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Krysta Smith is a multi-award-winning wedding planner and floral designer servicing Sydney. Krysta boasts a stunning collection of wedding florals in various styles and hues. As a detail-oriented person who embraces each couple's love story, you can expect nothing less than an exquisite design tailored to your unique taste and wedding theme.

If you're looking for beautiful, personalised blooms, Krysta has you covered! With years of experience as a wedding planner and stylist, Krysta knows how to take your unique ideas and translate them into a stunning, tangible design. She is all about authentically reflecting your individuality and showcasing your style and flair. 

You may desire an elegant, blush-toned bouquet, some vibrant buttonholes, or sophisticated, monochromatic table decor. Whatever captivating wedding look you're going for — Krysta can accommodate. Her unwavering support and passion, combined with her excellent planning skills, ensure a seamless process and a breathtaking final product. She will even craft a unique lookbook for you to refer to with your chosen colour palettes and inspiration. 

With a focus on forming deep bonds with her couples, you can trust in Krysta to treat your floral vision with the utmost care and respect. Romantic, whimsical, boho-chic, classical, or quirky — you won't be disappointed. Krysta has a knack for understanding your wedding ideas and bringing them to life in exquisite fashion. She also offers fantastic full in-house wedding planning and design services


"Krysta, we just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for everything you did for our wedding, both before and on the day — it was such an amazing day and wouldn't have gone or looked as amazing as it did without you and your team! You created an absolutely gorgeous setup and the flowers were even more beautiful and perfect than we could have imagined — you captured the romantic element we envisioned. Thank you!" — Matty + Sarah. 


What you'll love about working with Krysta for your Sydney wedding:

  • Stunning wedding florals. Krysta strives to take your unique wedding vision and turn them into vibrant, unique floral designs. She can do everything from simplistic, elegant bouquets to lush, intricate reception decor. You may desire some gorgeous native blooms or stick to the classic rose arrangements. Whatever wedding look you're striving to create, Krysta has you covered! 
  • Full in-house wedding planning. As a multi-award-winning wedding planner and stylist, Krysta offers premium in-house planning services to ensure a flawless event. Armed with expert knowledge that goes beyond floral design, she is eager to bring her impressive skills, hands-on experience, and unique creative flair to the table. 
  • Warm, personalised experience. Krysta strives to facilitate an open, relaxed atmosphere for you to toss around ideas and work collaboratively on your unique wedding floral vision. No idea is too big or bold. 


Highlights of working with Krysta:

  • Multi-award-winning wedding planner and floral designer 
  • Stunning wedding blooms 
  • Full in-house wedding planning 
  • Thoughtful, personalised services 
  • Fine attention to detail 
  • Unwavering support 


Do you offer wedding planning services? 

With an impressive background in wedding planning and styling, you can trust in Krysta's expertise to craft a wonderful, one-of-a-kind celebration. She can help you stick to budget, create a wedding inspiration lookbook, and offer endless support and guidance. 


"Krysta instantly understood our vision for the day and translated it into a stunning lookbook that I referred to as our 'wedding bible'. She helped us prioritise our budget in the most important areas to us and had the most impact. Krysta has a solution for any wedding conundrum, and her energy and passion, combined with her unwavering attention to detail, made our wedding so special. Krysta was instrumental in us achieving our dream wedding, and she was a pleasure to work with, too!" — Claire + Paul. 


I’m aware that this puts me squarely in ‘hopeless romantic’ territory (and I’m totally ok with that!), but I wanted to build a career that centered around making people happy. I’m a detail-orientated person, always have been, and floral design allows me to make deep and real connections with people, while creating, designing and finessing a whole host of little details that form a uniquely beautiful tapestry once they’re woven together in just the right way.


Founder and owner

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Free throwaway bouquet

For wedding budgets over $2,000, a complimentary throwaway bouquet will be included. This is a small posy using similar colours and flowers as the bride and bridesmaids.

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Service Area Sydney & Surrounding Areas

Sydney & Surrounding Areas
Sydney & Surrounding Areas


If you're a couple who value floral design as a central element of your wedding aesthetics, it's essential to work with a designer who shares your vision and appreciation for floristry as an art-form. For Krysta, this is a focus on eco-conscious floristry through a love of nature, bringing the outdoors inside and a focus on colour design through the use of enchanting, seasonal blooms. A skilled wedding floral designer with an eye for design will curate stunning arrangements, ensuring that every floral detail reflects your style and enhances the overall ambiance of your wedding day.

For couples who are passionate about floral design and wish to invest in their wedding flowers, we recommend starting the search for a wedding florist as early as possible. This allows ample time to find a designer who aligns with your creative vision and availability, especially during peak wedding seasons when in-demand designers tend to book up quickly.

Krysta's books tend to open in the autumn for the following calendar year. She is usually fully booked within 2-3 months!

To make the most of your initial consultation and ensure Krysta understands your desire to invest in floral design, consider the following:

a. Inspirational References:

Compile a collection of images, mood boards, or Pinterest boards that reflect your floral aspirations. Include specific examples of floral arrangements, colour palettes, flower types and design elements that resonate with your vision.

b. Wedding Details:

Provide your wedding date, venue information, guest count, and any specific floral requirements you may have. Sharing these details will help Krysta better understand the scale of your wedding and the scope of floral arrangements required to bring your vision to life.

c. Budget Allocation:

Be transparent about your willingness to invest in your wedding flowers. By clearly communicating your floral budget, you will enable Krysta to suggest floral designs that align with your financial commitment.

Absolutely! We also offer a variety of other props to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your event, such as :


  • Tapered candle holders + tapered candles
  • Glass Chimneys
  • Pillar candle holders + pillar candles
  • Black chrome + glass lanterns
  • ?Hand-dyed table runners
  • Hand-dyed napkins
  • ?Stationery + Signage 
  • Ceremony backdrops from flower towers, circular/square frames, plinths, etc. to name but a few
  • Ceramic/Glass vases

8 reviews 5.0 Write a Review

June 2024

It's difficult to find the words to adequately express how immensely grateful we are for having Krysta as our florist on our wedding day. From the very beginning, Krysta's warmth, talent, and creativity made us feel confident we were in the right hands. From the beautiful bouquets to the breathtaking arrangements she crafted for our ceremony and reception, every detail reflected her dedication that she has in creating magic with flowers. Despite the rain forcing us to implement our Plan B wet-weather option, Krysta was able to transform the day into something truly extraordinary. On the morning of the wedding, I was able to remain calm because I had 100% trust in Krysta, knowing that she had everything under control. She not only exceeded our expectations with her flowers but also went above and beyond in every way imaginable. From assisting with tablescapes to ensuring my wedding dress stayed dry and even lending a helping hand to our photographer, Krysta's support was invaluable in making the day run smoothly. Her background in wedding planning really shone through! From the moment we met at the One Fine Day wedding fair, it was evident that Krysta understood our vision perfectly. Krysta's guidance and expertise allowed us to bring our vision of bringing my husband's Welsh and my English countryside to life in Sydney. Krysta's professionalism, warmth, and genuine passion made the entire process a joy. We will forever be grateful for her unwavering support. We feel like we've made a friend in life with Krysta. Thank you, Krysta, for making our wedding day a dream come true.

Sarah L.

November 2023

Krysta is absolutely incredible! From the first call we had I felt we instantly clicked and she totally got my vision! She was so much fun to work with in the lead up to the wedding, super responsive, so creative and just all around such a beautiful person that I was so grateful to be working with. She absolutely NAILED our florals on the wedding day - they were so stunning and everything we could have dreamed for and more!!! I was honestly blown away with how beautiful the whole experience was with Krysta. Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special!

Stephanie D.

Krysta Smith: Floral Artistry + Event Design

Oh my goodness, Stephanie! Thank you so much for these utterly beautiful words! I am beyond grateful to you for the opportunity to bring your wedding florals vision to life. From the moment your enquiry landed in my inbox I knew we were the right fit for one another and creating those flower towers in that palette was a dream come true! Thank you darling xx

April 2023

Krysta, where do we even begin. We both agree that you were our favourite vendor. From the beginning it felt like you were genuinely so excited for us, and it felt like we were working with one of our friends. The whole process from design through to delivery was so personal and communication was amazing. You were even reaching out to us to see if we needed more help with anything. You were so welcoming of our extravagant floral ideas and you were completely transparent with what each item would cost. This was really helpful in allowing us to get our dreams flowers whilst keeping in our budget. We genuinely think you went above and beyond for us and we can not thank you enough for all the time and effort that you put in for our wedding. We could not recommend For the Love of Weddings more highly.

Daana S.

Krysta Smith: Floral Artistry + Event Design

Oh my gosh! Thank you, thank you, thank you for THE loveliest words. I am so grateful for you both – for choosing me and for trusting me. I wish we could keep doing it over and over - wishing you so much love + happiness xxx

November 2023

Where do I start! Krysta was the kindest, most understanding and most considerate vendor and person I’ve ever had the pleasure of collaborating with. Her genuine passion for her job shows in her work - not just in the end product, but in the considerable and carefully detailed emails and calls that happened over the course of the year. She articulated her thoughts and concerns well regarding more expensive ideas that I had posed and was always able to suggest cheaper alternatives to fit within my budget. She always had time for me, even though I know she was super busy behind the scenes - the most desirable quality from a vendor when you’re a busy bride struggling to wrap your head around everything to do. Her personalised look books were detailed and encapsulated everything that I had discussed with her.

Alicia F.

Krysta Smith: Floral Artistry + Event Design

Darling, thank you so much for these beautifully kind words. You have made my day!! I was so very honoured to be able to bring your wedding floral dreams to life. It was a pleasure working with you. Wishing you both so much love and happiness. Krysta x

May 2023

I highly highly HIGHLY recommend Krysta and her amazing team at For the Love of Weddings for any and all of your floral needs. Krysta was absolutely amazing the entire way through and truly went above and beyond in helping our wedding look like the whimsical fantasy out of my dreams. Krysta and her team fully understood everything that we wanted and helped so much by giving advice and hints about what would look best on the day. She was also amazing at keeping costs where we wanted them to be without sacrificing beauty and style. From the gorgeous bouquets and boutonniere to the honestly breathtaking floral styling for the ceremony and reception I was so happy with everything that Krysta pulled off. I will be forever grateful to Krysta for making the day of the wedding so amazing and would recommend her a million times over.

Alice L.

Krysta Smith: Floral Artistry + Event Design

Darling thank you SO much for these beautiful words - it was honestly the biggest pleasure getting to work with you both. Anyone who loves flowers as much as you do is a friend of mine ;-) So much love to the two of you! x

Expert Advice

expert advice

As a wedding professional, Krysta Smith: Floral Artistry + Event Design offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

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Is January a hard date for flowers to be supplied for a wedding?

Hello! My partner & I are getting married in Byron Bay and hoping for 11 Jan 2025. We have been told my a florist that flowers around that time are hard to get as wholesalers close normally until 14 January. We are wondering whether we should change our wedding date because we’d love to have some gorgeous flowers for the day and not a limited supply and ones that doesn’t match our colours & make us feel fab. I am not particular about type of flowers more style of bouquet and colours. The florist we have spoken to can’t really tell us either way if anything will be available and we feel is more focused on booking us than helping us be realistic. Your advice is appreciated!

Krysta Smith: Floral Artistry + Event Design

While January is a really gorgeous time for a wedding due to the summer weather, there are some aspects to keep in mind regarding flower availability and sourcing during that time of the year.

1. Seasonal Availability: January falls during the Australian summer, which means some flowers may be in limited supply or unavailable due to the heat. However, there are still plenty of beautiful options to choose from, as there are many flower varieties that thrive during this season; especially natives and orchids. There are also imports. 

2. Local Availability: Working with a skilled and above-and-beyond wedding florist will be beneficial, as they will have knowledge of the local flower markets and local flower farms, and will work hard to guide you on the best options available during January. They can suggest flowers that are in season or source blooms from different regions if necessary.

3. Flexibility in Flower Selection: Being open to different flower varieties and colours will increase the likelihood of finding suitable options for your wedding. Discuss your preferences and overall vision with your florist, and they can suggest alternatives or complementary blooms that will align with your style.

If you're not getting anywhere with local florists, I would consider doing the following: 

a) reaching out to your wedding venue for recommendations of florists they work with and following up with their availability during that time. 

b) reaching out to local flower farms to see whether they will be operating during that time - this could be valuable information to pass onto a floral designer that is available on your date

c) visit the local markets and speak to growers and wholesalers to find out who closes during that period and who remains open - the ones remaining open may then be able to recommend floral designers they work closely with 

I am based in Sydney and have a back-up grower that I order from during this time. It may be that you need to engage a florist from further afield and have them drive the flowers in a refrigerated/aircon van from Sydney to BB. I also work with growers that courier flowers to my venues further afield.

It's worth considering that these recommendations may have cost implications and so if it comes down to cost, it might be worth postponing by a couple of weeks. 

Best wishes!

What should we realistically be budgeting for wedding flowers?

Hello! Absolutely love fresh flowers, and wondering what we could realistically expect to pay for: Bride bouquet 4 bridesmaids 1 x Flower girl Ceremony arch 5 lapel flowers 10 table centrepieces thank you!

Krysta Smith: Floral Artistry + Event Design

The cost of wedding flowers can vary greatly depending on the type of flowers, the size and complexity of the arrangements, and the location of the wedding.

A bridal bouquet in Sydney can range in price from around $150 for a simple, small posy of mixed seasonal blooms and foliage, to over $500 for a larger, more elaborate arrangement featuring premium blooms or exotic flowers.

A ceremony arch can also vary in cost depending on the size, style, and flowers used. A simple arch with a greenery and a few blooms can cost around $500, while a more elaborate arch with premium blooms and foliage can cost upwards of $2,000. Usually floral designers will measure by the metre and adjust the cost depending on whether or not it has a premium floral heavy focus.

You can expect to pay around $150 to $500 for each table centrepiece, depending on the size and complexity of the arrangement. For example, a small vase compared to a large/high arrangement. Bud vases are also an effective way of keeping costs down whilst still creating impact.

It's important to keep in mind that these are just estimates, and the actual cost of wedding flowers will depend on a variety of factors. You can also explore having ceremony florals that can be repurposed for the reception to make the most of your allocated floral budget - for example, urns on plinths or growing aisle arrangements/ground floor arbours that can be divided and repurposed.

When budgeting for wedding flowers, it's important to prioritize which elements are most important to the couple and allocate funds accordingly. By working with a professional florist and being transparent about budget constraints, your florist will do their best to get the most out of your allocated spend.

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