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Ceremony Only


    • Available as solo/duo/trio

    • You have the option of choosing 3 live songs for your ceremony: The Bridal Procession (down the aisle), signing of the register, and Recessional (exit song). 

    • Musicians will arrive early and set up the PA system (speakers). 

    • As the guests arrive and mingle,  there will be live background acoustic music for around 10    15 minutes to set the mood until the MC asks everyone to get ready for your entrance

    • Music will seamlessly transition into the aisle song. Don't worry about cues/timing as it will be adjusted to suit your entry and aisle walk 

    • When it comes to the signing of the register, you will have a live solo song as guests take their photos and mingle.

    • After the MC gives us the go-ahead, it will then transition into the exit party song (played live or through speakers) 

      Price - Sydney area averages $300 solo, $450 duo, $600 trio 

Ceremony & Canapés /Pre Drinks

    • Available as solo/duo/trio

    • Live music for your Ceremony 

    • Live background music will be played live for 5-10 minutes as your guests mingle and exit 

    • The PA system will then be transported to the new venue/area and live there will be live background music while you get some stunning photos and the guests eat and drink.

    • There will be one or two 45 minute sets 

      Price averages Sydney (4hrs total) $500 solo, $800 duo, $1000 trio

Ceremony, Canapes/Pre Drinks & Reception

      • Available solo/duo/trio

      • Musicians will play for your Ceremony & Canapes/Pre Drinks  (please see above packages) 

      • The PA system will be transported to the reception venue and set it all up to make sure it’s good to go.

      • Your chosen bridal party entry song will be cued up and played for when you all walk in. Don’t worry, the musicians will know when to adjust the volume to suit. 
      • There will be another 2 x 45 minute sets for your dinner. Music will stop/start around speeches and make sure if there are any breaks we put your preferred background music on. 

      • If you have chosen to have live music play for your first dance instead of the ceremony music this will be organised

      • Then it’s time for the musicians to say goodbye and for your DJ to pump out the hits on the dancefloor, and for you to dance the night away!

        Price averages Sydney (7hrs total time):  $1000 solo, $1600 duo, $1800 trio