There is a plain bluestone wall behind our bridal table. Does it really need something on it?

We are having a 150cm floral arrangement and LED candles along the bridal table so I am thinking that may be enough and if we put something on the wall it might look OTT. Thoughts?

Question Asked: 7/03/2019 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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(6) Posted: 23/01/2020

Whilst it may not be everybodies style, a Bluestone wall has the ability to be a beautiful feature wall. This will act as the perfect back drop for the bridal table - use props at either end of the wedding table such as plinths or tall floral arrangements to frame the wall, highlighting its beauty. Alternatively, if you wanted to mask with wall, an Arch may fit perfectly in front of it, disguising the wall if it does not match your theme. A beautiful floral arrangement on the arch will drawn guests attention away from the wall. 

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(0) Posted: 14/03/2019

Our suggestion would be not to decorate the bluestone wall.  From your information it would appear that you want the bridal table to be the focus and decorating the wall would take away from the table setting.  The floral arrangement and LED candles will give a simple but elegant finish to your table.  Best wishes for your big day!!

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(6) Posted: 14/03/2019

Your choices sound lovely.If you want to keep it simple then leave the wall plain, otherwise you could look at some cascading florals to match the bridal table, or some plinths of various sizes with candles on them. Whatever you choose, hope it’s a magical day for you.

(1) Posted: 13/03/2019

I would suggest leaving the bluestone wall as a feature and placing 180cm stands behind the Bridal Table on either side with matching

florals as your Bridal Table.

Dream Designers

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(9) Posted: 13/03/2019

Going with your information & without seeing the wall & how it relates to the room & the rest of the decor, I would leave it plain so that the focus is the bridal table. First thing people look at when they walk into a room is lighting - fairylights & candles - then the rest of the room. So long as you have heaps of candles on the bridal table the wall should just make a nice natural backdrop. If you want to make it more of a focus I would use a light wash from the bottom. Hope this help.

(19) Posted: 13/03/2019

That really depends on what the overall theme and concept you have for your wedding. If the bluestone wall goes well on its own with the entire aesthetic of your wedding, than no you don't need to do anything with it. Otherwise you can do a few floral installations or something edgy like a funky neon. If you would like us to have a look at it and give you some more informed opinion, get in touch, we'd be happy to chat to you about it.

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