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Expert Advice

As a wedding professional, Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

I'm a 71-year-old bride-to-be, I don't want a white dress as I've been married before, what can I wear?

I don't want a bridesmaids dress either, and nothing too fancy. Any suggestions?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

Being the bride you should stand out from your guests and feel elegant and confident in the right outfit. I would suggest having a beautiful dress or outfit designed just for you, depending on how formal or informal the occasion is, you might want to wear a a traditional colour or a colour you love. The most important thing is that you feel special on your day, everyone is different and I've helped many different mature women find the right thing for them. Some want an understated bridal gown or beautiful evening style gown in their favorite colour, whilst others have opted for a gorgeous silk pants suit because they feel the most like themselves in pants. Once your hair and makeup are done, you have some beautiful fresh flowers and you're wearing a flatering design in a colour you love, you'll find you shine on your special day, I would strongly advise going to see a designer who has the skills to create something special just for you, best of luck!

Where can a bride buy a non-white wedding dress?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

We love creating coloured gowns for our brides, we get super excited when someone wants colour! What's your favourite colour? Think about what makes you feel fantastic when you wear it, and whether you want a soft palette or stong bold colours?

We customise gowns in a variety of fabrics and can create your perfect gown in your dream shade, whether its a soft blue or peach or deep red. Make an appointment to chat with a designer you like the style of, we'd love to help you, if you'd like to know more about what we can do let us know.

Louise xx

How do wedding dress sizes work?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

We create made-to-order gowns using your measurements to achieve the perfect shape for you. No one is a perfect size, so having a custom gown will ensure that you feel happy, confident and beautiful in something that fits comfortably and perfectly.

Make an appointment if you would like some help with suggestions that'll flatter your figure. We'd love to help!

Louise xx

Just wondered on the production of the dresses? Do you support ethical and humanitarian production?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

Our gowns are made in our Sydney based atelier by amazingly talented dressmakers who put love and care into each stitch. The atmosphere is one of reassuring calm, confidence and absolute professionalism. 

Louise xx 

How does a dress fitting work? What do I need to do?

And where do I start?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

Initially, you would need to book an appointment. On the day of the appointment, you don't need to bring anything, however a nude coloured or strapless bra and a pair of your favourite heels can help, but are not essential.

Myself and one of our talented designers will chat with you to see what sort of gown you are after. There are many gowns available to try on if you would like to, and then you will be measured.

The second appointment will have you try on your toile to make sure that the garment fits you perfectly. Once you have found the accessories you will be wearing with your dress, bring them along. From then on, the garment will move further to completion during the the following appointments, until your pick up date! 

Louise xx

I'm currently pregnant... where can I get a wedding dress from?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

Congradulations! That's exciting news and It's definately best to have your gown designed and made by someone with experience in this area. The key ellements are choosing the design for your figure shape and allowing for the estimated size of you pregnancy, support where it's needed and some softness in the skirt is allways a good idea. The final fittings need to be in the last weeks/days before hand, especially with the hem line, depending on how far along you are? I've had many beautiful,

glowing pregnant brides, from the early stages to eight months along, go with someone who you can put your total trust in.We are very experienced at making for pregnant brides, if you'd like to book in a time to see what we can do for you, we'd love to help!

Is it inconvenient to lose weight for the wedding for the alterations?

Or what happens if I gain weight?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

If your gown is made to meeasure, it won't be a poblem as your couturier will space your fittings accordingly, I usually plan for a week prior to the wedding for pick up, so there is still time if there is any sudden last minuet weight loss. I do suggest though, it's best to start early if you are planning to diet or excersize specifically to get into shape, don't suddenly decide three weeks out to go on a starvation diet! If you are buying an off the rack gown make sure you discuss this with the supplier as if it's a lot of weight you are wanting to shift, you will neeed to be remeasured as late as possible, before the gown is ordered in, don't have the alterations done untill at least a few weeks prior to the wedding.

Good luck!

Where can I get a coloured wedding dress?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

I love creating coloured wedding gowns!.....the best thinng would be to visit a designer or two who custom make their

designs and see what they can offer you. We just finished a bright blue gown and often work on anything from red to soft blues and lots of blush. I would love to help you, you just need to book in an appointment time. Louise Alvarez

what style of dress suits small curvy women?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

If you are curvy, I'm imagining you have an hourglass figure, smaller waistline, fuller bust and hips? If this is the case, the key to the perfect silhouette is to wear a fitted/corseted bodice which highlights your waist,(perhaps with a satin or beaded belt), and also slims down your bust and hips. The best neckline is usually V-shaped or sweetheart,a capped sleeve will balance with your hips.If the bodice runs longline and is shaped shorter at the front and longer at the back (never straight across the hips) then falls into an a-line skirt, this is the most flatering. If you choose fitted and flared, the more fitted the thighs are, the bigger your hips will look, this is great if you want to look even curvyer ,although ,generally I'd only recomend this for someone with out much difference between the hips and waist, who needs to add more curve. If you are small, try to keep the features on the gown either up near your face or on the bodice, alternatively a full lace gown also adds height, don't choose a style with lace or detailing only at the hemline, as this draws the eye downwards. if you make an appointment to go and see a designer, you'll get the best result, good luck! 

How should I go about buying a short wedding dress?

I want a wedding dress that is above the knee and have a fairly decent idea of what I want but have no clue how to go about finding one. Also is there any range of options for me? I don't know if its worth going to a boutique knowing they probably don't stock many but am too concerned about quality and finding someone to alter to shop online.

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

What would be ideal is a custom made gown, you need advise on the most flattering design and style to suit your figure and being a short gown, it's even more important that you stand out in a sea of guests wearing short dresses. After all you are the bride! I would suggest booking an appointment to see a couture designer who can custom make your perfect dress. I am always excited when someone wants something a little different, I had a bride elope to Italy two weeks ago and dressed her in a beautiful off the shoulder dress with a pencil skirt cut mid length, she looked amazing, every bit a bride.......let me know if I can be of any help.

how do i go about flying overseas with my dress?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

Always carry your gown,veil, shoes, underwear, jewellery in a carry on luggage bag and keep it with you in the cabin.......never check in your gown in a suitcase as they are often lost........this could be devestating! When I have a client with a destination wedding, I always either pack their carry on luggage for them, or show them how to do it if the flight is too far after pick up. Use plenty of tissue paper, lay some in the bag to start with pieces hanging over in each direction. Put the bodice of your gown in first as flat as possible, add more tiussue, lay the skirt flat and put lots of tissue, roll in the sides untill the skirt is the width of the suitcase, adding plenty of tissue as you go. consatina the gown backwards and forwards with tisse between each layer, then do the same with your veil if you have one. fold in the original tissue from the bottom of the bag and lay your wedding gown bag folded on top. It's hard to beleive, but most gowns, even quite full, fit with no issue. once you arrive, shake out your gown and hang it up, it may need a steam depending on the fabric but it will have minimal creasing compared to carrying it in a suit bag over your arm.

should i carry a purse on the day? (bride)

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

It's best to have a clutch purse, you don't need to carry it with you constantly, someone in your party can keep it on hand so when you need your lippy, powder or tissue it's not too far away....if you don't organise a litle clutch, you'll have these things floating around in a plastic bag somewhere or in someone elses bag or pocket.

pros and cons of custom designing your wedding dress vs just buying it from a boutique?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

I'm a passionate couturier........A custom made gown not only means you will have a gown proportioned perfectly to your figure, the colour, fabric and finish will be perfect, not a compromise. Couture gowns are built from the inside out which means in most cases, no bra is needed, it's corseted to your shape. The outer layers are added one step at a time, so you'll end up with a gown you not only love the look of, it will flatter your figure and giive you the confidence to feel your best on your wedding day.

Most designers keep a selection of samples you can try, they can be orded with no changes or many, I find this helps with clients visulaising what they'd love to have, some girls have pictures of design features they like and a good designer can put together the best shapes and finishes that will work for you.

When you prchesse an off the rack gown, at best, it is ordered to your largest measurement and then adjusted as close as it can be to fit you else where, It's worth asking alot of questions about the costs and what will be done, as it can add up. Quite often brides are shocked too see that by the time they purchess a gown and have it altered, they could have had a gown made to fit at a comparable price. (Beware of lace up gowns that dont fit the your bust/back properly as it all gets pushed up and over the neckline).

If you are a standard height and size, an off the rack gown is an option you could consider, seeing your custom gown take shape around you at your fittings though, is definately a wonderful experience if you can afford it. The key is finding a designer who you connect with and can work in with the budget you have.

Best of luck!

i want a BIG dress with a long train, but i also want to dance all night... is having both possible?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

We always make sure there are a couple of options, a quick to pick up hand loop, and a more permanent buttoned up version for later at the party when you don't want to drag your train around on the dance floor. depending on the style of gown ( full tulle skirts are harder to bustle depending on the hemline measurement). Chat about this with your designer/ dress supplier before ordering your gown. Another good option is adetachable overskirt or train which you can take off later in the proceedings. Good luck!

How to avoid dirtying my dress at an outdoor venue?

Is it inevitable? :o

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

My best advice would be to enjoy wearing your gown in the setting you have chosen..... within reason, don't stress about getting dirty, enjoy the moment, this is why you have purchased your gown so you can feel fantastic on the day! Even if your wedding was at an indoor venue, it is always a shock when you look at the once perfectly clean hemline the next day and see it is now dirty......this is why you need a good drycleaner to take care of it post wedding. Most gowns can be hooked/bustled up, ask your designer/alterations dressmaker to help you arrange loops to get the hemline up off the ground later at the reception. You can also call on your bridesmaids to give a helping hand getting around for your photos etc. Wishing you all the best for an amazing day! 

How many dresses would you try on?

If you fell in love with the first dress, would you try on a few more to be sure?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

For some reason girls are often drawn to the right dress, so it is very common to order the first gown you try......saying that I would encourage you to try several other styles and sleep on it. Then try your favorite/favorites on again with a clear mind and you will find you make the right decission. Good luck!

what colour dress goes with pale skin?

I have very pale skin and light hair and eyebrows.. i think white might wash me out. what colour would look best on my skin?

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

Colour choice is not about weather or not your skin is pale or dark, it's more to do with your colouring being warm or cool. The quickest and best way to work out if you have warm or cool colouring is to tie your hair back and have no make up on your face and natural lighting, near a window is best. Hold up (just under your face) something large enough to cover what you are wearing and reflect onto your face in peach or apricot,then repeat the exercise with pale pink (blue based or icy, not creamy). if the peach makes you look healthy and your skin is popping (no dark circles under the eyes is a good way to tell) then you have warm colouring and should wear ivory, cream, blush/peach, warm latte's and nudes for your wedding. If the pink gives you a healthy glow you are have cooler undertones in your skin and you should wear white, off white, clear ivory(no yellow) ice pink, ice blue, latte (silvery base) oyster or dusty pink. We advise all of our clients on the most suitable colourways at their design consultation, perhaps if you find it hard to see yourself, book a time to try on gowns with a designer.

Why not to order your dress over the internet?

I'm a fairly standard size so i'm not sure

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

Beware of the disapointment......as most wedding gowns are fitted garments, the sizing/proportion will most likely be a problem, not to mention the inferior quality fabrics (100%polyester will be very hot in Feburary) and high likelihood that what you get will not look in real life as the picture did!!! Do your self a big favour and book in a consultation with a designer or wedding gown boutique before deciding what to do, that way you can compare how you feel with the right attention/advice for your figure shape and style. It's a false economy that has a high chance of ending badly.....good luck!

what are some things to consider when going wedding dress shopping?

Ideally, I'd like to lose 10 kilos.. but I want to start shopping now

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

Hi Megan, It's not too early to start looking......if you decide to have a gown made to measure it won't matter if you do loose weight, as it will be fitted to you closer to your actual wedding date. Generally I find that the same shaped gown will suit a girl even if she looses a lot of weight, her actual figure shape still remains the same and the same style will flatter her. If you are buying off the rack don't purchase anything until you have lost the weight, taking in a gown after 10 kg of weight loss will never work proportion wise. My advice in either case is to start a slow and maintainable weight loss program now, not three weeks before your wedding! You can visit a designer or two who can give you good advice and allow for your planned changes, if you're comfortable with their suggestions, book in to have it custom made, definitely don't let anyone talk you into a stock sized dress until you feel you have reached your goal weight. I'm happy to help if you'd like to explore your options, in any case good luck and happy shopping!

What to wear for my second wedding

I dont wish to wear a wedding dress - I'm trying to not choose to young style nor something with the older lace. My figure has changed from a model figure to now an apple due to early menopause. I have no idea what style to choose. my partner is wearing navy.

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

Every wedding is just as important to the couple, weather it's your first or third, the intention is still of celebrating the love and commitment you have for each other in front of your nearest and dearest! Make sure you feel amazing on your big day, weather you want to look traditionally bridal (the right gown can be elegant and in keeping with your age) or go with a beautiful evening gown/stylish outfit, make sure you are more dressed up than your guests and the colour and style have impact! I would recommend having a beautiful outfit made that flatters your shape, in a colour that looks amazing on you. If you buy an off the rack outfit your guests are just as likely to turn up in the same one or something similar, you deserve to feel just as special as any bride does!

Is it a bad idea to buy a dress slightly too small and lose weight?

Or am I better off picking a new dress? I want this one dress but I can only find it in one size too small and I can't seem to find it anywhere else similar. What should I do! :(

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

Hi Alexa, it's definitely a bad idea to buy a dress that's too small, you are putting a huge amount of pressure on yourself, in most cases it's near impossible to let a gown out. You would be so much better seeing a couture designer, show them what you love about the dress that doesn't fit, they can then create a perfect dress that fits like a glove and flatters your shape as it is. Good luck!

How far off from the wedding date should I start looking for dresses?

I have no idea when to start looking for my dream dress. I'm someone who is well organised and ideally I'm trying to have everything for the big day sorted 12 - 8 months prior to the date however I'm stuck on when to start looking for my dress. I'm worried that if I leave it too close to the date then I'll stress out and rush the process and then on the other hand I'm worried I pick too early and want to change the dress.!! I might add that I also hate shopping and can never decide on things from clothes to dinner ha! Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

For a couture gown it really depends a lot on what time of year your wedding falls, for a December wedding ideally it's great to book in in about a year ahead, although eight to ten months is still ok. If you're organised you will have more choices in regards to laces and fabrics which can often take up to three months to arrive once they are ordered in. You'll find that a lot of wedding details like bridesmaids and flowers revolve around your gown choice, so it's better to get the gown sorted out earlier than later. We can often still help brides who have less time, with six months you still have options open, any less time than that you would sometimes have to compromise and choose what is available in stock to have your gown made in. Once you're sure about the style, it's best to get booking, especially if you're being married in peak bridal season which falls from around September to April each year.

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