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Your marriage deserves a beautiful beginning. Meet Gabrielle your partner in crafting an exceptional wedding ceremony across the Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Highlands. With a flair for creating a unique ceremony that’s a perfect reflection of you as individuals and as a couple, Gabi brings her wealth of experience in event coordination to ensure you receive value for the services provided

Gabi offers a range of packages from a Premium Personalised Wedding to a romantic Elopement, with the option for Popular Add Ons for you to create a ceremony tailored to your style. Perfect if you wish for eh Mciroc or elopement package but wish for one or two items added.  Thta means yu pay only for what you need. The Premium Personalised Package has any of the Adds Ons for no extra cost.

" I know what's its like trying to select your marriage celerbant. The right Celebrant can make a significant difference in the tone and success of your wedding ceremony. So to help Ive written a gudieline to help you."

1. Take your time, do some research, and trust your instincts to find the person to officiate this special moment in your life.

2. Look for a personal connection, professionalism, experience, testimonials, flexibility, legal knowledge, writing skills, clear enunciation and of course, a sense of fun.

HI I'm Gabrielle. How I describe myself? A really good storyteller and a person who loves to get creative in crafting a personal wedding ceremony. I don't hold back in stepping in to get things sorted to ensure your ceremony runs smoothly. I'm so lucky to have helped so many couples create their wedding ceremonies. My goal is to craft a unique ceremony that’s a perfect reflection of you as individuals and as a couple. Whether you're dreaming of a beach wedding, a romantic garden wedding, or a traditional ceremony with a modern twist, I'm here to make it unforgettable.

The couples I work with are all different ages, genders, shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is that they value their wedding ceremony as another step in their commitment to each other. If that sounds like you, please read on!

With a love of bees, it’s no surprise I have combined the art of celebration with the craft of candle-making to offer unique wedding services: from custom beeswax wedding candles for ritual, ceremony styling, reception decor to candle-making Bridal Shower High teas and more.Here's to sharing the love!

Your unique wedding ceremony is a celebration that gives legal and social recognition in front of your family and friends, and Gabrielle is there to ensure that it is a day you will cherish forever. Gabrielle is a word smith, a storyteller and thrives on writing your one-of-a-kind narrative, transforming your story into an unforgettable ceremony.

Why Choose Gabrielle as your Celebrant?

  • Expertise and Experience

As an experienced marriage celebrant and a career in event planning and public speaking, Gabrielle brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your wedding. The goal is to understand your individual love story and create a customised wedding ceremony that captures your personalities and style.

  • Tailored Ceremonies

Loaded with great suggestions and ways to make the ceremony fun and interactive. Gabrielle collaborates closely with you to design a ceremony that is personal, meaningful, and filled with love. Whether you desire a traditional wedding ceremony with a modern twist, a unique themed celebration, or a fusion of cultures, Gabrielle is there to make it happen.

  • Meticulous Attention to Detail

From the initial meeting to the moment you exchange vows, Gabrielle handles every detail, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. Relax and enjoy your special day, knowing that your ceremony is in capable hands.

  • Celebrant and Candlemaker

In addition to Gabrielle's expertise as a wedding celebrant, she is also a passionate beeswax candle maker. Elevate the ambiance of your wedding with Gabrielle's exquisite, handcrafted sustainable beeswax candles to add an elegant and romantic touch to your ceremony, reception and photobooth styling.

  • Expertly-designed wedding packages

From fully personalised ceremonies to simple legal arrangements, Gabrielle understands the demands on your time and offers a range of options, providing planning assistance, high-quality equipment, creative ritual ideas, unlimited communication, and more. 

Your Love Story Begins Here
Your wedding day marks the start of a new chapter in your love story. Let's make it extraordinary. Contact Gabrielle today to schedule a phone call.



Well hello! When not working as a Celebrant, I can be found working p/t as a Community Engagement Coordinator at Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong, bushwalking, snow skiing or seeing live music or theatre. I've mastered the art of storytelling across various jobs and worked across community arts organisations, MC at the local festivals, a member of Circus WOW, sing with Tender Funeral Choir at Port Kembla. Married 25+ years with 2 gorgeous sons, and Kozi our labradoodle.

Gabrielle Quigley

Business Owner

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Exclusive Offer
Classic Package

I help create a modern wedding with traditonal and personal elements. This is the popular package with option to add extras to suit your style.

Planning & Communications

  • 1 x hour initial meeting for legal paperwork, planning and getting to know you, 1 hour.
  • 1 x planning meeting working with you to create your ceremony, up to 2 hours.
  • 1 x rehearsal
  • Liaise with the reception Event Coordiantor and other vendors where necessary.
  • All planning documents secured in a Google Share Folder.
  • Professional delivery of your ceremony, me arriving well before your ceremony.
  • Unlimited emails, phone calls, text.

Script & Ceremony

  • Write and deliver your Love Story as a storyteller.
  • Personalised ceremony, with script options, to reflect your style.
  • Personalised vows + support kit, with coaching tips in public speaking
  • Samples of fun elements to add.
  • Written for optimum support for your photographer.


  • MiPro PA system with bluetooth, wireless mics, head mic.

Legal paperwork

  • Attention to detail to ensure all the legal paperwork is completed and submitted to BDM, NSW.
  • Includes your official registered Marriage Certificate + postage $70.


  • Price for weddings in the Illawarra. Additional $100 for Shoalhaven, and $200 for Southern Highlands and Blue Mountains.

        Exclusive Offer
        Micro Wedding

        A smaller version of my Classic Package. Perfect way to avoid the whole shebang. Under 30 guests so we won’t need the PA system.

        Meetings & Communications

        • 1 x initial for the legal paperwork, mapping the ceremony, get to know you.
        • 1 x planning meeting and with rehearsal notes. 1-2 hours.
        • All planning documents in a Google Shared folder.
        • Professional delivery of your ceremony, arrive 30 minutes before.
        • Unlimited emails, calls, texts.

        Ceremony & Script

        • Personal touches added to your script.
        • Option to include personal vows.
        • Your choice of fun elements. Samples provided.
        • Ceremony conducted to support your photographer.
        • Attention to detail.


        • Signing table, chairs, cloth if required.

        Legal paperwork

        • All paperwork is completed and submitted to BDM, your $65 registered marriage certificate included in the price.


        • Price for wedding in the Illawarra. Additional $100 for travel to regions Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands, Sydney, Blue Mountains
        Exclusive Offer
        Extras - the popular add ons

        Looking for a Package to suit your specific needs. These popualr add ons you select to create a bespoke ceremony:

        • Assistance in decorating the ceremonial space.
        • Personal Vow Writing Kit.
        • Rehearsal.
        • Rituals eg: Hand fasting, Welcome to Country, Unity Candles, Sand Ceremony, Tree Planting, and more.
        • Poems, readings.
        • MiPro PA System.
        • Designed and printed personal vows cards.
        • Extra time.

        Exclusive Offer

        Between a Micro and Super low key.

        Planning & Communications

        • 1 x initial for the legal paperwork, mapping the ceremony, get to know you.
        • 1 x planning meeting and with rehearsal notes. 1-2 hours.
        • All planning documents in a Google Shared folder.
        • Professional delivery of your ceremony, arrive 20 minutes before.
        • Unlimited emails, calls, texts.

        Script & Ceremony

        • A standard script with small personal romantic touches
        • Your choice of fun elements. Samples provided.
        • Attention to detail.


        • Signing table, chairs, cloth if required.

        Legal paperwork

        • All paperwork is completed and submitted to BDM, your $65 registered marriage certificate included in the price.


        • Price for wedding in the Illawarra. There are additional costs to micro weddings outside the Illawarra. Additional $100 for Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands, Sydney, Blue Mountains
        Exclusive Offer
        Super low key ceremony


        • A simple, dignified ceremony with the legal wording in the script.
        • Perfect for couples who wish to avoid the whole shebang.
        • Not available on Saturday.
        • All the legal paper completed and submitted to BDM NSW.
        • Includes your registered Marriage Certificate + postage $65.
        • We have up to a 2 hour meeting to plan.


        • Would you like the Classic Package but without the price?
        • I can deliver the legal section of the ceremony and you and/or your nominated person writes and delivers the non-legal component of the ceremony.


        • Additonal travel costs outside the Illawarra @$1.10/km (calculated from Albion Park and Helensburgh).



        Service Area Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Highlands & Surrounds

        Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Highlands & Surrounds
        Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Highlands & Surrounds


        Yes I do. I have a MiPro System, with 2 microphones and a head mic, with a large tripod stand to ensure your guests will clearly hear the ceremony.  During the rehearsal, I also bring the PA system to help the you and your party get use to speakimg into a mic.

        Yes I do. I offer 3 types of packages. Personalised, Sweet Romance, and Short and Sweet (Elopement or Legals only).

        I'm so glad you asked.  I'm like a 3 services in 1. I can wed you and add to your reception decoration, create your photo booth and wedding favours. While we make plans for your ceremony, we can chat about those extra things and saves you time in talking to another perosn to help in planning your special day. See @beetogethercelebrant

        All my candles are made from the highest quality of Australian beeswax, giving you an eco-friendly candles that creates a warm and soothing glow, filling any space with its natural honey scent.  

        You can commission me to:

        1. Create candles for your table decor.

        I hand roll beeswax sheets into candles for your table decor.  You select the width and height, from pillar candles to candle sticks. The candles make a great romantic feature for an evening ceremony, with the warm golden glow and honey aromas creating a cozy, magical memorable ambience in any space.

        2. Create candles for your photobooth scene for your guests.

        Placing the pillars candles into glass cylinders, flanked on either side of your arbour makes an attractive fairytale scene.

        3. Create candles for your wedding favours.

        A pair of beeswax candles will be a gift your guests actual use and enjoy styling. A perfect way to express your gratitude. Each pair is wrapped to the style of your choice. Talk to me about your style. I give you choice too. You can buy the candles in bulk and naked and you can decorate and wrap them yourself. Many memorable wedding favours are easy to create and easy on teh wallet. You can thanks me later.

        These are thoughtful & eco-friendly gifts:

        • Minimum packaging, so less waste
        • 100% Australian beeswax, sourced from NSW beekeepers
        • No chemicals or artifical fragrances
        • Long storage life
        • Burns cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin candles
        • Bring a bit of Nature into someone's life
        • Create a warm snoothing ambience 

        Yes I can! Talk to me about your plans. I'm pretty flexible with the packages and love when couples are keen to personalised their wedding ceremony.

        Great question. There are several items.

        1. Listening to the couple and ensuring they receive the ceremony they want. Hence lots of questions from me to make sure this happens.

        Most couples have a good idea of what they want but are unsure on how to go about it and not aware of some of the finer details to polish the ceremonmy. That's where I come in to help.

        2. Attention to detail. Not just in completing the paper work, but attention to things like pronouncing people's name correctly.

        3. People's safety. A ceremony can quickly become a disaster if there is not enough attention given to safety.

        4. Having a back up plan in case of weather changes, delayed arrivals of guests or clients. I have wedding trivia question cards ready

        5. Professional Code of Conduct of a Celebrant. I take this seriously. We are carrying out a legal procedure and our work comes under the Attorney General's Dept. At the same time, we can still factor in lots of FUN in the ceremony.

        There are many more but I think this is good start.

        I sure do. I love to travel to Blue Montains, Jindabyne all year round, Southern Highlands, South Coast NSW, Central and far north coast of NSW and even interstate. The chances are I'll factor in a few days afterwards to go hiking, visit the wineries, galleries and catch up with friends. 

        Yes I do.  When you pay the non-refundable booking fee of 50% by bank transfer, you can pay in installments if your like. The balance must be finalised 4 weeks before the wedding. 

        7 reviews 5.0 Write a Review

        June 2024

        Gabrielle is an absolute gem. From the moment we met with her, my husband and I felt so taken care of. Gabrielle's genuine love of love shone through and we felt that she was sincerely excited to be a part of our marriage. Gabrielle was thorough and took every step imaginable to ensure the lead up and the ceremony was a smooth process, and she adapted very well to our last minute wet weather change. She spoke beautifully and eloquently and struck a perfect balance of light heartedness and romance. There was such a positive interaction with everyone - we had so many guests comment to us throughout the night how wonderful she was, and how beautiful the whole ceremony was. Gabrielle also took care of all the legal necessities and provided information on the name changing process, as well as assisting with our vows to ensure we were hitting the mark we were wanting. There was consistent communication throughout the entire process, there was no stress, Gabrielle took care of everything which we really appreciate. We are so glad to have found BeeTogether and to have Gabrielle as our marriage celebrant. We would whole heartedly recommend her services - thankyou a million Gabi! xxx

        Sarah Norton N.

        BeeTogether Celebrant

        Oh wow! Thank you so much Sarah and Tony for your heartfelt and glowing review! It was an absolute honour and pleasure to be a part of your special day. I'm thrilled to hear that you felt taken care of and that the ceremony met your expectations. Your kind words about my approach and the positive feedback from your guests mean the world to me. Ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for couples is always my top priority, and I'm so glad that my efforts resonated with you. I wish you a lifetime filled with love and many more picnics. Gxx

        June 2024

        Our wedding went exactly as we would have wanted. The atmosphere was relaxed and jovial, which made it more enjoyable and something we could really treasure. We felt you were very receptive to what we wanted and presented it the way we hoped you would. It felt both intimate and like a celebration. You were professional, whilst also being amiable and flexible and went with the flow of the ceremony. We would like to thank Gabi for helping to make our day memorable and enjoyable and contributing to making our day special and a true celebration. We are so pleased that you were our celebrant, very friendly and you have a bubbly nature. You handled everything great and made our experience easy. You delivered the most amazing service and did exactly what we asked for on the day. Excellent communication before and after our wedding. Gabi was great to deal with on the lead up with all the great suggestions and no pressure. Love love LOVE your beautiful energy and vibe, couldn’t have asked for a more down-to-earth & vibrant celebrant to officiate our marriage. Thanks and best regards, Rani and Shaheel

        Rani C.

        BeeTogether Celebrant

        Rani and Shaheel, it was a pleasure to be a part of such a special celebration and to help create an intimate and joyous atmosphere. Your words about my energy and vibe are incredibly touching. Your appreciation for my professionalism, flexibility, and the overall service means the world to me. I'm thrilled that the communication and suggestions met your expectations and contributed positively to your experience. Thank you for taking the time too write the review. Gabixx

        April 2024

        Highly recommend Gabrielle! Not only was she amazing on the day, but also in the lead up, helping us get organised and guiding us every step of the way. She took the time to get to know us early on and then tailored the day perfectly. Couldn't ask for anything more!

        Lily H.

        BeeTogether Celebrant

        I just want keeping telling your Love Story :) Thank you so much for your lovely review! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you both, and to be a part of your special day. I'm thrilled to hear that you were happy with how everything turned out. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness together! Cheers Gabriellex

        March 2024

        Gabrielle was an incredible celebrant and made our experience so easy, we couldn't have asked for a smoother process with a vendor in the stressful lead up to a wedding. Though we forgot some identification documents on our first meet up, Gabrielle didn't hesitate to pop by again to see the documents once we were ready. We were able to personalise our vows & the ceremony with support from Gabi, and it made for such a lovely ceremony, with our guests telling us it felt very intimate and "us". We can't recommend her enough!

        Sasha P.

        BeeTogether Celebrant

        It was an absolute pleasure planning with you and Taite to create your wedding ceremony. Your romantic styling, THE most incredible beautiful vows, the string duet and your love story made the wedding very special indeed. Thank you for your kind words. Gabix

        August 2023

        We used Gabrielle from beetogether celebrants and she was amazing, so professional yet so personalised whatever we asked for was done with no hesitation. Gabrielle is easy to talk with and no problem is unsolvable. Highly recommend


        BeeTogether Celebrant

        Thanks Brittany, I loved doing your ceremony. It was magic and your personal vows were brilliant.

        Expert Advice

        expert advice

        As a wedding professional, BeeTogether Celebrant offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

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        My daughter is being married in 12 months time . Am I able to become competent in that time to perform her wedding?

        BeeTogether Celebrant

        Yes you can. Keep in mind it can take several months to complete if you are working. One friend completed hers in a 6 intense weeks and worked everyday to complete the course work. Then allow the Registration processing time with AG dept. May I suggest a more cost effective way would be to hire a Celebrant to do the legal component of the ceremony and you perform the rest. The planning process with your daughter offers a chance to plan together a beautiful ceremony without you feeling pressured to complete your qualification under pressure. Best wishes x 

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