What's the best way to reduce bags under my eyes?

I had some photos taken and was shocked at how bad the bags are under my eyes! Will makeup be enough to cover these up for my wedding? What else can I do before the day?

Question Asked: 29/03/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Laura Jean Hair and Makeup Artist

Melbourne and Surrounds/ Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges

(7) Posted: 17/08/2021

i would start with a cold compress massage , then undereye mask,  then correct eye makeup .

Dolled Up Hair & Makeup

Perth and Surrounds

(0) Posted: 16/05/2021

Facials with your beauty therapist will help and using certain cremes designed for that too, a good sleep lots of water and good concealer will work too. I'm sorry your photos came out like that, there possibly was not enough concealer used around your eye area.

Bella Brides

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Surrrounding Areas

(38) Posted: 14/05/2021

Its great to get lots of sleep leading up to your wedding. Drink lots of water and use great skin care.

Face Foward Makeup Services

North East Victoria, Albury/Wodonga and Surrounds

(0) Posted: 1/04/2021


Lots of hydration, good quality sleep and under eye patches that have been in the fridge overnight are great!

Simona Janek Wedding Hair & Makeup

Sydney, Southern Highlands + NSW

(35) Posted: 30/03/2021

If you always have pufiness under the eyes its best to try and minimise it before the wedidng day. 

Find an eye gel that helps to reduce pufiness but what will work best is lymphatic drainage massage to help drain away the access fluid. You can find onlibe videos teaching you a simple routine you can do yourself as its someting best done regularly. Accupuncture is also vey helpfull, so find a a local practitioner to see.

If you wake up looking puffy on the morning of your wedding ,a cool compress like cold tea bags will help to reduce it.

Kerry Howell Makeup

NSW Statewide - Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Blue Mountains, Woll

(86) Posted: 30/03/2021

Hi - thanks for your questions always happy to help.

Makeup coverage

- Ensure your primer is "matt" & apply just on the bags or raised areas  (not brightening primers on this area, you can use a brightening primer on the remainder of your face if you like this look).

- Ensure your makeup artist uses a darker concealer shade on your bags (dark pushes into the background), or if any blue tones in this area a salmon colour concealer works well

- Ensure the concealer is totally matt (shimmer or oil based concealers will reflect and make this area look larger)

- Use a foundation that is matt for this area - I airbrush this area with a water based airbrushing foundation, this works best for bags or raised areas/acne/rosacia etc

-Powder the bags with a oil blotting powder  - MAC has a good oil botting powder whch i use.

When i teach makeup my most used rule -dark receeds and light brings forward (therefore anything you want to hide use darker matt shades, anything you would like brought forward use light & shimmers (eg on top of your cheeck bones, or the bow of the lip use a shimmer or light shades) - this example may help you remember this great makeup rule.

General l information

 -drink plenty of water (not dehydrating drinks eg coffee etc), sleep and use a cold compress (this can be anything from cold water on a makeup cotton round puff or the like), dont remove your eyemakeup with hot water, use cold-   area leading up to your wedding day.

I wish you all the best on your wedding day & happy to answer anything further you need.

Kerry Howell - 0414415096

Makeup by Regan K

Macedon Ranges / Daylesford / Ballarat / Bendigo / Grampians

(9) Posted: 30/03/2021


If you get a good eye cream and start using this a few months out from your wedding this will help.  Also the day of your wedding gel eye pads can be applied to help reduce any swelling and a good concealer coverage can be applied. 

lots of rest and water will also help. 

Best of luck with everything 


(2) Posted: 30/03/2021

Hi there!

I find a cold tea spoon lightly pressed on the skin under your eye, or a de-puffing eye gel, will help with puffiness and darkness. In terms of makeup - a peach corrector will help counteract dark eyes/blue tones. Topped off with a light shade of concealer, you will have the brightest under eyes!

Thank you,




(1) Posted: 30/03/2021

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! 

The best way I can think of is to incorporate an eye cream with vitamin c or caffeine (helps with puffiness too). Your MUA on the day will be able to assist more with covering if necessary ?? best of luck! 

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