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As a wedding professional, Lee Halligan - Celebrant offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

Can the celebrant refer to us as husband and wife in a commitment ceremony?

In a commitment ceremony is the celebrant allowed to say husband and wife?

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

Great question.

We must remember that a Commitment Ceremony is not a legal marriage.  This needs to be made very clear to the couple and the guests at the beginning of the ceremony.  The legal wording is not used in the ceremony.  We can not say "lawfully wedded Husband/Wife".  Having said that many people refer to each other as husband and wife outside of marriage and there is a common law component of the Family Court recognising defacto couples.

How do you get a marriage licence?

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

the other responses cover your query I believe.  In Australia we complete and sign a Notice of Intended Marriage.  


Lee Halligan

Who's responsible for lifting the bride's veil?

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

There are many responses and some have been covered below.  I have most brides have the viel lifted before the formal ceremony begins by people such as who is presenting them, bridesmaid, groom, or even themselves.  Some brides have chosen to keep the viel down until the time of the vows or even later for the kiss.  This is more rare and is usually done when they arrive at the alter position and they hand the boquet over to the chief bridesmaid or nominated person.

this is the exciting part ... deciding how you will have your ceremony so that it is uniquely yours.

all the best


Do Celebrants fly/travel to perform destination weddings?

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

Yes.  the cost will be neogitated with the couple.  I have also performed ceremonies when I was also going to the ceremony and on those occassions I have used my frequent flyer points.  cheers Lee

If we're getting married in a garden, do we need a undercover plan B for weather reasons?

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

It is best to have a Plan B, especially in winter time.  For a number of reasons including important paperwork, dresses, hair and guests.  Umbrellas can be suitable if it is a small mist, but a downpour it needs to be moved to a safe dry place.  Recently we had to move from the beach, due to the power of the wind.  cheers Lee

How does the idea of an unplugged wedding go over with guests?

Do some choose to ignore it?

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

by unplugged do you mean without music or without a PA.  That is your choice, however guests want to and need to your vows to each other.  Lee

If my partner is muslim, should I be having a civil or religious ceremony?

Are they both equal in the eyes of the law? I was not born in Aus so need a little help understanding

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

It is your choice.  My ceremonies can incorporate aspects of a culture while remaining a legal ceremony under Australian Law.  Lee

Can we still marry if my partner has an expired visa?

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

yes.  Celebrants do not get involved in issues relating to immigration.  As long as you both provide all the documentation and you are not married to someone else you can get married.  However you do need to speak to the immigration dept.  cheers Lee

How many weddings do you book in per day?

Are celebrants usually doing one per day? or two on some days? How is this possible?! haha

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

hello.  I try to only book one wedding on any given day.  However I had two earlier this year.  I had been on a long holiday and both brides were wanting my services and booked my first Saturday back.  There were many hours inbetween which allowed me time to go home and change so I was totally different in appearance for photos.  I have also booked a ceremony (non wedding ) and a wedding but again, one in morning and one late afternoon

cheers. Lee

can i ask my celebrant to mention marriage equality during the ceremony?

I'm still looking for one- but this is really important to me

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

Of course you can.  The Celebrant has legal wordings to say.  The rest of the ceremony is up for planning between you and your celebrant.

there may be some Celebrants who are not comfortable doing this.  As part of choosing your celebrant, ask them.  I know couples have asked me at the initial meeting and were happy to be told I could accomodate their wishes.  At this stage we need to remain unbiased in our voicing of the governments position, however I would be glad to insert your sentiments into your ceremony

best wishes

Lee Halligan

who walks me down the aisle if my dad is no longer with us?

Lee Halligan - Celebrant


When my daughter got married I walked her down the aisle along with her brother.  We had an celebrant to do the ceremony.  As a celebrant I have had brides presented by both parents, an uncle, a godfather and two brothers and some have chosen to come in with a child or by themselves

who ever you choose will be honoured

cheers and best of luck.  Lee Halligan Celebrant

If im having a destination wedding somewhere that doesnt speak english...

do i have to import an english speaking celebrant??

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

Celebrants in Australia are registered to conduct ceremonies within the Commonwealth of Australia and under  our Authority we can not conduct a ceremony elsewhere.

However the destination country has their rules for who can conduct a ceremony.  It may be that a celebrant who is registered in Australia may become registered in another country, but then the ceremony is legal under their rules.

With Australian rules a person who does not speak English needs an interpreter.  this may be needed if you go to another country if you do not speak that language.  Check out the rules of that country first

best wishes

Lee Halligan

What was the best wedding ceremony you've done and why?

I am wanting to make my ceremony really amazing, located in SA

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

I have had some memorable ceremonies.  

I like relaxed ceremonies, especially when children or animals are involved, farms, back yard weddings, and coming up at a motor cycle track I am looking forward to what antics they get up to afterwards

best wishes

Lee Halligan

Have you ever made a mistake in a ceremony? Like saying a name wrong or anything?

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

Hi Carlaj

with unusal names I write in phoenetically on my copy of the service. Then I rehearse and rehearse it. However, once I had a bride with a surname I had not come across and did the same. Unfortunately I did have knowledge of a place with a very similar name and came out with that name ... it was not a totally different name, it was a mild inflection in pronunciation, which I said 'sorry......" and corrected immediately ..... however the bride did a few huffs and puffs and refused to provide a review.  I believe as long as we take the utmost care, that is what is important, and in life sometimes a hiccup occurs.  I often find the bride or groom make a mistake and we just move on and I would doubt that many guests would ever notice.  Enjoy your day.     Cheers from Lee

If I'm not taking his name, can we ask the celebrant to not say 'mr and mrs (husbands last name)?

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

you can ask your celebrant to announce you as you wish to be known

best wishes

Lee Halligan

Can I request my celebrant to wear a certain colour or outfit?

I've seen some awful clashing outfits and celebrants in white etc... is it rude to ask them to wear a particular colour or style? I don't know if I'm taking it way too far haha. But I want everything to look good! It is my wedding day, after all :)

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

Hi Keira. While I would hope my bride would not dictate a colour to me, I would hope that we would discuss it. Part of my questions is what is the theme of the wedding and colours. This is to ensure (i) I do not clash and (ii) I do not wear exactly the same colours as the bridal party. hope this helps .... always talk things through. cheers Lee

How should I let a friend know that she's not included in my bridal party?

We haven't been close for years but she has only a few other friends and had an expectation that she would be included as a bridesmaid. She found out through one of the bridesmaids that we had already gone looking for dresses, and she said she was devastated because she wanted to come (although we had never talked about it!). We are having a super intimate wedding and only inviting our family and closest friends - everyone else seems to have picked up on it but I'm so worried that she'll be hurt when she finds out she's not invited to the wedding itself! Your advice is appreciated!

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

Hello. A very sensitive area for you to tackle. A catchup coffee (with cake perhaps) to explain the reasons or your choice to have a small intimate wedding may be a way to go. best luck cheers. Lee Halligan Registered Celebrant

If someone objects to a wedding... what do you do?

I know most people leave this part out... right? But if it did happen, what would you do? :)

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

Hello. I had this happen a few years ago. I politely (smiling) said there is no requirement for people to object and all the required paperwork has been signed. They continued and smiling I continued on with the ceremony. Someone else took care of the pestering person. Good luck and if you know of someone who might object, please ensure they do not come..... cheers Lee Halligan, Registered Celebrant

What is everyones thoughts on +1s at a wedding??

We are already on a tight budget and originally i had just said family only... but when planning out our tables my fiancé and my mother asked where the partners of our bridal party are and where family members partners were sitting and i said they weren't invited and they both looked shocked like you can't not invite your bestfriends partner to your wedding...in my head i say why not? Its my wedding, i dont like her partner and i don't want them there... is it terrible for me not to invite them?

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

Alexandra it is you and your partners wedding. The final decision is down to the both of you. Having said that, and I caution couples on surprise weddings, it also involves your family and best of friends who have been on your life long journey and who wish to celebrate it with you. Not including their partners could be awkward. I had a running blog a few years ago on ways couples can cut the costs of weddings. My daughter insisted on doing it all herself and we all had a wonderful day with the high costs of caters venues etc. Get them to help you with things as well. It is then a win-win for everyone. Enjoy yourselves, Lee Halligan, Celebrant

How long would I require a celebrant for?

Generally, when couples book a celebrant how long do they book them for?

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

The booking of the celebrant is not just for the ceremony Lucy. It includes all the paperwork, preparation of the ceremony, signing of documents, travel and yes the ceremony. I always get to the venue at least 40 minutes before the ceremony starts and always stay behind, get included in the whole group photo and then discreetly remove my gear once the guests have wandered off. talk with your celebrant. cheers Lee

How can I make an uneven bridal party work?

We will have 3 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen. Particularly for the first dance, usually bridal party take their partners and join bride and groom on the dancefloor but we have an uneven number so they can't join together as couples....

Lee Halligan - Celebrant

at my sons wedding, me being a widow, I was partnered by one of the groomsmen for the first dance. You will find someone close in the family who is alone and would welcome to be asked. Cheers from Lee Halligan, Celebrant

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