3 Bridesmaids and No Groomsmen! HELP

My future Husband does not want groomsmen, but I want my 3 bridesmaids. How do we orgnaise photos and seating plan without making it look weird?

Madeleine S

Question Asked: 10/07/2023

Wedding Date: 21/10/2023

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Showtime Events Centre

(55) · Victoria

Posted: 1/08/2023

Hi Madeleine, 

If having a head wedding table, you could have 3 of the groom's family members on his side of the table. In photos, you could have photos with you and the bridemaids and then when all together, have photos with 3 family members standing next to the groom. 

Always remeber it is your special day and your photographer will guide you on the day to take some amazing shots. 

Showtime Event Group have a number of stunning spaces for ceremony and reception: 

Cargo Hall

Showtime Events Centre 


Polly Woodside 

Sea Life 

Hellenic Museum 

Old Melbourne Gaol 

State Library Victoria 

Old Melbourne Gaol 

Feel free to email events@seg.melbourne and our team can organise a complimentary tour for you! :) We also have a complimentary Weddings Open Day at Aerial on Saturday 12th August with a cocktail on arrival, nibbles and a glass of bubbles. 

Kind regards,

Alice Hall

Senior Wedding Executive 

Showtime Event Group 


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The Craft & Co

(0) · Melbourne and surrounds

Posted: 15/07/2023

Hey Madeleine,

First of all - don't stress! There's no such thing as a standard wedding party these days, so there's no such thing as a weird photo or seating plan.

If you are concerned about symmetry in your portraits, talk to your photographer. They will be able to come up with combinations for where people stand to make the pictures beautiful.

Similarly, if you're concerned about the table plan, go for something non-traditional - ditch the bridal table and sit your bridesmaids among all the guests. Keep them prominent but don't make them a focus.

Wherever you end up, have fun and enjoy your big day!


Glenbarr Homestead

(2) · Strathalbyn and Surrounds

Posted: 15/07/2023

Hi Madeline,

There are many ways to get around the uneven numbers.  It kind of depends on the form of your wedding as well.  If its a formal - will they have their partners there  to balance out.   Are there family involved in the Top Table.   I have seen completely uneven numbers on the tables and to be honest the focus is so on the Bride/Groom and bits that really no one is really counting the numbers.   Or are you having round tables?

The same really for the photos- some have the bridesmaids spread between the two side rather than all on one, or take them in such a way at the venue that you really dont notice.  I have seen some stunning photos with Bride, Groom and 3 Groomsmen - no bridesmaids at all.  . Again , talk to your photographer and see what they say as they may have other ideas and may know your venue well.


Glenbarr Homestead.

Midginbil Eco Resort

(20) · Far North Coast / Byron Bay / Lismore / Hinterland

Posted: 13/07/2023

Hi Madeleine,

Every wedding at Midginbil is uniquely different and yours will be the same for you!

In regards to the seating plan, I would probably not have a bridal table and if you are having a sit down meal, you can all be seated at a table amongst the guests. Some of our couples chose not to have a bridal table and want to join their guests. 

And in regards to your pics, your photographer will be able to discuss this with you for best results. I'm sure there's many ways to make this work.

Happy Wedding,

Love Mel & The Midginbil Eco Resort Team xx

Leonards Hill Estate

(0) · Daylesford and Surrounding Areas

Posted: 12/07/2023

Hello Madeleine!

That sounds great - it's good to be different :) A photographer is best to answer your question about the photos, but maybe you can have photos of just you and your future husband on some shots, and then you alone and your bridesmaids in another? 

With the seating plan, I would say to only have you and your future husband on a table by yourselves (if you like) or join everyone in a U-shape table setting, where you two will be at the top and your bridesmaids can sit next t you, as well as your family and friends, therefore, not making your bridesmaids a focus and it is more inclusive.

Hope that helps!


Leonards Hill Estate

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