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As a wedding professional, Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

How do you organise transport for the wedding?

We are looking at hiring a car for our wedding, we're quite confused on the hours we may need it for. We will all be getting ready at the same hotel, the guys will be leaving before the girls. Do I hire 1 car (limo) to take the guys and then wait for it to come back and pick us up and take us? Our ceremony and reception is at the same venue as well so we don't need a car once we have all been dropped off. Can we add on a price to the end to take just the bride and groom back to the hotel?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

You search for the type of car or cars you would like, you can send an email, text or better still make a phone call and chat to your desired wedding car operator.

Would you recommend using Ubers for your wedding Transport?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

No definitely not. For your wedding you should have something special that will enhance your photos and leave a lasting happy memory of such a special even. Just have a look at the cars fro Caddyman on their web site or the Caddyman Facebook and Instagram pages.

How many wedding cars do you usually need?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

It depends on how big your bridal party is. The Classic 1959 Cadillacs from Caddyman can carry the driver plus five passengers in comfort. Stretched limousines from other wedding car suppliers can carry more

How should the wedding party travel to the reception?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Ideally in a wedding car or limousine. The Cadillacs from Caddyman can each carry the driver plus five passengers in comfort.

These classic cars will add to a lasting memory in photos for years to come.

Wedding transport ideas for guests?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Yes, there are a variety of options, but if you want to give them a special never to forget transport experience, why not choose one or more cars from Caddyman.

Can I get a wedding hire horse and carriage?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Yes you can, there are companies that specialise in them. Just search Easyweddings

Do you think I could ask for black ribbons on my wedding car?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Yes of course, you and your husband to be are the most important on the day, all your wishes should be fulfilled. And Caddyman would be happy to provide whatever you desire.

How do I coordinate wedding cars with my "first look" photos?

I want to do a first look, but I can't figure out how to handle the logistics. The first look, ceremony and reception are all close together (Sydney inner west). The ceremony (time bride walks in) is at 4:30. I thought we'd do the first look at 3:00, then do shots with the wedding party before travelling as one group to the ceremony. When do I book the car for? Can bride and groom ride with the two photographers to the first look and have the wedding party meet us after portraits are done in the cars? I don't want to make everyone come along to the first look just to wait around in a car, and I also don't want to book extra cars just for the first look. How would you transport everyone?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Good transport or wedding car companies will always provide the very best of service to fulfill your wishes and requests. The earlier you book, the better it is to get the cars you want and work out the logistics. Caddyman is based in Melbourne, but there are equally good service providers in Sydney

How far do you travel?

I live in hopetoun vic, and am looking for wedding cars that will service this area

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Caddyman will travel up t9 100 km from the base in Narre a Warren North. Other suppliers will travel further.

What are some of the ways we can decorate our wedding car?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Generally with white ribbons from the bonnet to the windscreen, but other colours are also used some times to match bridesmaids colours. Caddyman

Who should travel in the wedding car?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

In a traditional old fashioned wedding, on the way to the ceremony, the father and the bride to be or the person who gives you away. After the ceremony the bride and new husband would be the way to go. From Caddyman

Where does the tradition of ribbons on wedding cars come from?

And do we have to have them?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

It’s not in all types of weddings. Depending on the culture or tradition. Here in Australia it shows that the cars being used are part of a wedding, and often other drivers toot to express good wishes, and often other drivers are more courteous when letting wedding cars turn or enter a busy road. Have a look at some of the photos for Caddyman

How do the bride and groom exit the wedding?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

There are variety of options. But if you want to leave a lasting impression, why not a classic car, including a 1959 Cadillac from Caddyman.

What is the best wedding car for a beach wedding?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Probably a convertible if the weather is nice. Have a look at the cars from Caddyman.

I'd like a pink wedding car... are there any out there?!

In melbourne

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Yes there are, pink Cadillacs and also pink Hummers

What type of wedding transport suits a beach wedding?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Any type of vehicle is suitable, but you might like to consider classic cars like the Caddyman 1959 Cadillac's including the stunning convertible.

wedding car ribbons, are they standard?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Caddyman always have white ribbons on their cars. Other colours can be an option if required. But white ribbons look the best.

Do people usually have photo's with their wedding car?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Ideally yes, if you go to the trouble to having nice cars, or classic cars, then they can add a lot to your lasting memories on what most likely is one of the most important days in your life. The cars from Caddyman are simply stunning. Have a look at the web site on Easyweddings or the Caddyman web site for photos and reviews

What's the most popular car in your fleet?

Looking for a cool car in Melbourne

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Caddyman has five very stunning 1959 Classic Cadillacs. The Rose Pink Pearl 1959 model is the most popular car, followed by the white sedan, then the red sedan, coupe and the 1962 Red convertible. Inspection is highly recommended.

How do you organise the transport for the wedding?

We are trying to work out our budget and are struggling to work out how to organise the car to get to the wedding and how to leave? What do you do? Do you use have your own car at the venue and get in that to drive home or do you have the hired car wait until the reception is over and drive you to your hotel? We just arent totally sure how this is going to work as our venue doesnt have the space for us to get ready on site?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Hi Shelby, generally the car or cars are hired from pick up to drop off, and an after reception transport is an extra service or some companies will offer a classic car or limousine for the late night transfer.  So generally from home to church, park or beach for photos and then the reception. Or simply from home to the venue if both the ceremony is also at the venue. If you have the Classic Cadillacs, then we would wait till after the ceremony to get some memorable photos with the car or cars. Then depending on where the reception is distance from our base, we would either wait at no cost or come back later to take you to the hotel.

i hope this helps. But please contact Caddyman for further help or advice.

How much should I pay for a wedding car?

Setting up my budget, looking for one or two cars in melbourne

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Our cars can be hired for as little as one hour for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and special treats.

If close to our base in Narre Warren North. Each car can carry the driver plus five passengers in comfort. Normally a minimum number of three hours is $600.00, two cars or more subject to negotiation. Contact Caddyman for a price and help with the wedding.

Can any wedding cars hold kids?

I know some can't- just wanting to sus out if any can before making other arrangements for the two kids. x

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

By law, children under 7 years must be restrained in a proper capsule or high rider seat and seat belts. I think taxis may be exempt.

I have a big bridal party! Is there any car that will fit all of us in it?

There are 7 bridesmaids plus me, plus my mum and dad!

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

There are plenty of stretched limos out there that can carry 10 per more passengers in one car. The classic Cadillacs from Caddyman can seat the driver plus 5 X passengers in comfort. Two or more cars driven in convoy or parked side by side with the bridal party can look stunning. Have a look at the photo gallery from Caddyman.

Do you charge less for weekday weddings?

Monday-thursday? :)

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

No, prices are the same, weekend or weekday. Takes the same amount of time to clean the car before and after a wedding. Drivers, fuel and tolls are no cheaper on weekdays. Prices for Caddyman can depend on the distance from the base, how far or how long you want to go in the cars. Caddyman has a base rate, the so much per hour after that.

Does the groom normally pay for the wedding car?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Modern weddings are not the same as weddings in years gone by. Cars can be paid for by the bride, groom, parents or friends as wedding gifts. No rules anymore. As long as the cars are the best you can afford and help make the wedding special.

stunning classic Cadillacs from Caddyman will enhance any wedding photos and leave a lasting memory.

Does it matter if the wedding car doesn't go with my colour scheme?

I haven't found any in the colour I want- should I just go with another colour? :)

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

As it is your day, your wishes are the most important. There are all colours of cars available. Caddyman has white, red and Rose pink pearl cars to choose from.

Any advice on a wedding car to go with my boho theme?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

A Classic 1959 Cadillac would really add to your Boho theme, although the 50's and 60's hippee theme would probably go for a VW Combi vehicle. But have a look at the cars at Caddyman Cadillac Car hire and see if that would be stunning enough

If I'm not having a bridal party, who should ride in the car with me to the venue?

My guests are taking a bus that we've organised. Should I ask my parents to come with me? (they are walking me down the aisle). What do other couples without a bridal party do? :)

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Traditionally you would have your father, or someone close to you who would be giving you away on your wedding day.

But as it is probably the most important day in your life, you can have anyone with you that will make your day memorable.

What if my wedding car is open top and it rains?

I'm looking at wedding cars and I love this Cadillac, but it has no top... what if it rains? Should I look into other options?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Caddyman Cadillac wedding cars and the convertible cars all have folding roofs. They come up within seconds, and can come down just as quickly. If it is raining, too hot, too cold, too windy etc, Caddyman is there to please and make the journey a memorable one. No worries about no roof. The convertible cars have roofs. 

why is champagne allowed in wedding cars when technically its illegal to drive with open alcohol?

or is that only in some states?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Cars need to be specially licensed to be allowed to drink alcahol while in a moving car. Classic cars like the cadillacs, Chevys, rolls Royce etc would not allow alcahol while driving as there is a potential to spill drinks, and would be messy and sticky to clean up.

Plus in the event of needing to stop suddenly would also present a health hazard. Caddyman cadillac car Hire

what in your opinion is the best wedding car to go for?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

It really depends on your taste and theme of the wedding. Cars that add to your day, make you feel special and will look great in your photo album for great memories is recommended. Classic cars always look stunning like older Rolls Royce, Classic Caddilacs. Most importantly good service and cars that are comfortable and stand out. Also depends on your budget.

have a look at the cars for Caddyman.

Can you suggest transport options that aren't cars?

trying to get creative! Or some cars that are really cool? :)

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Yes, Horse and cart, Motor bikes, Busses, Trucks etc. But why not have a classic Cadillac? Caddyman Cadillac car Hire

does anyone provide guest transfers between venues??

maybe a bus or multiple limos?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Yes most hire cars would offer this service. Just depends on distance and time and type of car required. Limos and passenger vans are the most popular, But Caddyman can also offer this service, but there is a minimum hire time or amount involved.

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

If I want a rolls royce and my fiance wants a hummer, would it be weird to get both?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Sits probably the most important day of your lives, so it is important to have whatever you can afford to make your very special day even more special. But also consider some classic Caillacs from Caddyman.

which style of wedding car is more practical when it comes to transporting the wedding party

classic or modern??

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

A classic car is far more memorable in photos and the wedding day. And a convertible on a nice day is easy to get in and out of.

have a look at the gallery for Caddyman or any of the other hire companies on the Easy weddings web site.

whats the difference between a chauffeur and a driver?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Not a lot of difference when using a professional service. Both driver and Chauffeur should be wearing a suit, perhaps a cap, and be very courteous, open and close the doors for the passengers. Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire offers the very best of service

Will I be disappointed if I don't hire a wedding car? I don't know if I have room in my budget

Are there budget options?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

No you should not be, the wedding day should be one of the most important days in your life. Its all about you as a couple.

Cars of course can add so much more to your ever lasting memories. Having Classic cars adds even more to your wedding day and the cars are probably the cheapest part of your wedding day. Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

How much should I expect to pay for a standard limo? (from QLD)

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Depends on how long you need the car for. Most hire cars you pay on a time and or distance fee. Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Horse and carriage - but should i book a car as well ?

I want to book a horse and carriage take me to myy ceremony. do you think ill be able to use it all day and night or should I also book a wedding car to give the horse a break lol

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Horse and carriage will only take you a short distance, So depending on where and for how long you will find you will also need one or more cars or a stretched limo. Certainly for the late night transfer you would need a car. Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Children in wedding cars

Do infants, flower girls, page boys etc require car seats if travelling in a limo? My daughter will be 7 months, can she travel with us or will I need to organize for someone else to drive her?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

According to Vic Roads, children under 7 must be restrained in approved car capsules. Normal taxis may be exempt. But I suggest you go on the Vicroads Web site.

what is the best car to be chauffeured in for your wedding?

My partner and I don't know much about cars so please help us!

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

A Classic 1959 Cadillac or more, with Uniformed and experienced drivers, courteous and helpful, drivers, there to make that very special day even more special.

Caddyman Cadillac Car hire. Each car from Caddyman can carry the driver plus five passengers in comfort. The photos with the cars can add a lot to the memories.

Do I need wedding cars for the guys too?

Or do just the girls use them? we have a large bridal party and I'm not sure whether it's worth us all getting fancy cars.

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Hi Kylie, it is also about the guys having a great and memorable experience. The 1959 Classic Cadillacs can add a lot to that very special day, and can add visually to that wonderful day with some great photos, as well as the guys remembering the day as something really great. Caddyman is there to make the day memorable.

What are the white ribbons on wedding cars for? Can I ask for them to be removed?

I don't know if I like them

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

The white ribbons are there to show the public you are travelling in a wedding car. You will find that people are generally more courteous on the road, toot to wish you the best, and they can be left off if that is what you wish. The wedding day is all about you and your new partner, and from Caddyman's point of view, your wish is our command. We are there to make your day even more special.

How do the bride and groom leave the reception?

How does the bride and groom leave the reception? Do we need to hire a car to pick us up after the event or have someone else drive us home, or just Uber it??

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Depending on your budget, a classic car for after the reception transfer is always an option, and can make the memory last so much longer.

It is always an option, and would be better than a Yellow Cab or Uber.

Are guests normally allowed to eat/drink/smoke in the vehicle?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

Smoking, eating and drinking is not permitted in our Classic 1959 Cadillacs. We do supply cold water which can be consumed in the vehicle while moving. We offer sweets, and nibbles while the bridal party is having photos taken in parks and other locations, Call Caddyman or visit the web site for more information.

How long before my wedding should I book my wedding cars?

Caddyman Cadillac Car Hire

The best advice we can offer is when you have chosen your date, booked the reception venue, then among other items, classic cars if that is your choice, book them.The more notice you give, the better chance of getting the car or cars of your choice. Classic cars can add so much to the day, and photo memories will last a life time. Book when you have your date and venue booked. Caddyman is there to help and make the day very memorable.

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