When's the best time to have a hair and makeup trial?

Wondering how far out before the wedding is best, but also, would like to use the trial to help me choose my suppliers.

Question Asked: 20/02/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Shannon Beauty

(1) · Melbourne

Posted: 7/02/2024

I always recommend a day where you will be out and about for a good chunck of time, this could be your hens night, bridal shower or even a dress fitting. This way you will really be able to put the hair and makeup to the test to make sure its going to last you for the duration of your wedding. 

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Tamara's Hair & Beauty

(7) · Perth and Surrounds

Posted: 15/09/2023

I usually recommend 6-8 Weeks prior to your Wedding date. 
Also a bonus if we can book it in for a time when you have another event e.g. Friends/Family Wedding, Hens / Bridal Shower or even a dress fitting.

Missy's Magic Styles Wedding Hair Specialist

(126) · Australia - ACT & NSW

Posted: 3/08/2023

I recommend a month or two so it is fresh in yours and your suppliers minds.

Plus you can always change things. I have some of my brides book a trial early in the year if they are in the next season and they need to do a second due to styles change and want to try again.

Most I recommend 2 months out the most from the wedding day

Glencoco Hair

(12) · NSW State Wide

Posted: 11/07/2023

I suggest at least 2-3months before the wedding. At least, if you're not happy with your supplier, you still have time to look for a different one

Alexandra Makeup

(4) · Western Sydney, South Western Sydney, Penrith, Southern Highlands, Wollongong & Blue Mountains

Posted: 22/06/2023

I always recommend my future bride to book a trial in 3 - 4 months before the big day it allows ample time to alter a look or possibly have a second trial to perfect the look. I find that it helps brides be at ease and be confident everything will look perfect and to their expectations. 

Ingalisa Hair and Makeup

(1) · Gold Coast / Byron Bay / Far North Coast

Posted: 13/06/2023

I would personally say as long as you have me booked in then that's your peace of mind there, 

I would say a month or 2 beforehand so it's fresh in your mind and you have had time to look around at ideas and gather inspiration prior to the trial.

if its months before you forget how it felt for you and how it wore and sometimes confusion kicks in.

Faces Makeup and Hair

(63) · Sydney

Posted: 7/03/2023

If you would like to use the trial to help you choose which supplier, then we would recommend asap.  The wedding industry is currently dealing with backlog from Covid and combining with staff shortage dates can be booked out very early.

If you have already decided which supplier to go with, then we generally recommend a trial 4-8 weeks prior to your wedding day.

Mobile Make-Overs Australia

(53) · All Areas South Australia

Posted: 22/02/2023

It depends how much you trust your artist.  If you have used your chosen artist before and you are comfortable confirming the wedding day before your trial, then you can have it anywhere from when you book in, to  a couple of weeks out (depending on how busy your artist gets)

If you have never met or used the artist, I recommend having your trial as early as you can, so you can confirm them as early as you can by sorting out deposits etc.

If you have a trial a few weeks out and do not like the trial, you are left frantically looking for a new artist last minute and this can be very stressful and lead to the possibility of not being able to find a good artist who is available. So, give yourself enough time. 

We generally recommend booking in as early as you can, especially if your wedding is in one of the big wedding months.  Also, Covid Catch ups are a thing, and that means there are more couples than usual looking to book their weddings in, so good wedding service providers are booking faster than usual at the moment. 

Anna Tymofiyeva Makeup & hair

(33) · Sydney

Posted: 22/02/2023

We have 2 different options: 

1) You haven't found your makeup&hair stylist yet - start to fo your trails 1 year - 6 months in advance. 
2) You have already chosen your makeup&hair stylist - 

3- 2 month prior the wedding date. 
 In both cases you have to have your wedding dress chosen and know your wedding venue style/colours. 

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

(149) · Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Toowoomba

Posted: 22/02/2023

We usually recommend having a makeup and hair trial 1 - 2 months out from the wedding date.  Your hair will usually be around a similar length to what it will be on your wedding day, but there is still time to factor in any treatments, trims, etc., if your hair stylist advises.  Similarly with makeup, the weather should be similar to how it will be on your wedding day too.  If you are having an outdoor wedding in a warm climate then you want to see how your makeup and hair will handle the conditions - so having trials at a time when the weather will (hopefully) be similar to your wedding day is advised.  Having said that, we realise that some brides plan destination weddings and may have less availability so we are always happy to do trials whenever a bride requires them, fitting in around our wedding bookings.  

Happy wedding planning.  

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