Music ideas for straight after the ceremony

Music suggestions please! Trying to figure out an upbeat song to play after our vows when we walk back down the aisle together. Thank you.

Question Asked: 15/06/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Any playlist is a very particular list of songs that you put together for a very specific purpose. Your wedding playlist should be no different. It should be a reflection of your relationship and depends a lot on your particular taste (and of your guests).

There are a few things you might want to take into account when creating your wedding playlist:

- The overall atmosphere you want to create

- The age range of your guests

- The location of your wedding (indoors, outdoors)

- The time of day

Professional DJs have a good understanding of what works best with which type of crowd and at each part of the wedding, but there is no secret recipe.

Here are a few popular songs that could be perfect for your wedding playlist:

Surreal Living Artistry

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I love this question because it's the first moment that you get to spend together in all of history as a newly wedded couple! Which is a momentous occasion to celebrate with all of  your friends and family!

We can all agree that "Love Actually" did this moment exceptionally well with the "All You Need is Love"  Flash Mob! I get goosebumps watching that scene EVERY TIME!

You could totally do this!! Our entertainment designers at SURREAL LIVING ARTISTRY curate performance acts tailored to the requests of clients. You could have your very own Flash Mob moment!

Flash Mobs are awesome because:

The element of surprise that a Flash Mob carries is unmatchable! Depending on who the surprise is for - you could have some attendees of the wedding play part in the flash mob as well as our incredible artists.

And not forgetting to mention that the flash mob could be to of your favourite song as a couple!!

Whatever you go with, I hope that it create stories for you and your partner  to tell for many years to come!

if you need any further help, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Jacinta Joy


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Hey there,

It's such a good question - we all want that moment from Love Actually when members of the congregation get up and start playing a beauitful rendition of 'All You Need Is Love' by the Beatles!

In the absence of a flashmob - we at Bespoke Wedding Songs create fully produced - radio quality - completely personal and unique love songs - for you to play after the ceremony, walking down the aisle or even for your first dance.

The song is written, recorded and produced exactly how you want it - we make it sound like your favourite artist - be it Adele, Ed Sheeran or The Beatles. Every lyric is written about your own beautiful story. Trust us - there won't be a dry eye in the house!

The song is yours to keep forever and can be the perfect accompaniment to your wedding video. We also host the song on Spotify with your wedding artwork for you to share with your loved ones forever.

Laurie Cave - our song writer and producer - studiied with Grammy winning producer Ryan Tedder (Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran) and guarentees to give you your perfect song, exactly how you want it - no matter what it takes.

Hope that is helpful!

Bespoke Wedding Songs

Spotify: Bepsoke Wedding Songs

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Right after the ceremony, it is best to have a musician transition into mid-tempo music so the energy at the post-ceremony/canape hour is light and fun. They will likely already have a professional understanding of what that moment will need! Otherwise, you can always prepare a playlist and have that queued :)

Hope this helps! x

The Music Co.

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Something fun and happy that tells a bit of a story or has a connection to the two of you. I did one recently where the final song was an Irish ditty "Dirty old Town" which made no sense to me until I got there and found that half the party was Irish!!

(9) Posted: 9/07/2021

I've found that couples regularly choose something a little more upbeat/fun /happy for the recession/exit song, this seems to work well and sets the mood for further celebrations to come.

Furthermore ,i've found that playing upbeat songs in the background, until the guests have left the ceremony is a nice touch

Bill Olson

Pure Logic

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(2) Posted: 9/07/2021

For after your ceremony you should choose your favourite song that means something special to you both, maybe a song when you first meet, played as an accoustic duo to give it special meaning.

After while photos are being taken I would suggest some soft back ground music either accoustic single or duo to keep your guests entertained while waiting for your return. We have done this before and was well accepted.

Hope this helps


The Bombastics

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Chilled acoustic vibe is a great option for for afetr your ceremony or over some pre-diiner nibbles and drinks. Pehaps a solo artist of duo even. The following some of the options our clients have loved:

  • Solo acoustic guitar or keyboards w/vocals 
  • Acoustic duo feat. guitar or keyboards w/ vocals and/or percussionist or saxophone or trumpet Player

  • A string a Duo feat: Violin and cello 


I hope that helps


DJ Michael G

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If you mean the song that plays as you're leaving after the ceremony finishes, I personally love "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole; I was only asked to play it once but it stuck as my favourite so far!

(108) Posted: 16/06/2021

Checkout my playlists on Spotify

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