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Naomi B.

18 May 2019

We cannot recommend Zena enough - so many people have told us that our ceremony was one of the best they've been to and we believe this is thanks to Zena. She is so professional, supportive and fun and she had our guests laughing and crying (in the right ways) all through our ceremony. She made our day all the more special for being our celebrant.

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks so much Naomi, I loved your ceremony - it was such a fun one and I learnt a lot from the two of you as well! I loved the way you guys stopped to vote on the way to the wedding - the best & the way the space forced me to stand opposite you worked perfectly for photos and helping the guest be included and ensure everyone could see! And your great surprise game with the witnesses was so fun - you were so right - everyone was curious to know what you had written about them afterwards! fun & games from start to finish - THANK YOU!

Bindy C.

28 Apr 2019

We recently engaged Zena to be our celebrant for our wedding. She was absolutely amazing! From our first chat we felt immediately comfortable and we knew that she was the right person for the job. The ceremony was awesome and she really captured our relationship perfectly. Our guests thought she was an old friend of ours because of the way she spoke so genuinely about us during the ceremony. We wanted a relaxed feel to the ceremony that would set the tone for the day, Zena did this brilliantly and put both myself and my wife at ease when the big moment came! We really couldn't recommend Zena enough, she's fabulous at what she does and is just an all round lovely person. Thanks Zena for making our day so special. Bindy and Kirsten xxx

Zena Lythgo  

Awww you two, every meeting felt like a yarn with friends and just hanging out. And oh my gosh your community were the BEST from the first moment - so happy for you and so keen to be a part of it. So many little laughs along the way, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sophie F.

27 Apr 2019

Zena married my husband and I last weekend in Melbourne & Zena being our celebrant was THE BEST DECISION EVER!!! Weddings are stressful but Zena is so calm and lovely, she made the whole process fun. My husband & I wanted our friend Sarah to perform most of the ceremony for us & Zena was able to facilitate Sarah being involved with ease. Zena was so involved, made Sarah comfortable (which was the most important thing for us) and Zena handled the whole day with class. Our guests commented on how the ceremony was so heartfelt & that was due to Zena's guidance even down to the pre-wedding work we did, filling in all the forms which were so helpful. Zena is the only celebrant you'll ever want to deal with. Thank you Zena for making our day the most special day of ours lives xxxxxx

Zena Lythgo  

AWWW working with Sarah to deliver your wedding was so so damn special! And I love that you now live around the corner so we get to spend more time together! woohoo, it was so special with her Sarahbrant touch!

Tanya M.

7 Nov 2020

I feel like we should just post our number so you can call us and we rave about this woman! Zena was the perfect celebrant. She is so down to earth and really understood what we wanted for our ceremony and nailed the vibe of us. We were easily able to trust that every aspect we had discussed was taken care of. Zena was amazing at guiding us through the process and the pivoting that was our 2020 wedding, also helping us find vendors when we had to change plans. Thank you is just not enough! Need a celebrant, look no further.

Kari B.

31 May 2020

Zena delivered a beautiful ceremony that us and our guests were truly touched by. She spent lots of time with us to make sure she understood our story and us as people and the result was heartwarming and very impressive. She was lovely to deal with, very professional and made the process very easy. Our wedding would not have been the same without her. Thank you Zena we will truly never forget it.

Zena Lythgo  

My absolute pleasure Kari, what a journey to the altar it was in the end! I shall never forget your beautiful forest wedding - just magic! SO excited of your little family! it was lovely getting to know you both x

Anastasia G.

23 May 2020

communicated so easily for us to make quick and easy decisions for our ceremony. She gave great tips and tricks for our day so we were able to focus on each other and be in the moment which is exactly what we wanted for our wedding. Unfortunately like many, our wedding day was caught in the covid-19 pandemic however Zena did not drop the ball at any point she supported and assisted us the whole way through to our wedding day with amazing communication and informing us when there were changes. She was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. Thank you Zena you are a legend and incredibly good at what you do!! it was very special to have a celebrant who is both beautiful inside and out marry us on our wedding day xx

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks so much Anastasia, oh my gosh what a ride your lead up was! It will always be a memorable one for me! What a great outcome we came up with in the end - so worth it!

John M.

20 Apr 2020

Zena was the perfect celebrant for us! She was fantastic to work with and amazing at what she does. We could not fault her one bit! She made the process of our (last minute elopement) so seamless, easy and comfortable. She was also always there to help out when the smallest of things weren't going according to plan (last minute) which we truly appreciated on the day.

Zena Lythgo  

My absolute pleasure guys! I was so impressed by the grace you held amidst all that uncertainty - it was a huge change to your plans but you stayed true to what mattered; the two of you getting married. It was a beautiful, intimate moment to be a part of and witness. The biggest congrats!

Kate L.

23 Mar 2020

Zena is everything we could have wished for in a celebrant! She is fresh, vibrant, caring, professional and genuine. Zena took the time to really get to know us and our families, which made the ceremony a true reflection of us. It was perfect! We will be forever grateful to Zena for supporting and guiding us through the marriage process, we can't recommend her highly enough!

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks so much Kate - it truly was such a pleasure to be a part of your day & spend time with your families. It was a really special one to be a part of.

Lauren R.

20 Mar 2020

Zena is insanely good at what she does. Not only that, she's an amazing person as well, and this is clearly reflected through her work. We had so many great compliments on our ceremony, and I can honestly say that it was the single best experience of my life - and this is entirely due to how Zena was able to set the tone for our ceremony. People were laughing and people were crying, and our lead up to the day was especially relaxing as well knowing that Zena had our backs the whole time. We feel that we've made a lifelong friend in Zena, she is truly an authentic person and also an absolute A grade professional. Thank you so much for making our ceremony what it was - you're an absolute legend!

Zena Lythgo  

OHHHH MY GOSH Lauren! Thank you so so much for this incredibly generous reflection. And I agree wholeheartedly! I def feel like I was working alongside old friends! What a leadup it was, truly unforgettable! I am so glad you got across the line just in time AND what an amazing fun joyfilled ceremony it was. I was actually looking at a photo the other day and I am sure it was the moment you accidentally made sexual innuendo in your vowels! Impromptu gold! x

Olivia F.

14 Mar 2020

Zena was absolutely AMAZING! She captured our relationship so beautifully and made our ceremony so special. She was super easy to communicate with and was there to help us out in anyway, even for the silly little questions. I couldn't recommend Zena enough! So many of our guests commented on what an amazing job she did. If you want an amazing, down to earth celebrant, who is super fun and can calm you through your pre ceremony jitters, look no further! Zena is your girl! =D

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks Liv, I loved getting to know you two & being a part of your day! What a good crew you have around you, seriously good banter & clearly an amazing party to follow! Thanks for bringing it every step fo the way!

Eleanor K.

7 Mar 2020

We are so thankful we chose Zena to officiate our wedding! she is an absolutely amazing celebrant. Zena helped us create an atmosphere that was fun, relaxed and a true representation of us as a couple. The whole process was made so easy and enjoyable. We had multiple guests ask us how long we had known Zena because it truely felt like the ceremony was being conducted by a lifelong friend. it is hard to describe how amazing she is. Thank you so much Zena!

Zena Lythgo  

Oh gosh thank so much guys, I felt like I was standing up there two old friends as well! Your people felt like my kinda people from the first moment. AND I still cannot get over how good your shoes and earrings were - JUST WOW! Colour goals!

Eleanor K.

7 Mar 2020

We definitely made the right decision having Zena as our celebrant. She made the whole process so easy and really captured the vibe we were after. We had several people ask us how long we had been friends because her warmth and humour made it feel as though a life long buddy was delivering the service. Thank you so much Zena for making our day so special!

Carla R.

29 Feb 2020

Zena was an absolute pleasure to work with. She really took the time to get to know us as a couple and what we wanted for our ceremony. The ceremony was so perfectly “us”, our guests assumed Zena was a friend of ours! She was so kind, bubbly and amiable, she made us comfortable to share the ins and outs of our relationship. Zena was very professional and we knew we could trust her to make things perfect and she absolutely delivered.

Tahnee H.

28 Feb 2020

Zena was the best person to walk us through this huge event in our lives. Her calming, relaxed manner helped soothe our (okay, my) nerves ahead of the big day. She is extremely organised, knowledgeable and professional, guiding us along each step of the way. She took the time to get to know us well and our ceremony reflected that time and effort. I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Zena for everything that you did for us! xx

Zena Lythgo  

Ahhhh my absolute pleasure Tahnee, gosh yours was such a darn hilarious and genuine ceremony - I love the way you both felt so relaxed and playful up there in spite of your huge nerves in the lead-up. It made me really proud that we had created a ceremony that you felt so comfortable with and loved! And that's so much to do with the two of you and how you showed up in the process so THANK YOU too!

Eleanor A.

15 Feb 2020

Zena is fabulous, and so well suited to the celebrant profession. We were looking for a relaxed ceremony that represented who we are as individuals and as a couple, and Zena was able to create this after only a few meetings with us. She made the whole process effortless and enjoyable, which mustn’t have been easy given how indecisive we both are. Zena went above and beyond in the lead up as well as on the day, and we (+ our dog) can’t thank her enough. Her ceremony was so personalised that people assumed she was a close friend of ours – this is proof of her ability to develop rapport quickly and make couples feel comfortable. We are hoping to transition her from celebrant to friend, and would definitely use her services again for future marriages.

Zena Lythgo  

Oh my gosh, my absolute pleasure to get to know you two and your gorgeous pup! I love love loved the way Juz was so nervously, and genuinely, replying to every little thing we shared mid-ceremony; it created the most real and genuine atmosphere for your guests to get amongst to. Such a fun one, you two are the bees knees!

Sheridan P.

7 Feb 2020

We would highly recommend Zena. She was so easy to work with on our wedding ceremony. We really had no idea what we wanted and she made it so easy to understand and comfortable with the whole process. We decided to keep our ceremony that Zena prepared a secret for us and she did not disappoint. The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt. We laughed and cried and it was exactly what we envisaged it would be. Our guests were full of compliments on the ceremony and it was flawless. We can not thank you enough Zena for making our day so incredibly special.

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks Sheridan, yours was a very fun, playful ceremony to create and steer the ship of - i think we did a great job it felt just like the two of you! AND thank you for giving me a chance to catch up on the 'comings and goings in the life' of one of my previous couples - which is always such a delight!

Stefani L.

25 Jan 2020

Zena is ridiculously well suited to her job as a celebrant, and you can tell from the outset that she loves what she does. She was fantastic to work with and really helped guide us form our thoughts for not only the ceremony but the feel for the whole day. It meant so much to us that she really listened to what we wanted out of the ceremony and was able to tell our story in such a relatable way, and with such grace. She was also a very calming element for the both of us on what could have been a stressful day. Zena was very accommodating with finding suitable times for us to Skype her from London, where we both live. Thanks to her ongoing support, planning a ceremony from abroad was completely doable. Many happy memories created thanks to you, Zena!

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks so much for the generous words Stef; I loved getting to know you both and am so glad you had such a great experience. It truly was a pleasure. Yours was a beautiful ceremony and day to be a part of. Ill be seeing you in London someday! x

Sophie W.

4 Jan 2020

Zena was superb. She really took the time to get to know us, and captured our vibe perfectly on the day. Many guests commented on how much they enjoyed the ceremony.

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks so much Soph, I think we nailed your vibe - your community were so onboad from the first moment! It was a helluva lot of fun to be a part of. x

Sebastian J.

27 Dec 2019

Zena is an absolute professional and played an integral part in making our ceremony feel special. She made the meetings prior to the wedding very relaxed and they were a really great opportunity for us to reflect on the history of our relationship. Zena's generous efforts to learn about us meant that on the day of the wedding her presentation was very tailored to our style and many guests were surprised to hear that we didn't know her prior to the organisation of our wedding. It was also so great to have Zena constantly on top of all the admin side of things so that my wife and I could focus on other aspects of the wedding. I would highly recommend Zena for your upcoming wedding.

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks Bas, a few of my favourite things about this review - referring to your wife (!), that we got it so right everyone thought we were already mates AND I am so glad you loved the reflecting aspect of writing your ceremony - it really is darn special. Yours was an epic atmosphere to be amongst - THANK YOU for inviting me to be a part of it. x

Jordyn A.

23 Dec 2019

Choosing a celebrant was perhaps the most daunting part of our wedding for us, we wanted someone who would capture us and our relationship as if they were an old friend and Zena did exactly that. As soon as we met Zena we felt immediately comfortable: she's genuine, knowledgeable and an all-around amazing person. During our first meeting she explained the whole process and our options, making us feel really at ease. Over the next few months she got to know us and our story as a couple and this was displayed in what can only be described as the perfect ceremony for us. It was as if she'd know us for years! On the day and since then we've had so many compliments about how wonderful the ceremony was, it was the best part of the day and that was largely thanks to Zena. We cannot recommend her enough, she is fabulous!!

Zena Lythgo  

AWWWW lady I am so glad you guys loved the ceremony so much, totally agree. It was like old mates form the first moment and I loved getting to know you both, making HP references through out the ceremony and generally just basking in the colourful feast that was your day - will never forget watching Goran watch you walk towards him, his reaction was palpable! He is so happy to have his dream girl by his side! x

Elly H.

21 Dec 2019

Zena is a warm, kind and genuine person who created a humorous and heartfelt wedding ceremony that told our love story superbly. She made the ceremony process incredibly easy and my husband and I felt very comfortable in opening up to her. I'll only get married once, but if I could get married again, I would choose Zena agin and again.

Zena Lythgo  

Aww man Elly, I love this review and the 'i will only get married once (with out doubt my friend) but if i could again...' this is makes my heart swell with happiness you had such a great experience. I can't wait to see you and the husband at another wedding down the track. x

Tegan E.

14 Dec 2019

Zena was the perfect celebrant for our wedding. Almost all of our guests commented on how wonderful she was! She listens to what you want and who you are but also uses her skills & experience to take control of any situations that come up on the day (there were a few for us!). She's the best, I can't recommend her highly enough.

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks so much Tegan, great observations (as I can always rely on from you) - make it as filled with you, as we possibly can every step of the way, but lean on all my experience to make it the best possible experience for YOU we can! This was your day to a tee, you created so many great new anecdotes and examples that I can now share with future couples to help guide them to have their own unique experience too. Thanks for making my job fresh, oh so fun and opening my eyes to things I hadn't experienced yet either. I loved how you did it!

Maddy W.

7 Dec 2019

Choosing Zena as our celebrant was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! From start to finish she was warm, friendly and engaging, as well as being incredibly professional. She made the effort to get to know us as a couple and brought to life a ceremony that we felt genuinely who we are and what marriage meant to us as a couple. So many guests told us it was the best ceremony they'd every attended and how charming, sincere and natural it was. Zena is incredibly thorough and checked our preferences for every aspect of the ceremony, even things we hadn't even thought of and provided suggestions and recommendations for every part of our day. Her experience is invaluable too - she runs everything so smoothly. Zena is truly a delight to work with!

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks so much Maddy! charming, sincere and natural - that's the key combo isn't it. I am so glad your people connected with what we created together! And that you found the whole experience so easy, enjoyable and rewarding. I did too! Loved meeting you and Kale, along with the very fun time with your family! It was one to remember.x

Joanna W.

2 Nov 2019

I would not hesitate to recommend Zena as a celebrant. She is so friendly and easy-going, and she makes the experience all about you as a couple. She really takes the trouble to get to know you in a way that feels really relaxed. I'm not great at talking about myself or my feelings, but I didn't have any issues talking with Zena. She wrote a ceremony that really expressed us and our journey as a couple. On the day, she created a beautiful, relaxed and intimate vibe and got lots of laughs out of our guests. We had heaps of great feedback from our guests about her!

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks Jo, and thanks for sharing so openly (especially if it didn't necessarily feel natural to you) I never would have known based on the generous way you engaged with the process. I am so glad you loved the day and the atmosphere that we created. I think your sister's bub helped lighten the mood for all of us very early on and helped make it a really warm, relaxed and down to earth space for everyone to enjoy alongside us!

Jenna W.

5 Oct 2019

We attended a wedding where Zena was the celebrant and we both LOVED her vibe. She was the first vendor we locked in when planning our own wedding. Zena was extremely personable during the entire experience and she fit in on our day as if she was family. We have since received so many compliments on our ceremony and how well Zena spoke. We cannot not recommend Zena highly enough, she is an absolute dream.

Cole G.

21 Sep 2019

Having Zena as our wedding celebrant was an amazing experience from start to finish. We opted for her full personalised package and she truly made an effort to get to know us as both individuals and a couple and have that reflected in our private ceremony, while still being true to herself and delivering the ceremony in a natural and down to earth way that was the perfect fit for us. She was helpful with every step of the process and made everything easy, stress-free and exciting. Thanks Zena for being part of this moment in our lives!

Kate F.

19 Sep 2019

My now wife and I eloped last month and Zena was our celebrant. Zena approached our love with such kindness, attention and genuine interest, that we both felt completely safe to pour our hearts out to her. Using words we had written privately about each other she managed to weave together the story our love and our own uniqueness into a beautiful ceremony which was filled with so much love and many surprises. Her genuine love for what she does and her appreciation of the uniqueness of every relationship is obvious. It felt that our ceremony truly reflected who we are. We feel so grateful to have had Zena orchestrate such an important milestone in our lives. Also her extra soothing voice will help curb any ceremony nerves!

Suska C.

6 Sep 2019

To have Zena at our wedding was the best decision we could have made. She made our ceremony something very special and heartfelt. It felt so natural and personal. Many of our guests stated that they had never attended such a beautiful, relaxed, funny and emotional ceremony. Zena created a welcoming atmosphere that set the tone for the whole wedding. James and I couldn't recommend Zena enough!

Lucy G.

29 Mar 2019

I was really particular with my celebrant, and I didn't want any cheesy sayings or readings, but a completely personalised wedding. Zena was so fun and so comfortable to be around, and our ceremony was completely personalised. She flew from Melbourne to Mildura for us as well, and gave us all the information for our rehearsal. I would definitely recommend her!

Natalie S.

23 Mar 2019

We highly recommend Zena! We can not thank her enough for the most perfect ceremony that she delivered! She really captured or personalities perfectly and we felt completely relaxed and at ease during the ceremony. Our friends and family loved the ceremony too! Thank you xx

Khin M.

15 Mar 2019

Zena did such an amazing job for our wedding this past weekend! She really put in an effort to get to know our story and incorporate it into the ceremony! She's friendly, easy going and really great to work with! Thank you for doing such an amazing job, Zena!

Tonia S.

15 Mar 2019

Love, love, love Zena She got us as how we communicate so well, and adopted the ceremony to our personalities. I could not recommend her highly enough

Chantelle T.

10 Mar 2019

Thank you to our ridiculously awesome celebrant, Zena! Words seriously cannot describe how grateful we are to have found you and to have had you marry us. After the ceremony the most frequent comment we go was "Your celebrant was amazing/epic/a legend/sensational/perfect/the best" and all we could happily say in return was, "WE KNOW!". From the bottom of our trendy hearts, thank you Zena! You created a ceremony that was beyond perfect for us.

Tahn B.

12 Feb 2019

Zena has been absolutely amazing. She truly cares about us and how to make our celebration a reflection of us as individuals and as a couple. The grooms father said at 83 years old he’s never experienced a ceremony with so much love that it filled the room. Tahn and Eddie

Jo S.

19 Jan 2019

Zena is absolutely sensational. She brings a relaxed and confident professionalism from the first meet an greet all the way to the big way. Zena makes the process of creating your ceremony fun and enjoyable. She is able to create a ceremony that is true to both of you. We will absolutely be spreading the word about what a exceptional celebrant Zena is!!

Oliver W.

12 Jan 2019

Zena helped us have the most incredible wedding we ever could have hoped for. She took the time to get to know us (over multiple cocktails on multiple occasions), and was genuinely interested in us both individually and as a couple, as well as being generous, friendly, relatable, funny...and just generally delightful in every way. One of the first things that people said to me straight after our wedding ceremony was how great they thought our celebrant was! We really can't thank her enough and would happily recommend her to anyone.

Sera D.

29 Dec 2018

Zena was absolutely the most wonderful celebrant that we could ask for. She was so warm, organised and calm, with such a appreciation and intuition for the type of day we wanted and the ability to make it happen. We couldn't recommend her more highly, and our also guests said countless times how brilliant she was.

Alicia D.

9 Nov 2018

We highly recommend Zena as your marriage celebrant! Zena was everything we wanted in a marriage celebrant and more! We knew from our first meeting that Zena was the perfect celebrant for our wedding day. We really enjoyed the whole ceremony planning process; she made us feel so comfortable. She listened so intently to our story, laughed with us and worked her magic when it came to helping us open up and put into words what we love about each other. It was such a great feeling! This was reflected on the day, our ceremony was light hearted and funny; it was exactly what we wanted. Our guests couldn’t stop talking about how our ceremony was ‘so us!’ Zena, we are forever thankful for the ceremony you helped us create! It was perfect in everyway! X

Grace C.

19 Oct 2018

We love Zena. So fun, so funny and so easy to work with. Everyone asked us where we had met her as she was clearly an old friend. Very flexible, people actually enjoyed the ceremony. Plus she's gorgeous so looks great in your wedding photos.

Adam And Stevie G.

12 Oct 2018

We were honestly blown away with Zena! She was everything you would want in a marriage celebrant, plus more! From the very beginning, Zena made us feel relaxed and excited about the upcoming ceremony. On the day Zena set the tone for the ceremony and put our nerves at ease. She made it so easy! We chose not to read the ceremony before the wedding and what a great decision that was. Listening to the ceremony with our guests was really special and a nice surprise for us both on the day. Zena nailed us as a couple and as individuals and told our story quite eloquently. Her ceremony was engaging, heartfelt and warm. Our guests all mentioned to us that they really enjoyed the ceremony and they’ve never been to one quite like it. From the bottom of hearts, thank you Zena. Adam and Stevie

Elle N.

22 Sep 2018

I saw Zena in action at a wedding I was working at almost two years ago (before I was engaged!) and I remember saying to my partner “when we get engaged, she is the gal for us!” Zena spends the time to get to know you as couple, learn your story and all the quirks that go with it. She is wonderfully witty, calming in the chaos and a true story teller. She is one of those people you instantly connect with and feel as though you’ve known for years. Zena told our story in an engaging and light-hearted way with all the feels. She guided us through the entire process and made it fun and easy. She is an absolute legend!

Jenni H.

27 May 2018

When we first met with Zena we were really unsure of what we wanted. We knew we wanted to be married by law before we left Australia (as we were moving overseas) but we also wanted our ceremony to be special. Zena was professional, warm and non-judgemental. She passed on all her knowledge about the different ways we could perform the ceremony and provided us with past examples of the different forms it could take. She asked us the crucial questions so that we were fully prepared when it came to the day but also gave us the space we needed to make it our own. Zena spoke beautifully at our ceremony and made the occasion significant but stress free. I would highly recommend her to any couple.

Zena Lythgo  

Yay! I am so glad we made this such a special experience for your amidst such a busy time of change for you both. Yours was such a beautiful heart filled ceremony. It reminded me that there is not such thing as too simple a ceremony.

Clare M.

21 Apr 2018

Zena was quite simply the most amazing celebrant we could have hoped for - incredibly eloquent and engaging, full of enthusiasm and charisma, and extremely helpful. Our wedding ceremony was perfect, mostly due to Zena's amazing style. We’ll always remember how much of a contribution Zena made to our day!

Zena Lythgo  

Oh my! Clare & Ric thank you SO MUCH for letting me be a part of your day (& lives) it was an absolute pleasure & I loved every second with you both. Two of the best... Hands down.. X

Gazzi P.

26 Mar 2018

Zena was both professional and nice. Perfect balance. Communication with her was very easy. She made everything very easy. We both really liked her. Very accommodating.

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks so much for the review Gazzi. It was such a pleasure supporting you and Simon. Meeting your families was definitely my highlight! That and Simon getting grilled in the speeches, hearing the stories that come out is always a bonus of MCing!

Melissa N.

19 Mar 2018

Zena's personality is super down to earth and genuine. She made us very comfortable to open up and tell our story. She delivered a great ceremony for us and we were very happy with her.

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks Mel. I loved the way you and Dean approached your ceremony. You really want it to be a party & full of fun; I think the attitude you brought on the day was reflected right back at you by your engaged and animated guests! Such a thrill to be amongst it all. X

Emma F.

17 Mar 2018

Zena was an amazing celebrant! As soon as we met Zena we knew she was the right fit for our special day - she was warm and genuine and really took the time to get to know us as a couple. Zena made the whole process easy and enjoyable, and was very flexible with our meetings which we appreciated as we live 2 hours away. We wanted someone who would allow us to have a fun, relaxed ceremony and that is exactly what Zena gave us! So many of our guests commented that they loved our ceremony and Zena described our ‘story’ so well. We both highly recommend Zena to anyone looking for a passionate professional that will provide a special and personalised ceremony.

Meg C.

17 Mar 2018

Neither of us had been to too many weddings so we werent too sure what we wanted. What we got was better than what we couldve ever expected. She's very personable and friendly. Like having a friend at your wedding really. Communication was very good. She always checked with us every step of the way. She was really able to capture who we are as a couple and was able to bring that out in our ceremony!

Zena Lythgo  

Oh that's all so good to hear Meg! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it with you and for the privilege of getting to know you both. Loved every minute of it. Especially all the pun practice I gained!

Lucy P.

10 Mar 2018

Zena is incredible. If I could rate her higher I would. She matched our vibe perfectly. We didn't want a boring run of the mill ceremony, so she tailored it to us. Everyone commented on how "cool" she was and how lovely our wedding was!

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks so much taking the time to review Lucy - I loved being a part of your wedding day! You really made your ceremony your own & those vows were so, so powerful! And that moment when you exited the chapel with the band playing on their make shift stage was MAGIC!

Mikala L.

2 Feb 2018

Zena was amazing and incredibly helpful. She offered us a lot of perfect guidance with telling us what to expect and Zena spoke beautifully during the ceremony and our guests all told her how fantastic she was. I would recommend Zena to everyone and anyone.

Zena Lythgo  

Thanks Mikala, I am so pleased you felt guided and supported through out the whole process. You two were such a pleasure to get to know. Old friends from the start! We will definitely have that coffee some time soon. x

Callum S.

13 Jan 2018

Zena was fantastic - she was our sort of our person and that was just so important I realised through the process, to have somebody who gets us and who we can be really honest and open through the whole process with. She delivered such a charming ceremony and it was a pleasure to have worked with her.

Zena Lythgo  

Callum! Aww man, the feels in that room were truly unforgettable. I watched on humbled, as a twenty something year old man stood in tears for most of the ceremony; knowing it was not the words being spoken that moved him as much as it was his love for the two of you and the momentous occasion he was baring witness to. Just MAGIC. An unforgettable privilege to be there alongside you. AND I cannot wait to see the video (When I do it'll be linked in the above profile guys!)

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