As a vegan, should I be expected to serve animal products at my wedding?

Question Asked: 8/04/2019 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Nutmeg and Pepper


(5) Posted: 20/04/2021

Hi there

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering have always offered the option to have a full Vegan Wedding and we have supplied this on several occasions - we also offer a great variety of Gluten Free Vegan options for those who really need to be looked after.

At the end of the day it is your Wedding and you should choose the environment and menu that reflects who you both are as a couple. Just letting you know at the Weddings we have Catered that were full Vegan we did not receive one complaint and most people did not even realise that the Canapes were not supplied with a Meat option.

I think it is all in the styling and flavour.

Feel free to let us know if you require further assistance.

Thanks and Regards

Nutmeg and Pepper Boutique Catering

Edge Hospitality

Yarra Valley, Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs

(4) Posted: 21/05/2019

We have just created an entirely Vegan wedding menu, I guarantee, no one would be complaining about the food!

Whips & Co

Gold Coast / Tweed Heads

(0) Posted: 8/05/2019

I beleive its your weddinga nd that should reflect you and your patners lifestyle , there are plenty of delicious recipes and vegan options with some very talented vegan chefs and caterers out there :)


Sydney & Surrounds

(1) Posted: 23/04/2019

This big day is about you and what makes you happy :)

So, if you don't feel comfortable with serving animal products, you don't have too.

Guest will be happy to enjoy a delicious vegan meal!  They will be there to celebrate with you and your partner.

I hope this helps.

In Season Catering

Gold Coast and surrounds

(8) Posted: 23/04/2019

Not at all! It's your special day and you can have/not have whatever you want/not want! :)

The Spit Roast Company

Sunshine Coast, Hinterland and North Brisbane

(7) Posted: 10/04/2019

Not if you dont want to....

But if your guests might enjoy the reception food more if there was meat included,

it would be a decision as to whats more important to you.

Besides, there are some lovely vegan dishes/recipes out there, perhapes give your Caterer 

a list of some dishes/recipes that you like, to give them an idea what you would like served.

We would certainly try to offer a Vegan Menu, but it might be at a higher cost, certainly offer Vegetarian

and cut out the Meat if that suits you.

Then everybody's happy....!!!

Cheers Kelsey from The Spit Roast Company


South Australia

(2) Posted: 10/04/2019

It’s an absolute tough decision to make, while the day is to celebrate your day people are so judgemental and it seems the biggest thing they talk about is the Wedding dress , the bridesmaid dresses and the food.. personally I wouldn’t go full vegan but Mayb go vegetarian and vegan, Mayb keep away from the meats.

(0) Posted: 10/04/2019

A wedding and celebration should reflect wholeheartedly the couple. If Vegan is your lifestyle and belief then it should be reflected in your day. I think these days people are very much accommodating when it comes to food choices and really it would be a good opportunity to open minds as to how fab Vegan food can be. Having an invitation to celebrate such an event is a privileged and those that know and love you and know that you are Vegan will have no issues as to catering. 

The downfall as to catering with special requirements may incur a greater cost as supplies are not always the most economical on the market therefor caterers may charge more, but essentially I would say Go for it. It will be a little challenging but if you find a "Vegan Caterer" all your hard work will be done.

Good luck :-) 

Simple Catering Solutions

Geelong / Great Ocean Road / Bellarine

(5) Posted: 10/04/2019

In my opinion, no, it's your day, you can have it EXACTLY as you want ??

HC Catering

Victoria Statewide

(59) Posted: 10/04/2019

it is entirely your choice. It is your day and no one can "expect" you to do anything! As a caterer, Hot Coals catering are very happy and able to provide entirely vegan menus. However, what we can say, is that  in our experience, we have noticed at some entirely vegan weddings, the non vegans may miss their meat & dairy items, and have on occasion becaome a little dissappointed in us as a caterer, that there are no non vegan menu choices for them. So, we would simply suggest, in planning your menu, that you consider that. 

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