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Carl J.

9 Nov 2019

My wife and I got married in November 2019. We were incredibly fortunate to have had Michael as our celebrant after he was recommended by our wedding planner. We knew he was the right fit for us moments into our initial meeting. Michael was experienced, professional, caring and fun! He met with us on numerous occasions, checked in regularly via phone and email to see if we needed any help, supported the structure of our ceremony and creation of our vows and managed the ceremony on the day. Working with Michael was easy, warm and relaxed. We highly recommend Michael for your wedding!

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Carl and Lauren, Thank you for your kind words. One of the great joys of my role as a Celebrant is to meet and work with such beautiful people as yourselves. I wish you every happiness in your future. Michael

Phil C.

1 Oct 2019

Michael Elwood was a dream to work with. From the email exchanges with us abroad, through the Skype calls with connection issues, to sitting in his home studio with a freshly made coffee in the week before the wedding, he was a great man to work with to prepare for the big day. He took a lot of time to get to know both of us in the months leading up and we felt a strong connection to him by the time the big day arrived, which I think really made the ceremony special for us. Michael is a consummate gentleman who delivered the exact balance of humour and meaning into the ceremony that we were looking for. I am confident he will be able to read your mood as well and prepare a ceremony just to your liking!

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Phil and Dani, What a privilege and joy it was to get to know and work with you both in the preparation of your ceremony. You were such great correspondents that my task was made easy. Importantly, the openness and honesty of your thinking and emotions made it possible to construct something that was a great reflection and celebration of the two of you. I feel a great friendship with you both and look forward to continuing that whenever we find ourselves in the same country. With my love to you both.

Jingjing X.

24 Jun 2017

My husband and I got to know Michael with the referral of our wedding planner. It was lucky to have Michael as our marriage celebrant and we could not have such an unforgettable big day without his help and assistance! Michael was our MC for that day as well and he did very well! Kevin and I are very appreciated for your work, Michael, and we would love to recommend you to our friends in the future! All the best!!!

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Jingjing and Kevin, Thank you for your generous words. It was a great pleasure to work with you both to prepare your ceremony, and especially to include some traditional Chinese rituals which made the ceremony so rich for your guests. You were a pleasure to work with, and I congratulate you both on the efforts you put in to have an "Australian" ceremony, before returning to China for your traditional one with all your family. My love to you both.

John L.

20 Mar 2021

Of all of our wedding vendors Michael is far and away the stand out. With our initial planning he was organised, helpful, professional and kind. When our wedding was derailed by covid he was supportive, understanding and again helpful. We ended up having a 10 person ceremony, and having him there we very much felt we had another friend present. We can not recommend him highly enough. With thanks, Soph and John.

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear John and Sophie, Thank you for your kind words. You were truly a joy to work with, especially when we started our communications from your London base. I have enormous admiration for the two of you, for, when faced with the postponement of your big celebration, you realised that the most important thing was to be a married couple and therefore proceeded with your intimate ceremony. You can now look forward to your Renewal of Vows celebration in 2021 with a new level of assurance. And of course, I am honoured and delighted to assisting in that great event.

Peter G.

1 Aug 2020

Michael was incredibly helpful and guided us through the whole planning of our ceremony. He took the time to get to know us and make sure our wedding day was exactly what we wanted. After our meetings and his help at the rehearsal the ceremony went perfectly. I would highly recommend him.

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Peter and Mary, Thank you for your very kind words. It was a great pleasure working with you, and to have overcome the challenges of COVID, linking Mary's family via technology, made the day incredibly special. I wish you both every happiness in your future. Kindest regards, Michael

Katie P.

10 May 2020

Michael is simply fantastic. We had to postpone our big wedding we had planned for May until 2021, but proceeded to get married with the enforced 5 person limit. Michael did not treat it any less special, he adjusted the ceremony accordingly but did not 'dim it down' in any kind of way. He bought the fun loving, funny and easy going celebrant that we love to the table. He was always prompt with his communication and his paperwork. The legal side and ceremony was all such an easy process and Michael guided us through it the entire way. Highly highly HIGHLY recommend We can't wait to have him again for our vow renewal, when COVID eventually clears up

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Katie and Matt, Thank you for your lovely words. It has been such a great experience getting to know you both over the planning time, and you were such a lovely couple to work with. I can't wait until your renewal of vows next year - I know that it will be a great celebration with all your friends who wee not able to join you this year. Lots of love, Michael

Kimberly G.

21 Mar 2020

Michael was amazing!! We knew he was the right fit for us as soon as we had our first meeting. He took the time to get to know us and our story and what ceremony we wanted and nailed it down to a T. Always very fast with communication and willing to help anyway he can. We highly recommend Michael for your wedding!

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Kim and James, You are very generous in your words. I loved the quiet, understated way that you went about your preparations, and you triumphed on the day. I am sure that you are settling into married life, despite the challenges that COVID has presented. I Look forward to catching up with you both in the near future. With kindest regards, Michael

Lisa S.

29 Nov 2019

Michael helped to make our day so special! He was supportive with preparation for the day, excellent communication whilst planning & really took the time to get to know us and our story so that on the day he helped us celebrate our marriage in a really personal way.

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Lisa and Blake, it was such a privilege and joy to be your celebrant - to see the two of you so happy, and to be part of a wonderful family celebration.

Liyeen G.

17 Nov 2019

Michael was recommended to us by our wedding planner. He is experienced, well prepared, professional, respectful of our culture and traditions and fun! Michael is also flexible with his time, which we were grateful for since we weren’t due to our circumstance. Michael walked us through all the way and did most of the work, therefore we didn’t have much to worry about and just followed his guidance on the day!

Safiatu J.

24 Nov 2018

It was perfect! He took us through everything, followed tradition and everything was well organised.

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Safiatu, It was a delight to work with you and Mohamed for your wedding. What an exciting day it was. With my very best wishes for your future.

Lucy N.

3 Nov 2018

Michael was a great celebrant, he had a great sense of humour and made us immediately comfortable. He made everything simple for us and was a joy to have in our wedding!

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Lucy and Mark. I loved helping you with your celebration, and you were such a fun couple to be with. Everything about your day was so memorable, and I am delighted that you enjoyed it too. Thank you for your kind words.

Victoria A.

27 Oct 2018

Fantastic! He walked us through everything, provided great recommendations and everyone was really happy with him.

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Victoria, Thank you for the honour of being your celebrant. You were a wonderful couple to work with and the depth of your feelings and commitment made the ceremony so special. With my love to you both.

Ruby B.

27 Oct 2018

He was amazing! He listened to everything we said and did everything that we asked, he was really supportive.

Tingting Z.

19 Oct 2018

Michael was great! He took time to get to know us. He had a great sense of humour but knew when to have serious moments too. He was perfect.

Alana B.

22 Sep 2018

He was really good! He was very organised and very good attention to details. He helped us out with a lot of different things which we really appreciate.

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Alana and Bez, Thank you for your review. It was great to work with you both, and to see the excitement among your guests.

Rod And Kim T.

31 Mar 2018

Excellent service and attention to detail, just gorgeous too!

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Kim and Rod, It was such privilege to be your celebrant and to fly to Devonport to conduct your ceremony. Being part of your family for those few days was a joy. Looking forward to catching up with you again in 2019. With my love to you both,

Elise H.

23 Mar 2018

Listened to everything. Helped us make it our own yet took into consideration tradition. It was a great service!

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Elise, You made a beautiful bride and I know that you and Michael will be very happy together. Thank you for your lovely comments - it was my great pleasure. Regards, Michael

Julie-Ann E.

18 Mar 2018

Michael was friendly and professional right from the get go. His listening and communication skills were excellent, and he was very accommodating to our particular style of ceremony, giving it the relaxed and casual tones we were looking for, which in turn beautifully reflected the uniqueness of our relationship.

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Julie-Ann and John, Thank you for taking the time write a review and your generous comments. You were a dream couple to work with, and it was a beautiful event involving your families. The occasion was full of great warmth, a mark of the relationship you and John have together. With my love, Michael

Iestyn B.

2 Feb 2018

Michael was wonderful to work with! He was supportive, friendly and took the time to get to know us and what we were looking for in our ceremony and he put together a package to suit. Couldn't speak highly enough of Michael & my guests only had good things to say also.

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Iestyn, After all the trials and waiting for Hani, it was so exciting and such a privilege to be your celebrant. I wish you both all the very best. Michael

Amy S.

24 Nov 2017

My husband and I could not speak any higher of Michael. From the moment we met with Michael it felt as though we had known him a long time. We wanted a traditional ceremony with a relaxed vibe and Michael was able to channel that perfectly. He was very professional and took the ease of the wedding planning stresses away. Working with Michael to create our dream ceremony was a highlight for my husband and I.

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Amy and Jake, What a wonderful day you had, surrounded by your lovely families. I truly loved working with you in creating your ceremony, and it came together beautifully. Thank you for your generous words - it is all about partnership you know. Love to you both, Michael

Yvonne B.

22 Sep 2017

Michael was a joy to have for our wedding ceremony, he made the atmosphere light and joyful. He was very professional and caring, even up to the last minute when the weather looked like it was going to turn he kept me calm!

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Yvonne, Thank you for your generous comments. It was my pleasure to be your celebrant, negotiate with the rain and wind, and share a couple of laughs along the way. You were a stunning bride.

Carol C.

8 Apr 2017

From beginning to end, I could not have asked for a better celebrant! Michael has a fantastic presence. Everyone that came to our wedding had beautiful compliments on our ceremony.

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Carol & Robert, Thank you for your warm review. I was delighted to be your celebrant, and I loved working with you both. I wish you all the very best for your future together. Regards, Michael

Hannah P.

25 Feb 2017

Michael was very professional, helpful and thorough. He made everything flow easily and really took control during the ceremony. He got to know us as a couple and delivered our story beautifully.

Simon L.

12 Jan 2017

Michael was amazing. We had a bit of an issue as my wife had been unwell and coming from overseas. Michael went above and beyond to get all the documentation required before our deadline. Everything went smoothly thanks to him. Michael helped take all the stress away and manage the day. Highly recommend.

Yuxiong X.

15 Dec 2016

Michael is fantastic, he is very well organised and experienced. He makes himself available all the time before the wedding and helped us with the rehearsal. As English is not our first language, he helped us with the vows and he helped us to organise a translator for the ceremony. All of our guests speaks highly of Michael. I would highly recommend Michael to all of our families and friends. Thanks heaps Michael.

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Kevin and Jingjing, It was a great honour for me to assist at your wedding, and I also learnt a good deal about Chinese Culture with the Tea Ceremony. I am so pleased that you were happy with my service.

Claire S.

27 Oct 2016

Outstanding. Michael was amazing! We can't recommend him highly enough. You won't regret it for your special day.

Fredlin D.

1 Oct 2016

the best celebrant ever. he makes himself available way before the wedding date so he can get to know you. easy going and funny hence making everyone around him relaxed. The best choice if you want to have a lovely stress free celebration.

Michael Elwood - Celebrant  

Dear Freddie, You are too kind. The fun is mutual you know - it is wonderful having people who are open to ideas, and who set out to make their day perfect.

Louise H.

12 Mar 2016

Michael was really helpful and friendly. He was warm and made everyone feel at ease. Michael was great with communication and following things up. We were really happy overall.

Sophie D.

26 Feb 2016

Everything was really easy in the lead up. He really got what we wanted and really helped us with the whole run-down of the ceremony. On the day he was perfect. He was likeable and personal and all the guests said he was great.

Melissa P.

26 Feb 2016

Micheal was fabulous to work with - He is very experienced and organised. He helped us all the way along with creating our vows and he also managed the ceremony on the day. Very personable and supportive celebrant. He was recommended to us and we are very pleased with his services.

Amanda B.

19 Feb 2016

Extremely happy with Michael. He was really easy to get along with and really good in giving us tips and tricks for the ceremony. He was always initiating contact. Everything was great!

Jayne M.

13 Feb 2016

Michael was great with communication in the lead up to the day. Everything was great!

Emma J.

30 Dec 2015

Michael was warm and approachable from our initial meeting, and tailored the wedding as we wanted it. A casual celebration, the words we chose and adapted were supported and facilitated by Michael. Thank you.

Natalie Y.

7 Nov 2015

The way his profile was written made it sound like his job was more about the couple than a business. He does one wedding per weekend and it felt like it was all about us. On the first meeting we decided to go with him. He was happy with to work with us and answered any questions we had. He was just wonderful. When we sat down and had chats together he was so friendly and gentle and warm. Very easy to deal with him. He knew exactly what he was doing, he knew what we needed to be doing. He was able to give me suggestions on things that weren't wedding related in the wedding industry. We got some gorgeous photos of him on the day, he looked so nice and professional. He dresses really well and he was happy to work in with our colour scheme.

Lida S.

17 Oct 2015

I thought he was really professional, really reliable, and very efficient. He was really quick to accommodate to suit our individual requests. He was even asked beforehand what our colour scheme was and it was really nice. We got some beautiful photos. We wanted something simple and effective.

Katherine S.

3 Oct 2015

Michael was very friendly, very easy to get along with. We had a very laid back attitude. HE had all the paperwork sorted without me having to worry about everything. He looked friendly in his pictures online and that reflects him in real life. Never had any issues with him. Very easy to organise things with. We weren't interested in a traditional ceremony and he was flexible. He gave us all the options so if you wanted the opposite of what we wanted he would do it.

Melissa K.

1 Aug 2015

Michael was amazing, after our first catch up we new Michael was the right choice. He gave us so many ideas for the ceremony and he was great at calming Dans nerves when I was running late.

Corinna W.

18 Apr 2015

He really helped us out. We had another celebrant who had to fall through due to illness. Within one week notice, he was very thorough and he wanted to make the ceremony so personable. Definitely would recommend him.

Skye M.

6 Feb 2015

Everything was very straight forward. Everything went smoothly on the day. He was lovely to deal with and very helpful. We had ideas on how we wanted to do things and he gave us some advice and details we could do on the day. He made everything very easy!

Melli M.

19 Dec 2014

Michael help create and deliver a very personalised service. He was delight to work with. Thank you Michael!

Miss Jo M.

16 Apr 2011

brilliant! Nice man, genuine, funny & caring.

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