What are the benefits of hiring a band or DJ over DIY music?

Question Asked: 5/02/2019 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Eilish Ellen Live Music & DJ

Melbourne / Geelong / Dandenong Ranges / Yarra Valley

(18) Posted: 17/01/2022


The benefits are endless! I have been a wedding coordinator for 2 years, and a wedding musician for 11 years. Every wedding I worked as a coordinator where there wasn't a professional musician or DJ involved, there was ALWAYS mistakes. Entrusting venue staff or family/friends to soundtrack your wedding is usually not successful - everyone is either too distracted or too excited to pay attention to detail such as timing, grace and atmosphere.

I would always 100% recommend hiring a musician or DJ to handle the musical aspect of your wedding. The atmosphere is totally lost without it!

All the best! 

Eilish x

(9) Posted: 9/07/2021

I've had personal experience of this very issue where the couple had hired me to provide ceremony/canapes/reception live music ,with no expense spared on any aspect of the days proceedings. Then decided to save some money by not using my DJ services, and plugging in a device to a small speaker for the dancing /party part of the night. As i was packing up i witnessed a very sad looking, empty dance floor.

The benefits of hiring a band or using a DJ mean that you have proffessional people with proffessional equipment that have the skills and knowledge to deliver.

Bill Olson


(0) Posted: 16/06/2021

Hirin A DJ Is:U Get 2 See The DJ In Action As Well Of The DJ Reading The Crowd & Interacting @The Same Time Where Both Client & Him Or Her Joins In 2 Keep The Atmosphere Alive......Not Sure About The Band But DJ's R Better & As Far As Doin Your Own Music Without A DJ Is Not The Same B Cause U Carn't Control The Music & Mingel With Family & Friends.......

Moonlight Entertainment CQ

Rockhampton / Bundaberg / Hervey Bay

(1) Posted: 23/01/2020

While DIY can save you some money, You then have to rely on a soundsystem you are not familiar with operated by someone probably not experienced in pro audio (if the equipment is actually pro audio) and some one then has to "be the DJ" for your night.

Hiring a DJ or band will get you someone that is experienced, has the right equipment in both sound and lighting. Is able to read a crowd and stop your party from getting stale. They are often very experienced MC's to keep your day flowing and fun.

So if the budget is super tight -  take the risk of DIY

If you want to enjoy your day knowing that the entertainment is in experienced hands -  Use a professional!

DJ James Mobile DJ Services

Brisbane and Surrounds and gold coast

(0) Posted: 9/07/2019

Usually with diy music the sound system isnt all that great having a DJ   Your better quality speakers and most cases a light show as well.

Envy Event Group

Perth, Margaret River/Bunbury

(31) Posted: 10/03/2019

First of all DIY can be the correct option depending on your circumstances especially if budget is an issue.

The main benefits of having a band or DJ is you'll have a professional or group of professionals in control of your entertainment rather that random people who carelessly take over the operation of your music.

Bands have the unique abilty to interact with your guests whether thats being able to change up lyrics to respond spontaneously to whats happening in front of them.

Experienced DJ's can do something similar by playing a song that may match the moment.

The downsides to DIY music:

  • Not really understanding the dynamic natural of events can cause people to feel off
  • Theres ALWAYS soemone who will takeover the operation of your music whether YOU like their music or not
  • People who dont like a particular song will "CUT IT OFF" mid song event if everyone else is loving it
  • The flow is harder to maintain due to the sporadic nature of random people choosing songs
  • You'll end up spending more time "controlling" the music than enjoying it

The upsides:

  • Its almost free so you wont have to invest any budget into it.  If music isnt a priority then this is ideal
  • You get the music you want played regardless if the DJ likes it or not
  • Less stress dealing with vendors
  • You can get guests to suggest songs via RSVP to build a playlist

If you'd like to chat further and are based in Western Australia we'd love to talk more about your entertainment.

ENVY Event Group


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LizBiz Entertainment

South Australia

(0) Posted: 14/02/2019


Well the benefit is that there is one less thing that you have to worry about and be on top of if you are doing it yourself or getting a friend or family member to do so. This puts added pressure on you to organise and added pressure on your chosen helper. 

Hiring someone to organise music for you: whether a live musician/band or Dj, is that they will have everything covered for you.

Such as:

Large selections of music to choose from, from their repertoire of songs or let them organise the song lists.

They'll organise back ground music for you.

All ceremony music if that's what you are after. (walking down the aisle songs)

Entry to your reception songs....

All sound equipment will be covered within your hire.

If you need a mic for speeches that will generally be available for your use also.

And just peice of mind that there is someone else there that will keep on top of the running order of the night or day proceedings and make sure things are running on time, with all the parties involved. 

There is a lot to think about when it comes to music and ambient background music, so its sometimes easier to let someone else do it for you.... Hope that helps.

Lark Music

Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Byron Bay

(92) Posted: 13/02/2019

Lark Music does bands, DJs and helps clients design playlists for post band or acoustic partying. All options work, except for not having anyone manage the music. The most crucial component is ensuring that one person (an entertainment pro or enthusiastic music lover) is actually in charge of building the dancefloor vibe as the night progresses. The other thing to consider, is how much volume you need to entertain 100+ people, and what kind of quality you need audio wise. A real PA system, not a bluetooth speaker or home stereo is required. Anyway.. Lark does all this and more. Visit www.larkusic.com.au for more info.

One Round Entertainment

Sydney and Surroundings

(12) Posted: 12/02/2019

A DJ can provide flow of music, also taking into consideration the style of music that works best. DJ's also bring energy to the event that a DIY music system cannot.

Tony George Entertainment

Cairns | Port Douglas | Palm Cove | Mission Beach l Atherton Tablelands

(44) Posted: 6/02/2019


Firstly, a really great question and one that happily I get to answer most days of the week!!  Having been a professional entertainer and musician  as solo, duo or live band, I feel like I can speak well on this issue.

The easiest answer is that a musician or live band will add an extra dimension to your night. The energy that is created in a room with a great band is one to behold!! I’m lucky enough to have lived in Cairns and Port Douglas for over 25 years, and I can tell you that an acoustic guitar and great singer next to the beach/coastline/nature is as good as it gets because it’s natural!!

The main thing that I would emphasise is do your research!! You will need the right person for the right job, and can I say that that would also apply to your DJ.

I have actually written a blog piece on my website with a lot of advice on all of these matter. If you’re interested, have a read at 


If you need any further advice or have any further questions, I’m more than happy to help.

All the very best and I hope your wedding day is the day of your dreams!!

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