When is a good time to buy my artificial wedding flowers?

My florist said I don't need to book or anything. But I think I want to have them a couple of months before for piece of mind.

Question Asked: 2/09/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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(8) Posted: 8/09/2021

Hello Bride to be, 

You  are definately correct to have them a couple of months before hand for your peace of mind.   Somethimes the suppliers need to order them in when they run out of stock.   And for the florist's peace of mind knowing that she / he has forefilled your wishes for your big day. 

Wishing you & yours all the best.

Regards Jan

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(20) Posted: 8/09/2021

I would certainly book them asap as artificials often come from overseas and from other states unless she is a large supplier of artificial flowers and can show them to you. I like  having my supply covered as they do attract dust if stored incorrectly. If you do get them before the wedding please make sure they come boxed and covered in celophane to keep them clean.

(3) Posted: 8/09/2021

You can buy the flowers in advance any time. Please make sure the flowers stored in a dry and clean dust free place. Idealy fully covered and protected. Not sqeesed.

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