Can you still hire wedding dresses?

Is wedding dress hire still a thing? I don't like the idea of buying a dress I'll only wear once. There doesn't seem to be dress rental around, but I feel like it use to be? Would love some recommendations.

Question Asked: 15/03/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Emily May Bridal


(0) Posted: 21/05/2021

Whilst Emily May Bridal do not rent dresses. There are still plenty of organisations that do dress hire both for wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. 
Thevolt and Glamcorner both appear to have some dresses. I would suggest a google search of "dress hire" and then look for ones close to you. 

It is not as common as the cost involved can start to add up for both the stores and the customer along with the constant changing fashions and lack of ability to get that proper fit as they are off the rack sizes with no changes being able to made. 

Other options is to find a dress that you could possible do small alterations to down the track to turn it into a dress you can and would wear again later down the track.

I hope you can find what you're looking for and congratulations on your engagement.

The team at Emily May Bridal

(35) Posted: 3/05/2021

Hiring seams to be a thing of the past . There maybe places that do this although the cost can work out higher than buying one as you can find very reasonable priced wedding gowns . 

Timeless Elegance

Launceston and Tasmania Statewide

(30) Posted: 16/03/2021

Unfortunately there are no wedding gown hire places around to my knowledge.  It used to be a thing many years ago, but I have not heard of any for around 25 years.  Many of the stores have sale racks, where you can often pic up a gown for the price of what a hire used to be.

(15) Posted: 16/03/2021

We customise wedding dresses in all budgets .

We don't recommend hire of bridal  dresses as there is a very big risk involved.

most of silk fabric when stain land up  on dress it  could cost you  a big dollars to be professionally removed and guarantee it will be sucesfull 

judith Penak Couture 

(59) Posted: 16/03/2021


When you rent a dress, you pay a lot of money to wear it for a couple of hours and then have to bring it back in perfect condition. You do not own anything but just the right to wear a dress that belongs to a store. If somehow the dress gets damaged, the drama starts, and the store will keep your bond and ask you to repair the dress which may cost you even more.

But, when you buy your wedding dress you can keep it with you, you can resell it as a pre-loved dress, and/or you can pass it to the next-generation (this rarely happens but still an option). 

When you resell your dress, although this takes a bit of time, you mainly get most of your money back.

Kind Regards

TwoBirds Bridal

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