Why not to order your dress over the internet?

I'm a fairly standard size so i'm not sure

Question Asked: 16/05/2017

Wedding Date: 3/02/2018

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Zhanel Bridal Couture

(24) · Melbourne and surrounds

Posted: 29/05/2017

The original designer gowns you see online is not what you will receive! They will send you their quick run up of the design

by their manufactures. Using cheap polyester fabrics and laces, which would be very comfortable to wear in Febuary!

Spare the stress for yourself... buy from an Austrailan boutique or designer.


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Lilli Marcs

(13) · Sydney / Australia Wide

Posted: 29/05/2017

we get brides stressing out two weeks before the wedding with no dres

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

(27) · Sydney

Posted: 23/05/2017

Beware of the disapointment......as most wedding gowns are fitted garments, the sizing/proportion will most likely be a problem, not to mention the inferior quality fabrics (100%polyester will be very hot in Feburary) and high likelihood that what you get will not look in real life as the picture did!!! Do your self a big favour and book in a consultation with a designer or wedding gown boutique before deciding what to do, that way you can compare how you feel with the right attention/advice for your figure shape and style. It's a false economy that has a high chance of ending badly.....good luck!
Chein Noir Dezines

(14) · Perth

Posted: 22/05/2017

Buying anything online is with some risk. The wedding gown is just such an important part of a wedding day it should also be an experience with all the pleasant memories attached to it. When you go to see your local designer or bridal store you will be supporting local business and jobs. Most of all it will give you opportunity to try and see how your wedding gown feels and looks before you spend your money. I personally work with each bride to create that one of a kind look that no one else had before. I do my best to make the whole process very pleasant and after series of fittings you can be sure your gown will feel and look amazing as well as you will be briefed on full management of your gown on the day. I can even come to you and get you dressed on the day.

Wedding Whispers

(14) · South Australia

Posted: 22/05/2017

The problem with internet buying is that you never get what you see. Most of the photos are the original design but what you receive will be a dress made of inferior and often flawed fabric. Unfortunately the cost of returning the dress is often higher than the price you paid.

Bernice Fashions

(30) · Victoria

Posted: 22/05/2017

When purchasing over the internet you are unable to guarantee fit and fabrics.There is no substitute for the care and quality service you will receive when purchasing a gown from Bridal Store. Take you best friend(s) and enjoy a fun and exciting time. If you feel apprehensive , we like to make the Bride feel at home and relaxed and enjoy the whole expercience at Bernice Fashions. You need to see what styles suit you best and fabrics as your personality comes out into your gown of choice. Gowns also have various sizing charts of each Designer. We love working with Bride to be's and see what styles suit them best. You can purchase gowns straight off the rack that stores use as samples or order your gown in. Even if working to a budget whatever that may be you can still find a style that you like.

The risk of purchasing online, you are a one-time purchaser. They don't always care about giving you customer service and the quality you deserve. Many sites use the Designers pictures and do a copy, they are unable to purchase the same fabrics as Designers, they are unauthorised dealers. Problems from buying online, wrong or different dye lots, defective garments, incorrect style or size, inferior quality design and materials.

Your wedding day is an important day and memories are made on your day.

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