How long before the wedding should the boys go suit shopping?

Question Asked: 13/01/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Black Tie By Xavier

(44) · Australia Wide

Posted: 21/02/2023

I would suggest that once the ladies are sorted then the groom and groomsmen can begin. the more time you allocate, the less stressful it will be. We typically ask for 6 months for the following reasons;

Are you wanting a tailor made suit?

Are you hiring?

Are the groomsmen all nearby for fitting?

If buying, where from and do they have all sizes or will you have to wait for stock?

As you can see the more time you allocate the less stressful it will be.


Black tie by Xavier

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Mandurah Formalwear & Menswear

(14) · Perth and surrounding suburbs

Posted: 14/01/2023

I would reccomend around 12 weeks before the wedding to come in and select the suit options and have them all fitted to ensure that you can have exactly what you require on your wedding day.

Mandurah Formalwear

North & Co. Menswear

(9) · Sydney

Posted: 14/01/2023


We always say once the bride and the bridesmaids dresses are organised, its then time for the boys !

We need at least 2 to 3 months if possible.


Carol and Mario

Winslow - Custom Tailored Wedding Suits Sydney

(3) · Sydney North Shore & Surrounds

Posted: 14/01/2023

Generally around 14 weeks before the wedding day is a good time frame to start shopping for suits, from fitting several made-to-measure grooms and groomsmen the following are our learning for your referenence:

14 weeks prior

  • Start to research, look at colours and styles that work well with the wedding theme, colours and bridemaids 
  • Discover your own unique style that represents the personality of the groom and wedding
  • Decide on the colours and collate a good amount of reference materials to go shopping
  • Decide on the groomsmen
  • Understand what is important to you and is a non-negotiable

12 weeks prior

  • Visit your short list of made to measure companies, or retail stores and weigh out the options (usually the Bride & Groom do it together)
  • Have a clear budget in mind, so that it is a planned spend, rather than a suprise
  • Think of the complete story when shopping, the shoes, accessories and suits and shirts
  • Look at fabric options, and get advice from a men's wear wedding stylist 
  • Decide who do you trust the most to deliver what you want, look for design and style experience, passion, dedication and integrity as supplier traits. 

11 weeks prior

  • By now you have decided on the supplier
  • You have also decided on the look you want for both the groom and groomsmen
  • The next is to decide on the fabric, and let your supplier check availaibility and if they are able to make your deadlines. 
  • Set a time for a fitting for the groom and groomsmen

10 weeks prior

  • Get measured and process the suit orders
  • Made to measure suits generally take about 6 weeks to complete, before your fitting. 

4 weeks prior

  • Your suits, shirts and accessories would have arrived
  • Set a fitting date for the grooms and groomsmen
  • Agree on the desired fit, and if any adjustments are needed your supplier should get this done

2 weeks prior

  • Your suits are ready for collection or delivery
  • Try them on for one last time
  • We generally advice to keep 2 week room just in case anything is running late, if all goes to plan you have 2 weeks to chill. 

1 week prior

  • Practice your dance moves
  • Prepare your speech
  • Sit back and chill

Your Wedding Day

  • Dress with confidence
  • Truly enjoy your special moment
  • Don't forget to rock your new suits for the photos :)

The above is a guide, but there are exceptions, for example we have managed to complete a recent wedding in 4 weeks, due to the fact that they could not find anything that fit everyone in the retail stores, and we worked with all teams to get it done as a priority. Speak to your supplier about your timelines if there is an urgency. 

Hope the information was helpful, if you need any more information please email me on , always happy to share our knowledge with future brides, grooms and groomsmen. 

Wishing you all the best for your Special Day! 

Ashan Winslow

Formal Red

(207) · Victoria

Posted: 14/01/2023

We suggest starting the process around12-14 weeks prior as this will give you more options. It will also give use plenty of time to bring in any stock that may have sold through.

The fitting for adjustments we can arrange closer to the wedding, that way we can factor in any changes in weight. Any additional tailoring usually takes around a week and idealy its best to bring your shoes in for this fitting.

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