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Recently asked questions

Updated : 2/09/2021

My florist said I don't need to book or anything. But I think I want to have them a couple of months before for piece of mind.
3 answers

Updated : 22/06/2021

Hi there. What's the availability like on wedding flowers now because of covid? Are some varieties hard to get? And is there a longer than normal ordering time for wedding flowers? Thank you!
8 answers

Updated : 13/05/2021

This is weird but I suffer from allergies - are there any flowers I need to avoid in my bouquet? Do cut flowers still make you allergic? Thanks.
5 answers

Updated : 12/01/2021

Hi, we were hoping to have a 'budget' wedding but it is proving harder than we initially thought. We want to have a wow factor venue with floral and styling but not sure how much is needed to be spent to achieve a 'wow' vibe.
9 answers

Updated : 4/08/2020

It seems like such a waste.
4 answers

Updated : 17/07/2019

Just trying to work out a realistic budget for how much I should spend on flowers for our reception and ceremony...
8 answers

Updated : 25/06/2019

Hi everyone, I need a business that can help make my dream wedding come true, I want a HUGE hanging floral ceiling installation with chandeliers in my venue on my dancefloor. I haven't chosen my venue aswell, as I don't know which venues will allow for this. I want to supply my own faux flowers and chandeliers.
2 answers

Updated : 5/06/2019

Hi There! We are looking for a big hanging foliage chandelier for the reception venue. However, all the quotes I've received so far are between $1000-$2000 which is out of budget... I was wondering whether you know anyone who could do this in Melbourne? Or other options other than a foliage chandelier maybe? Thanks heaps!
1 answers

Updated : 7/05/2019