Verena and Tanja capture the special moments at Vienna destination wedding shoot


Posted by Kate | 21 January, 2019

Nail artist and model Verena and freelance photographer Tanja first bonded over a planned photo shoot, so it was only natural that photography would play a big role in their destination wedding.

Verena, 36, and Tanja, 37, journeyed from their home in Himberg, Austria, to Vienna for their rockabilly-style celebrations.

The couple chose Black Avenue Productions to capture their Vienna destination wedding shoot and Verena says photographers Lowina and Derek nailed the couple’s unconventional style.

“Lowina listened to our wishes and ideas and really tried to make them work. The pair also visited the location beforehand, so on the shooting day they knew exactly where the best spots were,” Verena says.

“Lowina managed to make us laugh at the right time, used our breaks to shoot behind the scenes images and we were also able to take pictures ourselves!”

Photos courtesy of Black Avenue Productions.

“In 2015 I was on the lookout for a photographer to do a shoot and found Tanja on Facebook. I contacted her and we started messaging back and forth. I immediately noticed some kind of a connection, even just emailing with her. There was this strong attraction towards each other that we just could not deny,” Verena says.

“Tanja proposed in 2015 in a way that was just as unconventional and crazy as our whole relationship – at an abandoned train station with flowers, music and torches,” Verena recalls.

“The wedding theme was the easiest to agree on – rockabilly,” Verena says. “I did want a classic wedding as well so we decided to have the actual ceremony in white, while we rocked the afterparty in petticoat and suspenders.”

“Romantic moments were many, but one that really stuck with me was that we both wrote our own vows, and upon reading them to each other we realised that they were pretty much identical,” Verena recalls.

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Photos courtesy of Black Avenue Productions.