwood

Wedding Specialist  

(27) Posted: 6/09/2017

There is definitely something to say for experience and ongoing relationships. Suppliers who understand each others product, brand, and approach to events will always work better together, providing synchronicity and consistency without that initial window of error. 

Riverside Ranch - Weddings

Far North Coast / Byron Bay / Lismore

(10) Posted: 6/09/2017

Booking vendors that are familiar with one another does make life easier for you, as well as the owners, planner and vendors. Once couples book with us we supply them with a preferred 'supplier's list'.

(14) Posted: 6/09/2017


We may have our own suppliers that we work with and arrange a special price for you. However, we welcome to work with any of your suppliers to ensure your day is one to remember.

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Kirribilli Club

Lavender Bay, Sydney

(43) Posted: 6/09/2017

Most vendors within our industry are incredible to work alongside and they get the job done in the most professional way possible.

It is not a must but we believe it is a brilliant way to bring all the pieces of your day together as they can collaborate with their invetories and give you the best of what they have. They know each others limitations and strengths, therefore eliminating any guess work on the day.

Some will even reccomend other specific vendors, as they have created amazing events in the past and know how to get the job done on the day in the most efficient and beautiful way possible.

Mulberry Estate

Western Australia

(63) Posted: 6/09/2017

With so many vendor's in today's market it's not vital but does create for a smoother day as they all know how each other works and jump in to hekp each other if needed. 

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