do i choose who attends my hens? or is it the bridesmaid who plans it

Question Asked: 5/09/2017 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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The Bride to Be of course gets to choose who comes to her ultimate send off. After all it's all about having the most special people in your life to celebrate with you that truly makes it rememberable. We always encourage the Maid of Honour to sit down and talk to the Bride well in advance of plans getting underway to establish a list of who should be there and also get comfortable with any no go zones.

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Totally up to how you would like it!
If you want your bridesmaids to plain them let them run with it, but if you have certain things you want let them know to make the night best for you!

Treat yourself girl xx

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Aha! Now that all depends! You should definitely be the one that decides on which guests attend, simply put your list together and give to your Maid of Honour to organise - BUT, if your Bridesmaids are doing their jobs properly there should be a few 'extra attendees' that you have no say in at all such as your Stripper( really, this isn't optional!), your Topless Waiters(mmm, not really optional either - after all, who will pour your drinks otherwise?!), and your Lifedrawing Model(great option if you don't feel like a stripper!). Basically, you shouldn't have to lift a finger other than producing the list!! 

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Great Question!! The Bridemaids are traditionally responsible for actually inviting the guests but the Bride definitely has a say in who's coming along to her special celebration!! Our best suggestion is to grab some bubbly & have a girls night to put ideas together, come up with a guest list & have lots of giggles looking at Hens Packages that sound like fun!

Happy Planning! xx

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Dear Bride,

It is customary for pre wedding celebrations to be organised by the Bridal Party with input from the bride, hence you do have a say in who attends. 

Good luck and all the best for your upcoming wedding.

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It is your hen's party so you should definitely decide who is attending.  

I would suggest that you provide your bridesmaid with the guest list and she should take it from there and do all the organising for you.   Good luck and enjoy! 

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Many of our 'Brides to Be' put together a list of friends and family they want to attend their hens night. Its a great idea to include their contact details (email and phone) to make sure everyone can be invited easily. 
Once these lists are handed over to the bridesmaids, its the bridesmaids job to plan and organise the perfect party suited to the Hens personality and taste.
To help with the planing, ‘save the dates’ can be sent to your listed guests. Your bridesmaids may like to add a brief outline of the Hens day/night plans to the official invitations so that the guests can budget and plan accordingly.  
Feel free to contact Ladies Night In for any assistance your bridesmaids my need in organising a memorable Hens Celebration!

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