Do I cut the top tier or bottom tier of my wedding cake?

Hi, I have two questions in one. First of all, when cutting the cake, are we supposed to cut the top tier or the bottom tier? Secondly, which leg should the garter go on?

bride - alicia s

Question Asked: 15/11/2016 Wedding Date: 9/08/2016 Wedding Location: Malvern East, VIC 3145

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Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes

Melbourne & Surrounding Areas

(27) Posted: 18/11/2016

Hi Alicia,

Firstly - Congratulations! Wiht your cake cutting - you'll usually go for the bottom tier, as it's a good height - if you were to cut the top tier of a 5 or 7 tiered wedding cake it's quite high! Even with a 2 tiered cake, you'd generally cut the bottom tier, especially if you're going to keep the top tier. But having said that - these days you really can make your own rules, if you want to cut into a different tier and it doesn't feel/look awkward - then go for it!
I'll leave the garter question for an expert to comment on, but at my wedding in may this year, I wore my garter on my right leg. I had two made - one to wear and keep, and one to toss for the garter toss.
Happy Wedding planning!
Danielle @ Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes x

Cakes By Rosa

Croydon Nth

(6) Posted: 15/04/2017

Hi Alisia, the bride Usually keeps top tier for their Anniversary, so the bottom and middle tiers are the ones to cut .

Avanti Cakes

Perth & surrounding suburbs

(23) Posted: 2/03/2017

Hi Alicia, the bottom tier should always be cut first as its the biggest but no all the way down as its bad luck.

The garter can be worn on any leg.

You can freeze fruit cake for 25 years and mud for 6 months only.



Avanti Cakes

Nutmeg Cakes and Cookies

Central Coast/Gosford, Newcastle/Hunter Valley

(5) Posted: 25/01/2017

Its entirely up to you and depends how tall the cake is, but you wont be able to cut all the way through the cake as each tier should be supported by a board underneath it held up by dowels in the tier below.

That's Delish Cakes

Servicing Perth - all surroundings

(3) Posted: 22/11/2016

I would say the middle or bottom tier, yes some keep their top tier to take home, if its cut it wont keep fresh


Melbourne and surrounding suburbs

(100) Posted: 18/11/2016

When you cut the cake, the tier you cut into depends on several factors. Are all of the tiers real or do you have foam layers? Often the bottom/biggest layers will be your foam layers and you won't be able to cut into the foam. Also, are you planning on keeping the top tier and freezing it for your anniversary? If this is the case, you want to keep it in tact, and not cut into it. If the bottom tier is being served on the night, then I would cut into this layer. It's also more comfortable for you to cut the bottom layer, than reaching up to the top layer, especially if your cake is tall. I hope this helps, Jessi (Jessicakes)

(153) Posted: 18/11/2016

Definitely the bottom tier first although we have seen many couples cut the top tier, if it is a cupcake tower. Cutting the bottom tier is a lot safer then having the cake topple over and if you are keeping the top tier you do not want a cut in it. As far as the garter goes. I wore mine on my left but I am not sure if there is a right or wrong leg. I think it is personal preference.

A Little Bit Fancee

Melbourne & Surrounding Areas. Yarra Valley/Dandenongs & Mornington Peninsula

(11) Posted: 17/11/2016

Hi Alicia,

With the cutting of your cake, this is totally your personal preference but most cut the bottom. Keep in mind if you have a cake with styrofoam tiers that you dont cut those!

Rimma's Wedding Cakes

Perth & Surrounding Areas

(33) Posted: 17/11/2016

Hi Alicia,

We find that many of our couples get the top tier of their wedding cake made from fruit cake so that they can save this and freeze, for either their first wedding anniversary, baptism or birth of their first child.

As for the Garter, i am not aware of any "Rules" as to which leg it should be placed on.

Hope this helps

(0) Posted: 17/11/2016

Hi Alicia,

You cut the bottom tier. Traditionally the top tier was a fruit cake and left for the for the first anniversary. Please feel free to ask about anything else you want clarified and congratulations.


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