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At Licensed to Wed, Gina's vision is that you will enjoy and remember your ceremony always! Licensed to listen, create and please......!!!

Are you looking for an award-winning, happy, caring and experienced Celebrant with excellent facilitation skills and amazing client reviews? ......Someone who values light, relaxed, fun and beautiful milestone occasions that reflect who you really are as unique individuals, a couple and family?

Hi, I'm Gina Callan at "Licensed to Wed" and my job is to listen to your needs and create unique ceremonies to celebrate your marriage, elopement, a renewals of vows,  a significant commitment,  your child's-naming or welcome day, important, anniversary or any other special occasion.

Ceremonies of love, laughter, family and friendship, often include beautiful readings, poetry and symbolic rituals, but your ceremony can contain anything you like, as long as legal requirements are met, where relevant.  So, simply ask me to help you plan a unique/bespoke celebration reflecting your specific hopes and dreams, short, simple and sweet or with lots of cultural or other traditions included or we can simply tailor something simpler. Let's have fun achieving the ceremony of your dreams together and involving family and friends as you wish. 

I have a high quality public address system for microphones and music, a signing table/chairs if needed and I provide clients with fantastic supplier books, hints and tips free of charge, a keepsake copy of your ceremony, any special certificates you might require, a signing pen, table-cloth, assistance with change of name, if you wish to change a name and so on.  My services, costs and travel are negotiable and I aim for a value for money high quality service to meet your needs.  It is so important to enjoy good communication, professionalism, courtesy, honesty, reliability, a sense of humour and ceremony, fairness and equity around your wedding day, so I ensure the provision of a consistently high quality of service for clients and a promise to do all I can do to assist you to set the tone you want for your special occasion.

When it comes to your special day, I believe that a "one size fits all" approach often does not work, so let's talk about your specific needs and wants and create a unique ceremony to suit you! I am happy to draft correspondence for visa purposes and to assist you to find other suppliers if you need help. Please don't be afraid to ask questions as none are ever silly and I can help with all sorts of queries.  

I have received several 'Certificates of Excellence', Bride's Choice and other awards based on client feedback around my work and I am really proud and privileged to have achieved these outcomes with diverse people from all walks of life who just want the perfect tone created at their ceremony for their perfect wedding day experience. So, let's get together and chat about your day of celebration ahead. Happy planning in the meantime! 


As an award-winning,experienced, professional, Civil Celebrant based in Canberra, I also love to travel & have proudly celebrated hundreds of marriages. Crafting unique ceremonies that meet couple's needs & preferences and sharing their stories & future hopes & dreams with guests is what I do best, achieving consistently excellent reviews. So, let's talk options together (obligation-free) & passionately create & achieve a unique, relaxed, fun & beautiful ceremony to suit you.

Ms Gina Callan

Business Owner


Most marriages in Australia involve civil ceremonies where a couple and their family can choose their preferred celebrant and the time, date and location of their ceremony.  

It is important when contacting a Celebrant to check they are a Government appointed Marriage Celebrant with appropriate registration, training and experience and to ask if they are available for your ceremony time, date and venue. 

All Celebrants should provide comprehensive information about their services, costs and inclusions along with the legal requirements for marriage.  Many offer an initial obligation-free meeting to discuss your preferences and ensure that everyone is comfortable working together. 

The best Celebrant is one with whom you have trust and rapport and who can provide evidence of their high quality and value for money services and inclusions.  They can offer ceremony examples and a range of vows, readings, rituals, symbols and music, if wanted, but are flexible too, listening to your needs and appreciating that “one size does not fit all”. 

As your ceremony can set the tone for your entire wedding day, a caring professional will value your ideas and preferences and guide you as required with humour, dignity and professionalism.  They will draft and redraft a ceremony to reflect who you are as a couple and family.

Whether you’d like a small and simple elopement or a larger, more formal, traditional, contemporary or thematic marriage, why not discuss your needs with a well-equipped celebrant so they can craft something unique to suit you, your family and friends.

For more information, please contact Gina Callan at Licensed to Wed.

Hi there and congratulations on your plans to marry! 

My name is Gina Callan and I am a Civil Marriage Celebrant living in Lyons in the ACT.  My professional background is varied but includes many years working as a Registered Nurse and then as a Government Administrator in Health and Ageing, time as a Community mediator, work in disability care, and as a trainer and educator.  I’ve managed complaints, taught first aid, facilitated accredited and non-accredited training courses, and conducted almost 600 marriage ceremonies as well as a range of baby-naming and welcome ceremonies, Commitments and Civil Unions, Renewal of Vows, anniversary and other celebrations as requested.  All the while I have enjoyed tremendously the creative art of writing and facilitating presentations for a range of diverse individuals, families and groups, large and small. 

My proudest achievements, however, are much more personal and focus on my loving family.  I have been married for over half my life to someone who is now an ex-serving defence force member and we have shared many different homes in Australia and overseas, appreciating the varied cultural experiences and people we’ve met along the way.  Over the years we’ve made wonderful friends and raised two gorgeous sons who are now independent and experiencing love, life and much laughter with their own families and friends too. We proudly are grandparents to three young boys and they keep us young at heart and active, healthy and always having fun!

Originally from a country town (Armidale, NSW), I’ve always loved gatherings with family and friends to celebrate life and all its milestones.  These occasions continue to bring great joy and have made me realise the value for others too in celebrating significant milestone occasions and achievements with their loved ones in culturally significant ways, be they marriages, commitments, anniversaries, baby-namings or other special moments of joy and commitment. 

After attending some lack lustre marriage ceremonies over the years and realising that a “one size fits all approach” is not effective, I decided it would be rewarding to work with couples and families to achieve truly meaningful occasions that never missed the mark, so that their special celebrations could be remembered for all the right reasons.  So, I trained and registered as a Civil Marriage Celebrant in 2008, deciding that at the heart of every great wedding day, should be a unique marriage ceremony expertly crafted to suit the needs, desires and personalities of the couple tying the knot. 


The idea that just as people are different, so too should be the style and content of every ceremony, led to the creation of my celebrancy business, Licensed to Wed.  This business has now grown, strengthened and endured and while I have been privileged to facilitate many wonderful ceremonies, I recall particularly one ceremony conducted at the home of a beautiful young and very proud couple of few resources and little family support at a time when the groom was very ill.


The Bride’s mum had recently died and she had no female relatives or close friends to assist with wedding arrangements, but neither she nor her Groom complained about their lot in life.  Rather, they passionately shared with me their simple story of love, laughter and adventures with their three beautiful children, noting their hopes and dreams in marriage for the future. I felt so lucky to not only tell that story publically on their wedding day, but to also tactfully acknowledge lost family and involve each person, including the children in unique and positive ways. 


In addition to legally solemnising the marriage and in the absence of a mother or father of the bride, I was invited to assist in practical ways by helping the bride with her clothing, jewellery and last-minute photos before she married the love of her life. The Groom’s ailing health was also managed with some innovative staging techniques and a real lump in my throat developed when a beautiful ceremony was achieved.  I knew then and there that my decision to become a celebrant was a good one.


My advice to couples and families is to meet early with their celebrant to discuss their specific needs and wants, and to ensure their ideas and views are heeded while legal requirements are also met.  If all parties work together anything is possible.  A caring, professional and experienced celebrant will appreciate that every couple and family’s story is unique, and will use all their skills to guide and assist clients with energy, warmth and passion.  In this way, each ceremony, whether elegant, traditional, relaxed, fun or quirky, will be forever remembered with pride and joy by all involved.

Hi there.  Are you looking for an award-winning Civil Marriage Celebrant? 


I’m Gina Callan at Licensed to Wed and I reckon that the key to a perfect wedding day is having an expertly crafted marriage ceremony facilitated by the right person for you – someone who can reflect your hopes, dreams and preferences as individuals, as a couple and as a family with care and warmth!

Why not come and chat obligation free with me about your particular ideas, needs and wants.  I promise that I am a warm, experienced, relaxed and professional celebrant who will listen and work with you.  I have a great sense of humour and have officiated at 600 marriages, commitments, anniversaries, renewal of vows, Civil Unions and name-giving celebrations.  I specialise in creating unique, light and fun ceremonies that leave clients with happy memories to last a lifetime.


So, if you have no idea where to start, don’t worry as I can offer a wide range of ceremony options to help your initial planning, including great example vows, music, readings and rituals.  If you already know exactly what you want, that’s great too!


Whether you hope for a quick elopement, a light, fun but fantastic occasion, something quirky or a beautiful, elegant bespoke ceremony, I will ensure all legal requirements are met. Most importantly, I will ensure that your ceremony really is about YOU, so you will remember your wedding day experience always!


Great discounts apply to ceremonies held on weekdays (Mon-Thurs) and to quick and simple elopements, and my Fri-Sun ceremonies are great value-for-money, high quality ceremonies, where services and costs are negotiated to suit all involved. Until we meet, happy planning for your wedding day!

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September 2021

During covid lockdown, without interstate and international travel for family and friends, we just wanted a simple wedding at home and do a larger reception in the future. Gina was professional from the first meeting to the planning and leading up to the special day. Gina was able to accommodate the small ceremony, while still making it feel very special for us. It was at the right level of formality and casualness to make it an enjoyable and memorable day. We would highly recommend Gina to anyone looking for a celebrant for their ceremony.

Phong N.

Licensed to Wed - Gina Callan

Sometimes the smaller and more intimate ceremonies are the best and 2021 certainly has seen quite a few of these style of marriage ceremonies. It was a pleasure working with you both and thank you for taking the time to share with others your enjoyment of a ceremony created just for you! I'm so glad that your needs and wants were taken care of and that the day was so enjoyable and memorable. Best wishes always! G:)

March 2021

Gina was amazing, she was available at every step of the process to make our lives easier, and she made our ceremony into a highly unique experience. Gina spent time drafting our ceremony and stepping us through the process to personalise everything just how we wanted it. She was also very aware of requirements to work alongside our photographer and venue. It was very personal and intimate, our friends and family were amazed at the story she put together for our ceremony. We received many compliments on how wonderful her words were. Thanks Gina! :)

Scott L.

Licensed to Wed - Gina Callan

An absolute pleasure Scott and thank you for taking the time and effort to share how pleased you are with the services offered at Licensed to Wed. I so enjoyed working with you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness ahead. Gx:)

February 2015

From the start Gina was warm, welcoming and got us excited for our big day. She shows true professionalism and pride in her work and is also great fun to be around. We felt at ease throughout the process and then overjoyed throughout the ceremony. It was truly personalised and catered towards us, our relationship and our taste. We keep getting countless compliments on how beautiful the ceremony was and it's no credit of ours!! I just want to get married over again and again listening to the beautiful words she had to say. Thankyou for making our day, as everyone knows - The ceremony is the most important part!! Xx

Sam P.

Licensed to Wed - Gina Callan

Somehow I've missed responding to your beautiful words of review Sam and Jake. They brought a tear to my eye! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you both and I wish you all the best on your continuing journey as a couple and family. G:)

April 2024

We are glad that we chose Gina to be our Marriage Celebrant at our recent wedding. She was very professional and thorough with all the preparations leading up to the day of the wedding. She gave us all the relevant information we needed and kept in touch with us even after the wedding to inform us about applying for our formal marriage certificate. She did an excellent job at the wedding in her role as the Marriage Celebrant, and our guests were very impresses with her. I would highly recommend Gina as a Marriage Celebrant.

Christine J.

Licensed to Wed - Gina Callan

Congratulations again Christine & Emmanuel and thank you for taking the time to review my services as your Marriage Celebrant. It was fantastic working with you both to ensure that your marriage ceremony went smoothly and was enjoyed by those who are closest to you. I was honoured to work with you both and wish you every joy, peace and happiness ahead. My best wishes always. G:)

April 2024

Gina is a very caring and attentive celebrant. She was with us on each part of the wedding journey. She has so much knowledge and gave a really lovely ceremony which many of our friends and family complemented us on. I would recommend her to my family and friends.

Mikayla G.

Licensed to Wed - Gina Callan

Thank you Mikayla for your lovely feedback. It was a pleasure working with you and Lincoln to achieve the ceremony you wanted and I'm so glad that your wedding day was all you had dreamed of - the beginning of the next step in your incredible partnership together. I wish you great love, laughter, peace and joy ahead for your very bright future together in marriage. G:)

Expert Advice

expert advice

As a wedding professional, Licensed to Wed - Gina Callan offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

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Does the celebrant have to do the whole "how they met" story?

I feel like that might be awkward for us. We are a super stong and stable couple now, but when we met we still had a lot of growing up to do (we were teenagers, and broke each others hearts.) We had a huge falling out and reconnected later. It was very messy and all of our fam and friends know that. Do we have to go into that when our life is so beautiful NOW, and has been for years now?

Licensed to Wed - Gina Callan

No, a Celebrant does not have to share any details of your journey to date with anyone.  Most celebrants have a range of wording they can offer beyond the legal words that are just as meaningful as a story about a couple and you can then choose what you'd like to say, or they can make suggestions, write something unique to you both about where you are at an where you are headed.  Only the legally required wors of warning (the Monitum), the vows and the signing of the Register and certificates are required in a ceremony and the rest of the content including music, readings, rituals etc is up to you.  Gina Callan, Civil Marriage Celebrant, Lyons, ACT

conjugal status on marriage certificate?

Do both husband and wife have to mention their conjugal status (if one of them previously divorced) on their marriage certificate? Are there any options with the marriage certificates like can they choose any marriage certificate that does not require conjugal status details?

Licensed to Wed - Gina Callan

Yes, you must both state your conjugal (marital) status on your Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM) and your Celebrant must reflect this status on two of the marriage certificates you will sign on your wedding date (and on the Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage).   The third marriage certificate that you will receive on the day of your wedding, however, with the Commonwealth crest on it, does not have this detail on it.  This is the document that would be photographed and/or you might show to family and friends. 

In the ACT all details from the NoIM are reflected on the official registered copy of your  'standard' marriage certificate if you are applying for this from the Registrar of Marriages after your ceremony (or your celebrant lodges your application for you), but if you order the 'commemorative' certificate' here in the ACT (and possibly other states and territories) when applying f, this detail is not on that version.  The commemorative version costs more of course.  Please note: Only you and your witnesses need see the marriage certificates that you sign on the day you marry. 

I hope this is useful information.

Gina Callan, Civil Marriage Celebrant at Licensed to Wed, ACT.

is the ceremony the only part that HAS to happen for the marriage to be legal?

Licensed to Wed - Gina Callan

No, even before the ceremony, a couple must give written notice of their intention to marry to a Celebrant, who ensures they are validly able to marry.  A Notice of Intended Marriage is a legal requirement and it must be lodged with a Celebrant at least one month before a marriage and it is valid then for a legal marriage to take place any time in the 18 months following lodgement.  

A couple must also show their birth certificate and photo identification (or a passport also provides evidence of place and date of birth) to the Celebrant and, if relevant, they must  provide evidence of divorce, change of name, death of a previous spouse etc too.  

Celebrants are legally required to provide certain information to the couple in accordance with the Marriage Act 1961 before the ceremony can occur.  Closer to the marriage, a couple must sign a Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage and check the accuracy of the three marriage certificates they will sign with their two legal witnesses and the celebrant after their ceremony.  

The ceremony itself only has three compulsory legal components including some words of warning (The 'Monitum' - spoken by the Celebrant), the legally required vows (spoken by the couple before at least 2 witnesses) and the signing of marriage certificates, but of course there are many options that your Celebrant can run you through and help you decide what you want included.  

Following the ceremony, your legal documentation is lodged by your Celebrant with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State/Territory in which you were married.  All this is legally required for marriage and your chosen Celebrant can assist with explanations plus talk to you about associated matters, like what you need to do if you want to use your spouse's surname after marriage and change it on official documentation including your passport, bank account and driver's license.

 Just ask a Celebrant for help with understanding all legal and non-legal requirements and they should be able to help.  Contact me in Canberra if you have any questions of course.  Gina Callan at Licensed to Wed. 

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