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What type of suit to wear in a church wedding?

Hi there - what kind of suit would I wear if getting married in a church?

Updated : 2/09/2023

3 answers

How long does it take to have the boys suits custom made?

How long before the wedding should the boys come in to get their suits? We want tailor-made at least for the groom, but maybe the groomsman too.

Updated : 8/05/2023

8 answers

How can I make sure guests understand our dress code?

We want to have a formal/black tie wedding.

Updated : 27/02/2023

1 answers

How long does it take to make a custom made suit?

Working out our timeline and wishing to see what's involved in a tailor made suit, how long, etc.

Updated : 20/02/2023

8 answers

Do formal wear stores cater to women's suits?

Hi there. We are having a blended wedding party. My partner is having 3 groomsman and a best woman who wants to wear a suit. But wondering if she can wear the same suit to the guys or if she needs to shop elsewhere for something similar?

Updated : 12/12/2022

1 answers

Upcoming wedding suit trends?

Hi there, what do you predict will be in/popular for men's suits in 2024/25? Are there any new colours/ trends on the horizon?

Updated : 29/09/2022

1 answers

How to word the dress code for our wedding

Hi there. How do you describe/explain the different dress codes for weddings? So we can put the right one that our guests will understand on our wedding invites. Thank you!

Updated : 29/09/2022

1 answers

I've gained weight since my formal wear was fitted. What are my options?

At what point in the custom made suit process can the measurements be re-taken? What other options would I have?

Updated : 2/06/2022

6 answers

Hey guys! How can I politely tell my guests to dress up nicely?

I tested out at my engagement party if my guest would follow the cocktail theme, but most rocked up with what I'd consider something you'd wear to a 21st or a night out. I want my event to be super formal and everyone look accordingly but not sure how to word it nicely. Thank you :)

Updated : 12/12/2021

3 answers

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