I've gained weight since my formal wear was fitted. What are my options?

At what point in the custom made suit process can the measurements be re-taken? What other options would I have?


Question Asked: 2/06/2022

Wedding Date: 10/02/2024

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Black Tie By Xavier

(44) · Australia Wide

Posted: 3/06/2022

Weight gain has been a serious issue of late with Covid affecting life styles and stress levels. A custom made suit today can be done in many different formats and thi s will largely determine what can be done. 

The most important question is how much weight are we talking about? 5 to 10 kilo's will greatly change the fit and largly the design, meaning even if you could let it out it may not look as good as the suit was intended, keeping in mind whe you have a suit made you are looking for the best fit possible.

So, the best person to answer this question will be the tailor/retailer who can see the garment and advise how to proceed, if you have purchased online or through a remote tailor then find a tailor who you can trust to advise and explain where you stand.

Best of luck!

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Mandurah Formalwear & Menswear

(14) · Perth and surrounding suburbs

Posted: 3/06/2022

It would depend on the time frame for the tailor to make the formal wear, if he has commenced cutting and there is not a massive weight gain he would be able to decrease seam sizes to allow extra room, if the weight gain is more than a size or two then he would need to recommence the process which would then incur additional charges and may push you back in the queue.

Suitably - Custom Tailored Suits

(39) · Australia Wide

Posted: 3/06/2022

Hey there!

There are so many factors that will impact this: 

- How much fabric reserve is left in the seams (depends on the manufacturer)

- Where you've put on the weight (some places are easier to adjust than others) 

- How you've cut the suit in the first place (slim/classic/etc), as well as the "house style" of the garment

- Most importantly, your expectations. 

As a general rule, we say that +/- 5kg is mostly something that we can work with, and often beyond but of course, there are limits and this varies based on the garment. If you are concerned about it, get in touch with your provider ASAP and explain the situation. Hopefully, they will be able to provide you with further information about their process and deliver a strategy that will help you through this. 

Hope that helps! 

- Alex

Brittons Formal Wear

(124) · PERTH

Posted: 3/06/2022

Our advise would be to contact your supplier ASAP , they will be in the best posirtion to advise you of your options

Formal Red

(207) · Victoria

Posted: 3/06/2022

A custom made garment is a process that requires precise measurements and an experienced tailor. If we have taken your measurements then the next process is to draw up the pattern for your bespoke garments, begin the cutting process and book in the tailoring. At this stage it is to late for a re-measure, so the best approach in the instance of weight change is to make adjustments to your garments on your next fitting.

As we can not predict how much person will change in weight and how that will effect their measurements, we suggest that a weight change of no more than 4-5 kilograms. If you are planning on changing your size then best approach is to get measured as close to the cut off time as possible. Always check our website for lead times so you have maximum options available to you.

MB Apparel

(12) · Newcastle

Posted: 3/06/2022

Depending on how many weeks it has been since you placed the order it maybe be possible to change your measurements and get re-fit before completion, if your to late it still may be more cost affective to let your supplier know ASAP before completion to possibly redo the jacket .

Alternatively if the suit was made with extra material to be let out you should be able to alter the suit, this is also depending on how much material it left inside the suit to be let out.

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