Is it normal to have two make up artists and two hairstylists for five people?

Hi. Wondering whether it's normal to have two make up artists and two hairdressers for a wedding party of 5 people? Thanks.

Question Asked: 5/04/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Euphoric Makeup & Beauty

Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges & Surrounding Areas

(3) Posted: 1/09/2021

It definitely depends on your artists and the time they have allocated for you. I personally would only require myself and a second artist however we would need long then have 4 artists. I would only recommend having 2 of each if you had an early start or were pressed for time. 

Laura Jean Hair and Makeup Artist

Melbourne and Surrounds/ Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges

(7) Posted: 17/08/2021

yes totally , exspecially if you need to be ready in a short period of time , otherwise one of each it fine too.

(59) Posted: 9/06/2021


We have more than 10 years of experience in this industry, and this sounds excessive to us.

Usually, for a bridal party of 5 people, we will send 1 makeup artist and 1 hair stylist.

It is okay to engage a bigger team, however it is best to understand what is the underlying reason why such a big team is necessary - is it because some of them are more junior and therefore needs more supervision, or is it because some of the hair texture and length is challenging?

Let us know if you would like to discuss it in more detail.

Stella @ Faces x

Salon 5 Sixty

Lismore & Surrounding Area

(1) Posted: 9/06/2021

No, I have never in my 20 years seen 4 artists for 5 people.. Two maybe, a normal booking for my salon is at least 5 hair and makeup which I do alone. 4 artists may only be necessary if you want a very late start time.. Congratulations on your engagement xx

Dolled Up Hair & Makeup

Perth and Surrounds

(0) Posted: 16/05/2021

It totally depends on how early the bride is happy to start and what time the ceremony is

Bella Brides

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Surrrounding Areas

(38) Posted: 14/05/2021

For 5 people for hair and makeup... we like to have one makeup artist and one hairdresser.

Michelle Cato Makeup Artist

Wollongong/South Coast/Southern Highlands

(16) Posted: 14/05/2021

Depends on your ceremony time! 

The earlier you start, the earlier hair and makeup needs to start. 

Remember you need to be FINISHED hair and makeup 1.5-2 hours before your ceremony to allow time to not rush, and get dressed etc. This sounds like a long time but its really not. 


12pm cermeony time

= ready by 10:45am at the latest

=bride, 3 bridesmaids, 1 mum ( 10  services over 5 people)

=1 hr per person  = 5 hours + 30 mins buffer time 

= 5am arrival time to set up with a 5:15am start. 

Many of the time weddings are a good hour away for most artists so think of them and their 3am alarm, to leave by 4am to get to you by 5am. 

So yes, having two artists even for a smaller group can be very beneficial if you arent a morning person :) 

Hope that helps! 

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Melbourne & Sydney

(147) Posted: 7/04/2021

Not usually, however depends on your timings and, honestly, if you can get 2 stylists for each willing to take on a booking for essentially only 2 or 3 people each.  Often you will find that it is not worth their while to go out for only only 2 people when they can easily do a group of 5 on their own.  For a group of 5 people we usually allow 4 hours - 45 minutes each plus setup/packup time.  Some stylists may require more time, some less, depending on their experience, speed and just how they work.  You would also need to consider that each stylist will require a 'work station' which may encroach on your space, especially if getting ready in a hotel room. 

Makeup and hair is usually happening at the same time with one stylist working on hair on one person whilst the other is working on another person, and then they just swap around.  Unless you are getting the one stylist to do both makeup and hair for all 5 people (which is like having one person to do a booking of 10), then the timings should be the same. ie. Having a makeup artist for 5 people should take the same amount of time as having a makeup artist and a hair stylist (2 people) for 5 people.  Professional stylists work in with each other and sort this out for you on the day.  Just be sure to have a constant stream of people for them to work on to make sure your timings stay on track.  

I hope this helps.  Happy wedding planning.  :-)

Lisa Thomas

Makeup 4 Brides | Hair 4 Brides 

Melanie Ceveri - Makeup Brows Beauty

Bairnsdale, EastGippsland

(1) Posted: 6/04/2021

It depends on the circumstances and time frame. I would say it is not normal as five is generally a manageable amount of people for one hair stylist and one makeup artist and with just the one artist doing each the looks would be more cohesive. But perhaps it is a team that works together frequently and work well together, they would surely be able to get everyone done alot quicker.

Moving Makeup - Bridal Hair & Makeup

Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah, Dwellingup

(26) Posted: 6/04/2021

It's unusual but not unheard of. If You are having a very early wedding it may be necessary to have extra make up and hair artists. Otherwise generally one Makeup Artist and one Hairstylist is enough for five people. I would consider this a fairly average number.

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