Can we write our own ring element into our wedding ceremony?

Wondering if the ring part of our ceremony can be personalised or if it has to be what everyone else has?

Question Asked: 4/02/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Chris White Celebrant

Canberra and surrounding Region

(5) Posted: 4/06/2022

In my view, the best ceremonies are those that are fully personalised and avoid the cookie cutter.  Two elements that comprise about two mins of the ceremony are must have/immovables - The Monitum and the Legal vows.  Otherwise it is totally up to you and I strongly encourage couples to work with me to have inclusions that are personalised and meaning to them rather than just ceremony fillers.  There are so many examples all over the www that can help guide you on this and what can be included in a ring ceremony, personal vows, giving away, the asking, etc... Dont be content with simply having the ceremony that everyone has.  Can incorporate it into a handfasting, the saying of the vows etc... you are really only limited by imagination.

Gippsland Celebrant Services

Gippsland and Surrounding Areas

(0) Posted: 3/06/2022

Absolutely you can, the legal wording is in relation to the vow, not the ring exchange. If your celebrant is not budging then maybe they are not the right one for you. Remember, its your wedding, as long as you cover the legalities then you should be able to do what you want on your day. Adam, Gippsland Celebrant Services. 

(3) Posted: 11/08/2021

It's Angela, yes you definately can write your own ring ceremony which I can standby and help with, these special heartfelt words will need to follow after the legal vows , said as your place your ring on your future husband's finger. !!



Kerrie Boag Celebrant

Perth & Surroundings

(9) Posted: 28/05/2021

For sure, yes!

There is only two parts to the ceremony that must be included, to make your marriage legal and binding.  The ring exchange is not one of them, therefore, allowing you to add your own personality and flavour to your exchange.

I fully encourage my couples to be as involved as they wish in the creating of their ceremony to make it truly unique and personal

Mary Odgers

South Australia

(26) Posted: 7/05/2021


The ceremony is your design guided by the celebrant.

If you wnat anything specific included then make it known to your celebrant and it can be arranged.

(20) Posted: 7/04/2021

You sure can. The ring exchange is not a legal part of the ceremony which means it can be tailored to suit your personalities and the style of your ceremony perfectly. It's often a nice opportunity to slip in additional rituals such as saying I Do (also not a legal requirement), a hand fasting ritual or a wabi sabi ritual. There are so many options here which makes it a very personalised part of teh service. 

Suzie Jones Celebrant

Brisbane and Gold Coast

(3) Posted: 11/03/2021

Definately this is your wedding so long as it is within the momentum which is by law then your words are your own.

Stephen Whittaker Celebrant

Melbourne & Surrounds including Mornington,Dandenong ranges and Yarra Valley

(12) Posted: 20/02/2021

Absolutely you can. Ther are no rules on your wedding day . The legal requirements have to be completed but after that let your imagination soar. It's you da y to remenber and celebrate

(37) Posted: 17/02/2021

It can be whatever you want, there are three legal elements that need to occur, the Monitum, the legal vows and the Signing of Documents. Everything else can be custom.

Bruce Kilpatrick Celebrant Services

Wodonga / Bright / Echuca. VIC.

(30) Posted: 17/02/2021

Apart from the required first line of the vows, which must be in accordance with Rules & Regulations of The Marriage Act 1961, and the inclusion of the 'Monitum From the Marriage Act',  everything else is the complete free choice of the couple.

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