How to incorporate something blue into our wedding

I'd love to include the "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" tradition into our wedding. What are some modern ideas for including something blue?


Question Asked: 13/09/2022

Wedding Date: 28/10/2023

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Hunter Events NSW

(21) · Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Sydney & NSW

Posted: 5/10/2022

The centuries-old wedding rhyme "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" describes a superstition around four objects a bride should wear or carry with her on her wedding day for good luck.

While they’ve taken on slightly different meanings overtime, each is still a chance for brides to incorporate some symbolism on their special day.

‘Something old’ initially represented protection for a bride’s future child, but many brides choose to use this to incorporate special memories and people from their past into their day like family heirlooms or swatch of a family members wedding gown.

‘Something new’ represents optimism for the future. Traditionally this would be given to the bride by a member of her family, but some couples now choose to give their partner a gift to open and wear on their wedding day.

‘Something borrowed’ refers to an item from a happily married person to incorporate into your wedding day which is said to transfer their good luck to your own marriage. This can be a great way to honour a couple who has had a profound impact on your relationship like parents or grandparents.

‘Something blue’ is where modern brides start to get creative. Historically, a blue garter was worn representing purity, fidelity and to ward off the ‘Evil Eye’.

Some simple ways to incorporate the colour is with accessories including shoes, purses, coats or jackets, jewellery, hair pieces or nail polish colour.

The object doesn’t need to be visible, you could opt for blue undergarments, keep it traditional with a blue garter or have the groom or bridal party write on the bottom of your shoes in blue marker.

Ask your florist to use blue silk ribbon around the stem of the bouquet, a touch of blue florals tucked inside or place a small arrangement of blue florals in your hair.

Blue embroidery can be a simple, unique, and meaningful way to incorporate this colour into your day, visible or not. This could be the wedding date on the inside of your dress or bottom of your veil.

Why not make a statement with your gown or veil? Many modern brides are opting to ignore the tradition of an all-white dress, there’s nothing stopping you from adding in some splashes of blue, having a fully blue dress or having a blue reception dress.

Just because it is supposed to be an object a bride carries or wears doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate it elsewhere in your day instead. Tablecloths, napkins, flowers, candles, stationary, crockery, drapery, bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen attire, ring box, the options are endless.

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Heart & Soul Events Co.

(64) · Perth & Surroundings

Posted: 20/09/2022

Such a great question......

Dependant on the time of year for your wedding, there are some fun modern ideas we can suggest:

An Italian or medditeranean feel using blue as a colour pop in your table decor, with a blue goblet or napkin mixed with a yellow or bright flower pop is lovely.

Blue silk ribbon hanging from your bouquet, which can also be incorporated in the groom and groomsmen pocketcheif or bow tie.

Blue details in your guest book is also a fun idea :)

JJ Style Co

(9) · Brisbane & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 14/09/2022

So many beautiful ideas the list is endless but our favourites would have to be...

1) Nail colour 

2) A statement shoe 

3) Dressing robe

4) Ring box

5) A statement purse 

Le Sans Souci

(7) · Toowoomba & Darling Downs/ Gatton/ Dalby/ Warwick/ Brisbane

Posted: 14/09/2022


There are many playful ways to incorporate blue into your wedding. One of my favourites is using an illusive silk ribbon on the bouquet, a soft knot and trailing ribbon adds a beautiful movement to pictures. 

You can continue this at your table settings at reception and add custom made fine linen napkins in hues of blue.

If your colour theme allows it you can even ask your florist to source blue flowers.

It's fun planning these LITLLE details.

Nadja x

Circle of Love

(1) · Australia Wide

Posted: 14/09/2022

Have your Wedding Date and initials monogrammed on the inside of your veil or dress in blue stitching.  A pop of blue shoes under your dress or a peek of a blue petticoat.

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