Do most wedding dresses need to be altered?

What’s the likelihood that I’ll need alterations for my wedding dress and how much would I be looking at? (Wondering if I should do made to measure instead.)

Question Asked: 15/06/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Lylou the Label

Autralia Wide

(1) Posted: 23/06/2021

Each piece is designed to softly drape and flow across all body shapes. Minor alterations may be needed but it is very unlikely.

(35) Posted: 21/06/2021

90% of wedding gowns need alterationsif you by off the rack or reorder standard sizing.  You will find they generally are minor such as little take ins or letouts and usually hem . Price wise depends on the adjustment ,best to be guided by your bridal boutique for this one , as  for ourselves we have an amazing team of seamstresses that work within your price line, Made to measure is a good option if you have it with a seamstress designer that is actually making it from start to finish on you . You see a lot of made to measure online options but this is not a true made to measure option as its physically not done on you and you may find when it comes in you will still need alterations . Best to ask more clarity on that one as it may be misleading . Hope this helps . 



(92) Posted: 18/06/2021

If you do purchase a dress off the rack you will need to pay for alteration as it will be not your size. This cost will be additonal ontop of purchasing your wedding dress. However if you opt for custom making then you can have the perfect fit, as it will be made from scratch for your body measurements. Made to measure or custom making is definitely a better option. 

- d'Italia Team 

(3) Posted: 17/06/2021

Q: Do most wedding dresses need to be altered? 

A: This is a great question, I would say almost every bride will need to have her wedding gown altered. Once you’ve found your dream dress, it doesn't stop there. Rarely do gowns fit perfectly when bought off-the-rack or ordered to your closet standard size. You now have to see to getting alterations done on your gown and there are some important things to remember in regards to bridal alterations.

Generally, the price of alterations is not included in the cost of the gown. Make sure you're prepared to budget for the cost of alterations when assessing your bridal budget. Ask the bridal boutique for an estimated cost. Or you can choose to take your dress elsewhere for those needed changes. 

Whether you want the neckline completely changed, straps added, the bodice taken in, or just the hem shortened, it is an extra cost which can add up to a few hundred dollars, depending on different types fabrics, which can cost more or less to alter. For instance.. taking up the hem of layers and layers of a tulle skirt will add to the cost, whereas lace can be a bit easier to hide alterations, but it is also a time consuming process, adding costly hours to the alterations.

If your dress has any kind of train, you will probably need a bustle. Most wedding dresses come without bustles. A bustle can have one, three, or even five bustle pick-up points depending on the style of the skirt. That's something the seamstress will need to create as there are many different ways to bustle the dress.

Dressmakers have an incredible talent and can alter your gown in ways you didn't think were possible, but remember that they can't change the whole gown. Trust what they say and follow their guidance.

As an experienced dressmaker I too want to ensure that your dress fits you perfectly on your wedding day. 

Lilli Marcs

Sydney / Australia Wide

(13) Posted: 16/06/2021

Not if they are made to you measurements 

(9) Posted: 16/06/2021

Hi lovely,

Speaking as part of a made-to-measure boutique, and the reason why we offer (our designs) made-to-measure for the past 6 years is because our gowns are so detailed, we prefer to do as little alterations/adjustments as possible. Think of it as a surgery, it will leave a scar.

Further, we want the whole process to be as stress-free as possible for our brides: things such as the length, cup size and overall proportions of the gown (particularly with fitted gowns this is so important) will be perfect; some things simply can't be altered.

Another aspect is pricing: If you don't customise our gowns, the price on the price tag is the end price, including two fittings, meaning no hidden alteration fees later on.

I hope this helps, wishing you all the best for your dress search and wedding day!


Blanché Bridal team

(27) Posted: 16/06/2021

When your looking for a wedding gown always ask lots of questions and find out what the hidden cost of alterations are, so you can weigh up the two options and make a good decision. Some times people get quite a surprise when they have budgeted for a set amount, only to find out they may as well have invested in a made to measure gown that fits perfectly, once they factor in the alteration costs.

When you have a gown made to measure, we include all of the fittings, there are no hidden costs,  the gown is also created to the correct proportion for your shape instead of being adjusted as best it can be and you can chose what you feel comfortable with as it is created. I advise asking all of these important cost questions upfront in any case, as processes will vary from boutique to boutique. If you're buying off the rack don't be rushed into purchasing the gown unless you've been given an alteration quote or you've had time to make enquiries about alteration costs elsewhere, if the shop you are buying from can't do them for you.

All the very best with all of your plans, Louise.

The Complete Bridal

Western Australia

(31) Posted: 16/06/2021

Yes most wedding gowns do need alterations. The most common alterations needed are the hem shortened, a bustle added and straps tightened. There is no set price for alterations as every gown is different and require different alterations. You would need to go to bridal seamstresses to obtain quotes on what needs doing. If a gown requires a lot of alterations, it may be best to have a gown made to measure. Unfortunately most bridal shops do not offer made to measure, so it will be a case of finding one who does.

(59) Posted: 16/06/2021

In general speaking Yes, if you purchase a standard size wedding dress, you will need alteration to ensure the perfect look of the dress on you. If you purchase or make a made-to-measure dress, then your dress may not need any alteration if there are no changes in your measurement during the amount of time required to make your dress.  But, even in the worse cases, your alteration will be very minor for made-to-measure dresses. 

The Laid Back Bride

Australia wide

(2) Posted: 16/06/2021

All wedding dresses require some alterations to ensure a proper fit. The most common include a hem, bustle, strap adjustment, bust adjustment and taking in the waist. With regards to the price it depends on how much work is involved but you really shouldn't be paying anymore than $500 max for those common alterations I mentioned. Made-to-Measure is a great option for limiting the amount of alterations needed. Remember to allow at least 4-6 weeks before your wedding for alterations to be completed.

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